Autumn Home Decorating Ideas Around the House

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Easy to do autumn decorating ideas all around the house.

When decorating for the season I like to stick to my basics… natural elements, pumpkins, candles, flowers, and add a few more layers to cozy things up and of course pops of color everywhere.

I decorate using the things I already own or find outside. I shop the house and move things from room to room to make them look fresh and new to my eyes. This helps when decorating on a budget.


If you have read my blog for a while, you know that my design background is from years of working in retail display.  It was there that I learned how to be resourceful.

We had no budget, only items in a prop room to come up with ways to decorate the store that would be enticing.  We had to make “new” with lots of old stuff.  It was the theme behind my book, Instant Decorating.

To make the book display above, I looked for all white books at the thrift store and covered the binding with a Fall quote.

Here is the link to the post where you learn how to make it and download the free printable:


I made the mirror with two window sashes and a ceramic topper that I painted gold, then glazed with a white wash.  The branches in the urn (yard sale find) are from a big bush in my backyard.

The round balls used to be in a bowl in my family room. The tray is a thrift store find that I painted the inside orange with a new chalk paint recipe. More on that in an upcoming chalk paint post.


The gold skeleton keys are from the hardware store. The watch faces I bought at an auction many years ago. I don’t have many collections, but they are one of them.


This is the season where we actually use the dining room.  Every year I choose a color scheme for the table setting and come up with a plan on how I will set the table when we have guests.

I don’t change it every time we entertain.  I use the same items over and over. It keeps things simple and I can get everything set up in minutes this way which comes in handy for impromptu get-togethers.

Last year I made Scrabble place card holders using chalkboard and glass tiles that looked perfect on my driftwood finished table.


I recently painted the room white, which I have been wanting to do since I painted the corner hutch turquoise. I like using white as a background for walls, main pieces of furniture, and my dinnerware.

Thechairs have slipcovers on them that I made years ago, being white they go with anything. I have made 2 sets of chair back runners for them to change up the look every so often without a huge expense involved.  I made  no-sew black & white striped one last Fall and a turquoise damask set.


I made these paper ribbon place cards that frame the top of the plates. You can find the post, tutorial and free printable here:


I like simplicity – it’s elegance at its best.  Some heirloom cheese pumpkins and a soup tureen say Fall without too much fuss.

To hide my supermarket mum plastic pot, I used used a brown bag  A no-cost way to cover the ugly pot.


The thrift store chandelier that I made over when I first started blogging keeps on going, cracks and all.

I made 3 sets of covers for the shades out of scrapbook paper a few years ago.   I like the leopard set for Fall and how it pairs nicely with orange.


More of my Roman numeral clock and watch face collection displayed in a plate stand that I keep in my dining room when not in use.


The ceramic pumpkin in the cabinet in my kitchen has special meaning to me. My mom made it.


Her initials and date are on the bottom.  I was 14 years old when she made it.   It makes me happy to be able to display it in my own home in a prominent place every Fall since she passed away.


I already have orange in my kitchen, the addition of some Fall flowers adds the layer of cozy.   I found the area rug at Walmart.

Wine-and-cheese-for-autumn: Finding Fall Home Tour

No matter how you decorate for Fall, what is more important is that you take the time to sit back and enjoy it.

I crave that wonderful nesting feeling that the season brings.  It is worth taking the time to sit back and relax and enjoy everything the season offers.

Watching football on TV while snuggled up in front of the fire with a good red wine and yummy snacks…bliss.

Oh! and of course a pumpkin or two in sight.

Fall decorating ideas: Finding Fall Home Tour
Brass 3 tier plate stand with clock faces on it for fall home decorations

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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Your orange touches throughout shout it’s FALL! Love everything! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us!

  2. Everything fits together, telling a story . . . autumn is here.
    Love the ceramic pumpkin made by your mother . .
    Stunningly placed amidst the Ironstone . . .

  3. You continually amaze me everytime i check in to your blog! Not only do you do gorgeous so well, you do thrifty so well, you do versatile so well AND you do cheerful so well! You are a woman after my own heart. Looking forward to the details. Can you tell us more about the houndstooth stool too?

      1. Another beautiful and thrifty post. You are always so clever! I could especially appreciate the work that went into the refrigerator drawers but I didn’t have wire drawers in my refrigerator. Sounds like you may have lots of sewing for your daughter. What a lucky girl to have such a talented mother. You never mentioned…..how was your garden. Hope you got lots of veggies.

        1. Hi Nancy – Thanks for the nice note. I am looking forward to helping my younger daughter fix up her house. If we lived closer I would be doing more, but I will do what I can. Our garden did OK. We got plenty of kale and tomatoes and still are. We had lettuce in the early summer, but then it got too hot. The cabbage is growing well. The cukes did not do well. Going to harvest the carrots soon. Next year we plan on adding a better soil mix.