Polywood Presidential Rocker & Side Table Review

Review of Polywood Outdoor Furniture Presidential Rockers in the color black.

Post Update: 7/4/21 – It has been 7 years since I got the two Polywood Presidential Rockers that I share in this post. They look as good today as they did when I first got them back in 2014.

If you have read my blog for a few years you know that I love to be outdoors. As soon as the weather turns warm and sunny – I celebrate!  I break out the champagne when I can open the windows in the house and take the outdoor furniture back outside for the season.

This year I got something that I have been wanting for a long time – a simple pleasure …  but one that I enjoy immensely…


…having outdoor rocking chairs to sit and rock outside during the day or under a starry candlelit night is one of my favorite warm weather pastimes.  A good book, a conversation with someone sitting beside me, or alone with my thoughts – this is one place where I like to be.

The rockers and tables look like wood, they are heavy and sturdy like wood, but they are made of milk jugs!  Yep,  you read that right…recycled milk jugs.


To celebrate Earth Day, 5 bloggers were sent POLYWOOD sets of furniture to review. I am one of them and have been celebrating ever since they arrived on my doorstep.


The furniture is made from 90% recycled plastic bottles and containers. An environmentally conscious mind set and a need to have virtually maintenance free furniture that will last for a lifetime is what drove the birth of POLYWOOD® Outdoor Furniture.


The POLYWOOD® HDPE Lumber is unaffected by the sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, saltwater, chlorine and mildew.  I love that!

Even though I post a lot of painting projects, if I didn’t have to paint to keep things looking nice, I would rather not do it. :-)


The heavy duty construction of this outdoor furniture will keep your furniture on your patio during a strong storm. POLYWOOD HDPE poly lumber is nonporous so the furniture can be left out all year long, no matter what climate you live in.

Easy care can be achieved with soap and water which will keep it clean and ready for use for years to come!

I bought the pillow at HomeGoods.  The outdoor rug is from Target.


The set was delivered right to my front door in big boxes.


I assembled the set in less than 45 minutes right in my Studioffice with the handy screwdriver that came with each piece.


The screws are marine grade hardware that will stand up to the elements.  I finished assembling the set a few weeks ago when it was still cold outside.

That did not stop me from using one of the rockers inside. I set it  up in my family room.  It looked great and even better was comfy.  I may just move one of them back inside again come fall.


The furniture is available in 14 beautiful colors. I chose black with Sunbrella fabric cushions in Sesame.  I wanted the set to go with my outdoor dining table and chairs that I painted last summer.


I used to have a porch swing hanging under the arbor where I set the chairs, but I love the rocking chairs here so much better because they are portable, the swing was not.

I can easily move the rockers to sit in any direction I want.   If I am entertaining, they can face the dining table and house. When it is just me, I can turn them around to gaze out at the yard.

The furniture is solid, well designed, and comfy.  I am loving it and have since bought a POLYWOOD table and chair set for my new home.

Check out the other blogger’s Earth Day posts showing a few other pieces and furniture sets POLYWOOD makes:


This post was sponsored by POLYWOOD.  I received the furniture to review – all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi. Curious how hot the black chairs get in the sun during the hottest part of the year. I really want black but husband thinks it will be too hot. Help! A quick reply would be appreciated as were hoping to buy soon!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lindsay –

      I have had the black chairs for over 6 years now. They sit outside all year long and they look as good as the day we first got them. We also have another style of the chairs in a tan color. You can see them here: https://inmyownstyle.com/outdoor-furniture-eco-chic-style.html

      The black color gets very hot in the summer. You will need a cushion to sit down. The tan color chairs do not get hot like the black. I have a friend who has white and was told they always look dirty – where the tan or black never does. Hope this helps you make a color decision.

  2. Yvonne Madden says:

    Just found your site today and I am happy! I was directed here when I searched for DIY outdoor rugs. mine is black and white outdoor fabric and will be out in the hot Palm Springs sun. loved your idea of covering vinyl as I was planning to “line” my rug to make it look more substantial. was wondering if you would paint polyurethane as you suggested on one indoor rug you made to make it easier to keep clean. Or will the polyurethane yellow in the sun??

    thank you in advance for your reply…Yvonne

  3. I have approximately 12-15 pieces if polywood furniture in white. It is now 20 years and still looks great. We bought it for our red bricked white columned Greek revival house. Then 10 years later moved it to our house on the beach. Now we are in a log cabin in the mountains and white doesn’t work. Can I chalk paint it?

