Brown Paper Bag Vase Made in Minutes

Fall decorating with mums.

This brown paper bag decoration idea is the type of DIY project that we all love… quick and easy to make to decorate your home in 10 minutes or less. 

I like using a brown paper bag every year when I decorate my house for fall. The color is perfect for the season and the size of the bag is just large enough to cover an ugly plastic pot that mums and other fall flowers are sold in

Using brown paper bags as decorative plant pots around your home has another nice feature – it is free to make!

No running to the craft store needed… only your kitchen or where you store brown paper grocery bags in your home.


On the stool you can no longer see the ugly plastic pot. Only what I call the “brown paper bag vase”.

Other uses for a brown paper bag

Here is what the plastic pot looks like. Now lets’s hide the plastic pot in 10 minutes with a simple brown paper grocery bag.

How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Flower Vase

How to make a vase using a paper bag

supplies needed:

  • Brown paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  1. Open up the bag and place it so the bottom is sitting on the counter.
  2. Make a 2″ cut down from the top edge on each corner crease of the bag.
  3. Carefully begin to roll the edge down working the top of the bag into soft folds.
  4. Roll and fold to the height needed to cover the pot.

If your bag has a store logo on it, you can reverse the bag first (inside out), then start to roll the top edge into folds.  If the logo is high on the bag, it will be hidden once you fold.

Decorating uses brown paper bags

A pretty indoor planter. When the flowers need watering, simply remove and water. You can even cover the plastic pot with a plastic grocery bag after watering so no water gets in the brown paper bag.

Brown Paper Bag Vase Styling Options:

  • I like to leave the brown paper bag plain, but you can tie a colorful fall ribbon around the bag and cinch it for a slightly different look.
  • If your flower pot is small, you can bunch up plastic grocery bags inside the brown paper bag to act as a lift for group of small flower pots.
Mums in brown paper planter on hearth

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  2. So simple, yet so cute! Thanks for sharing this paper bag around the planter idea. I am really inspired to decorate for fall now.

  3. Sometimes the easiest way is to find something that are already around us such as this brown paper bag instead of getting another vase. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Some of the ideas are a really good suggestion. Thank you for sharing.
    “I like to leave the brown paper bag plain, but you can tie a colorful fall ribbon around the bag and cinch it for a slightly different look.” – I like that a lot. Would try something similar.

  5. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage says:

    I’m all about covering those ugly plastic pots – so cute Diane and welcome home – can’t wait to hear about your house hunt!

  6. Well, isn’t this clever! I use burlap but end up throwing it away since it get musty, going to use this idea next time! Pinned

  7. Great eco friendly idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Ali @ Red Fox Design & DIY says:

    Very clever idea! I am going to start saving my brown paper bags for more than just recycling and kids crafts!

  9. I use gift bags. I’ll put the bottom of potted flowers into a plastic bag (to catch drainage) and sometimes even do the tissue paper thing at the opening… The choices for gift bags are limitless – seasonal, colours, themes/decor (make mine nautical!) and sizes. If the perfect bag catches your eye but it’s a bit big, put a wood block, etc. at the bottom to raise the pot up.
    The anticipation of seeing your ‘hunt’ photos and your ultimate decision of where you’ll move to is so exciting, Diane… We’re empty-nesters and made the transition 7 years ago. Our house was newly built and we love it. If only we’d known who our neighbours would be – we likely wouldn’t have bought here…. Plus: no water view – just roofs. Blah :-/
    Best wishes for happy months ahead to you and Ed!
    Linda <]=/=/=[

  10. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Drat… Wordpress ate my last comment! Let’s try this again. What a brilliant, easy ,free idea! I love the bags rolled down look! Thanks for bringing your great ideas to this group!

  11. Years ago I had a friend who did the brown paper bag trick and it’s pretty smart. It’s hard to find brown paper bags these days though. :)