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Fall Home Tour: Part 2

Welcome to my Fall Home Tour and How to Make Bat Branches for Halloween and Fall Decor

If you arrived from My Fabuless Life– Hi – I hope you are enjoying Day 3 of the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour. Today I am sharing Part 2 of my Fall Home Tour posts.  If you missed Part 1 – you can see it in this home tour post.

Bats made from ribbons tied to branches for Halloween decor

Remember the branches I placed in a yard sale urn in Part 1 of my home tour last week?  I had some fun with them. I saw this bat idea in a magazine I browsed through while waiting in line at the grocery store last week.

How to Make Bat Branches to Decorate Your Home for Halloween 

  • Cut branches from trees or shrubs in your yard with a pair of garden shears or lopers.  I used Burning bush. (Euonymus alatusin)
  • Fill a vase with foam and wedge end of branches into foam. Spread the branches evenly in the vase.
  • Cover the foam with acorns, fall leaves, or shredded straw.
  • Tie a piece of black ribbon (about 6″)into a double knot to branches evenly around the branches.
  • Make two dots with white puffy paint for eyes.

A fun and easy Halloween decorating idea for kids of all ages.


Aren’t they cute?

When my daughters were growing up, I used to decorate the house for every holiday when they were at school.  My mom did the same thing when I was growing up.  I loved to see their reaction when they came home to find the house seasonally ready. They no longer live at home, but it made me happy to create something fun for my Halloween decor.


More Fall Decorating Ideas


I don’t do a lot of decorating for Fall, but I do like to bring in touches of nature and Fall colors to warm the house up when the days get shorter and the air becomes chilly.

I bought the hanging basket on my front door at JoAnn Fabrics two years ago. I simply stuff it with Dollar Store leaves.  I use fishing line over the door knocker to hang it.


In the family room birch logs help warm the space up. Even though we have a gas fireplace – the logs add a layer of texture and warmth to the room.


I bought the larger ones at Crate and Barrel and the thinner ones at Michaels.  The basket is from HomeGoods.


Since the flat screen TV overtakes the wall above the fireplace, I only use simple objects on the mantel. Anything too complex just ends up looking cluttered. I found these pumpkin tree branches at Trader Joes.   They are super cute, but don’t last very long.


I love candle light all year long, but in the Fall the glow helps warm up the atomosphere.  My favorite candle is made by Seda in the fragrance Japanese Quince.


This brass turtle is a family treasure. It was given to my mom and dad as a wedding present. It is one of the objects that made it past every decor change and purge my mother did for the past 60 years.  When my dad passed away in December, my siblings and I who loved and played with this turtle when we were kids had to decide who was going to get it.  I was the lucky recipient and told my sibs that I would display it with honor.


It has a purpose besides just being special  – it holds the matches I need to light my candles every night.


I don’t buy objects to decorate my house for Fall, but do like to display the few things I collect.  I showed you the watch and clock faces last week. I also like ceramic and glass doorknobs. My fave is the faceted purple glass one.


In the kitchen, I add fall colors in the way of flowers and textiles. The rug is actually a bath mat, but I thought it was perfect for my kitchen. I bought it at Walmart.  The dishtowel is from Crate and Barrel.


The kitchen already has lots of orange and color pops,  so I didn’t need to do much to get it Fall ready.  The hardware bin on the table is from Painted Fox Treasures. I wrote about it in this post.  The napkins are from the Jonathan Adler collection at JC Penney.

Many ask me how the spray paint has held up on the chairs.  As you can see – it has held up perfectly – even the yellow chair which needed more coats than any of the other colors I sprayed the chairs, still looks shiny and new. You can learn how I painted the chairs in this post.


I added a bit of no cost Fall decor to the hutch in my dining room by simply cutting a few branches from a burning bush in my yard and placing it in one of the white pitchers displayed in the painted hutch.


Lastly – I didn’t forget.  So many of you have asked for the .pdf of the paper ribbon banner place cards I posted about in Part 1 of the Home Tour last week.  I will post the full tutorial next week.

Happy Fall, I hope you are enjoying the cooler temps as much as I am.  It’s really getting nice now and I find myself wanting to be outside and go on more daily walks. Ed and I also have a few fun weekends planned to enjoy the season.  Are you doing anything special for Fall?

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There is and has been lots of inspiration all week long, so don’t miss a stop.   If you want to catch the entire tour, click back to Lindsay, our hostess.  Enjoy the inspiration!



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  1. As usual you have done a beautiful job and thank you for the info for the bat branches so cute

  2. I found your blog today when it was featured on the Southern Hospitality blog. Lovely designs, great ideas, super pictures. I’ll be on the hunt for another old window to set up in front of my fireplace and I have an old bi-fold door that is now screaming for casters. I’m a new fan!

  3. You have the cutest ideas!!

    In the Fall Home Tour: Part 1, you had a book display that you said you would do a tutorial and free printable on… Could you post that one, please?

    Thanks for sharing all of your creativity!!

  4. Great home tour!! FYI, the “pumpkins on a stick” branches by your tv can be planted. Just pop the seeds out and plant in a sunny spot of your garden, by mid summer you will have enough “pumpkins on a stick” to share with all your friends.

  5. Hi Diane, I’ve loved your fall home tour so far! I’ve been dying to get the printable for the book covers you featured last week. Did I miss it or is that coming up?

    1. You did not miss it, I just had a lot of posts backed up that I needed to get posted last week – I will be posting the book tutorial and printable this week.

  6. I love the wall behind your front door. Is it stencil or wallpaper? You have a warm and lovely home.

  7. I just love the little turtle guy and the fact that it opens is even sweeter! I am stealing your “bat idea” for my grandkids. Every year I have an annual Halloween Party. They are getting a little older and can do more crafts so I think they will be able to do this one just fine. Great post!

  8. Diane- what a beautiful home! My mom used to do the same thing and now each time I go home for the Holidays, I have the same look of pure delight on my face when I see all of her seasonal decor up! Pinning the darling bat branches…what a fun project with kiddos!

  9. Your home looks great all decked out for Fall, Diane. I like to keep it simple and natural, too. Although, next week I will bring out a few little Halloween decorations to add in for the month of October. I like that bat project. I think my granddaughter would get a kick out of that.

  10. I am DYING over those little bats! That’s so clever and cute. Your whole tour is beautiful, but so fun and I am so grateful you joined in!

  11. We have the same turtle , my children also played with it. I’m not sure where ours came from. My late husband had it when we were married. It was used to burn incense.(back in the day) My grandchildren now play with it.

  12. Crazy cute idea to make the bats in the trees with ribbon. Love all decor…and bought the same bathmat for a gift for my daughter…she loves this style!

  13. I felt relaxed just “walking” through your home. It is so lovely and well thought out and put together. All of your simple, subtle touches are like the icing on a cake. I love the bats in the branches! I’ll have to try that one day when my kiddos are at school.

    Heading to see Part I of your tour right now!

  14. Those little bat branches are adorable. I think I have to do this too! And my parents have the same turtle but in silver. I have to look for it next time I go home.
    Your house is so pretty!