  4. Hi Diane,

    I came across your review of POLYWOOD and noticed that the link at the end of the post to the South Beach Ultimate Adirondack Chairs is not working. I would like to suggest that you could use a link back to our site to replace the broken link. We work with POLYWOOD and sell their products, therefore, we have a great way to let your readers purchase exactly what you have pictured here. :)
    We would also love to discuss doing something similar to this post with our products.
    Here is the link and please let me know what you think of our site and products.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  5. Jody Reynolds says:

    What size is your rug?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jody – It is a 5 x 7 rug. I bought it at Target or Home Goods. I can’t remember which one :-)

  6. bridget b. says:

    This post is right on time. I bought a set of wood outdoor furniture last season, and now that we are getting back outdoors again, I’m noticing that I probably should have sealed it since it has been outside all this time. It would be nice not to have to worry about that ever again.

    Can you please answer a rug maintenance question? How do you keep it looking nice and clean outdoors? My outdoor fabrics always end up with layers of dirt/pollen on them, and some of the stains can be impossible to remove.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Bridget –

      To clean the outdoor carpet. First vacuum it well. You can clean it with a scrub brush that is on a stick like a mop. They are made for cleaning decks. Mix a bucket with 1 part bleach and 2 parts water. You can add a tiny squirt of dish soap in the mix, but not a lot of it or you will get too many suds. Scrub the rug with the solution and then spray a hose over it to rinse it off. Repeat if needed. Let it dry in the sun. It should look nice and clean when it is dry.

  7. Jill Rogat says:

    Polywood is definitely becoming a trend. My friend says it lasts forever and requires minimal maintenance, especially in comparison to actual wood. It looks fantastic.

    1. Never buy white.
      I have white at the beach and I find it impossible to clean.

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Roz – I agree with not buying white outdoor furniture of any kind. It always gets the dark powdery mildew stains. In my previous house it showed up on everything and I had to use bleach to get it too look clean. Have you tried a product like Clorox Outdoor Cleaner?

  8. Love love love this idea… I’ve been on the hunt for some new rocking chairs since my old ones started rotting away after 2 years (on a covered porch no less). I’ve been a little gun shy of getting any more since those didn’t do so well. This sounds like the perfect solution!

  9. Your new rocking chairs&table look great,& it’s so awesome a company is commited to putting plastic which is not typically recycled to good use! Always so happy to hear of a company using what would end up in land-fills for practical, life-enhancing use. Your rocking chairs are attractive, useful,& will last you forever!=^_^*=
    I’d LOVE to have sturdy furniture, indoors OR out, as I’m severely lacking furniture in both areas @this stage in my life( things *are* getting better& I have the important things: a happy healthy son, a roof,& food).
    Unfortunately, I tried to enter the contest, but the link you provided is not working? I tried several times & got a msg the page moved or is no longer available?
    Thank you,&I SO very much enjoy your blog!

  10. I love these! I tried to check how much they are and I couldn’t find a price. Could you tell me the cost? Does the beige square cushion come with it? I could live in your backyard, it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Shirley –
      The chairs are not inexpensive. $299, but they are sturdy and strong and should last a very long time. The cushions are separate. All of the bloggers who participated in the promotion are just as in love with their pieces as I am with mine. It is so sturdy and well designed. I think you can find the price page by typing into your search engine: polywood-furniture dot com. Then type in Presidential Rocker. All the prices, colors and cushion fabrics will show up.

  11. Holly Lefevre (@504Main) says:

    Squeal! I am dreaming of rockers for my new Texas front porch! So excited to be introduced to this line of furniture! Thanks!

  12. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Diane, you have a gorgeous backyard, lucky lady!! The rocking chairs are the icing on the cake, I love your deck and pergola. Gorgeous view, really, even if it is NOT the ocean. I am loving my furniture too!

  13. Joanne B. says:

    These are just fantastic! I would love one of these (and would then have to get a mate for it for MY mate!). My hub made wooden adirondack chairs and while he did a great job and they are comfortable, they do require upkeep. I think I’d bring these up to our summer cottage in Rehoboth Beach – who wants to do “home’ work when you’re on vacation, right?

  14. Ashley @ the handmade home says:

    LOVELY, as always, Diane! Can I come for a dip in the pool? I mean, can it be any prettier? ;}

  15. Diane, those chairs and table look so beautiful and classy with the awesome rug ! You also have a gorgeous back yard to look at while enjoying your new furniture….so nice!

  16. Jennifer Rizzo says:

    That looks like the perfect place to hang out.I’m coming over!!!!

  17. Ordering a similar but white set today because of your recommendations! We had wood—on our front porch—for years! But had to get rid of them because the finish is bad on them now. (One needs totally redone!) Thank you for your review!

    1. Betsy E.
      How did you order? I can’t find a dealer when I put in my zip code?
      Thank you!

  18. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage says:

    I want to rock my cares away while overlooking that beautiful pool! I’ll bring the champagne!