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Autumn Decor: Tabletop Stack of Books Free Printable

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Today I am posting what so many of you have been asking me for…the tutorial for the autumn decor I made using a stack of thrift store books and a free printable that I showed you in my Fall Home Tour post.

Creating this autumn quote on a stack of books is the kind of decorating project I love – affordable and super easy.

Autumn Stack of Books Free Fall Printable

How to Make Autumn Decor Using a Stack of Books

supplies needed:

  • White books
  • White craft paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Printer and white printer paper
  • Paper cutter
  • Repositionable glue stick

Download the free fall printable:

Print this .pdf:  Free Printable Autumn Quote for Decorating a Stack of Thrift Store Books

Free-Fall Printable-Autumn-Quote-to-Decorating-a-Stack-of-Thrift-Store-Books

How To Apply the Free Autumn Printable to Books


1. Remove book jackets from books.  Paint over the titles on the bindings with white paint. I did this so the color of the titles does not show through the white paper strips you cut out from the printer paper. Let dry. I needed 2 coats of paint to cover the titles.


2. Using a paper cutter, follow the marked lines on each side of the printable to cut the Autumn quote into strips.


3. Center one strip on each book to figure out how much excess paper you need to cut off of each end so each strip is just long enough to be wrapped around the end of the bindings.


4. Trim the strips to the length needed.


5. I used a repositionable glue stick to attach the strips to the books so that I could easily change the quote with the seasons. It has the stickiness of a Post-It note.  Make sure to glue all the edges of the strips as well as the center.


6. I pushed the ends of the paper strips inside the bindings on the books and then smoothed each paper strip with my fingers to make sure each was adhered.


Once each book has the paper strips adhered, stack them and you are done.  I placed mine in my foyer. I found the tray at the thrift store. It was light green and white. I painted the inside orange and used sandpaper to distress the outside.


A creative and affordable way to repurpose old books.  Don’t let the color of books you many already own stop you from doing this. Craft paint can change the color of any book if you can’t find enough books in the color you want.

You can also make the stack in different ways… print out your favorite quotes and sayings…mix and match book and paper colors…lots of possibilities to make a stack of books with a quote on the binding for every season or holiday.

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A stack of white books on a table top with fall sayings on the bindings. Free printable to download to use

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  1. I love this idea! Now I have a good reason to go to the thrift store again. I don’t think ‘our’ thrift stores will have such clean white books, but who knows……

    1. My thought exactly! But when that is said, LOVE this idea of decorating my living room! Defenitely going to try this;)

  2. Diane, thanks so much, this gives me another white chautchky for my entrance way.
    I will purchase a paper cutter to be certain I’m successful .
    Oh- yah, using your recipe for chalk paint on very many things, loving the colour white too.
    I have shared your goodies with many.
    You rock!
    Warmest regards,