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Homemade Halloween Decorations: Easy to Make Bat Branches in a Vase

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Post Updated: 8/14/2021

How to make homemade halloween decorations like these easy to make Bat Branches in less than 30 minutes.

Bats made from ribbons tied to branches for Halloween decor

You only need a few items to make them. Placed in vase, this spooky, but pretty homemade Halloween decoration will get everyone in your family in the Halloween spirit.

How to Make Bat Branches to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Fresh flowers in a vase on Halloween usually look too pretty and not scary or spooky enough when you want to decorate your home for Halloween.

Bat branches are the perfect decoration to swap out for flowers for Halloween or to make for a table centerpiece for a Halloween party.

  • Cut branches from trees or shrubs in your yard with a pair of garden shears or lopers.  I used Burning bush. (Euonymus alatusin)
  • Fill a vase with foam and wedge end of branches into foam. Spread the branches evenly in the vase.
  • Cover the foam with acorns, fall leaves, or shredded straw.
  • Tie a piece of black ribbon (about 6″)into a double knot to branches evenly around the branches.
  • Make two dots with white puffy paint for eyes.

A fun and easy Halloween decorating idea for kids of all ages.


Aren’t they cute?


Bat branches a very easy homemade halloween decoration that can be made in a single vase as shown here or take it to the next level and fill two or more vases and line them up on a table, mantel or sideboard to create more impact.

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how to make homemade Halloween decorations easily with a few simple items.

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  1. Crazy cute idea to make the bats in the trees with ribbon. Love all decor…and bought the same bathmat for a gift for my daughter…she loves this style!

  2. I felt relaxed just “walking” through your home. It is so lovely and well thought out and put together. All of your simple, subtle touches are like the icing on a cake. I love the bats in the branches! I’ll have to try that one day when my kiddos are at school.

    Heading to see Part I of your tour right now!

  3. Those little bat branches are adorable. I think I have to do this too! And my parents have the same turtle but in silver. I have to look for it next time I go home.
    Your house is so pretty!