Stylish & Free Artwork Ideas

Look what I found… 1 piece of stylish art and 1 piece of free artwork


I have these shoes – not YSL, but a Lands End pair (way less expensive).  When I saw this print made by Jessica Rowe, I had to have it.


I placed it in a Walmart BHG white frame and hung it on the memo board that hangs in my studioffice. 


It makes me happy – I love fashion, I love art, and best of all I love supporting artists.


The peony print under it was an Etsy find, too. I do not think it is available anymore though.  I have had it for over a year.

Where to Find Free Art for Your Walls

Another way I like to find art…is for free.


When I was out in Des Moines for the BHG Makeover Madness Final 4 challenge, I picked up this magazine in the hotel lobby thinking I would read it on the plane ride home.


Flipping through, I came upon this map. I love maps, especially colorful ones like this that can be used to decorate – or to wallpaper a room.


I cut it out and framed it in a thrift store frame I had.  EZ and free!  Now I have a little token from my travels – sort of a souvenir.


10 Free Framable Wall Art Ideas

Images in magazines are not the only place to find free art to hang on your walls. Use a mat inside the frame or leave plain on any of the items in the list below.

Hang only one piece of free framed art by itself or hang a collection of the same type of image to fill an empty wall gallery style.

1. A map or collection of maps

2. Menu from a fave resturant

3. Fabric, gift wrap, or wallpaper

4. Post cards or greeting cards

5. A collection of stamps

6. Sheet music of a favorite song

7. A vintage hankie

8.  DVD covers of your favorite movies

9. A collection of stamps

10. Recipes cut out from a cookbook

These are just a few items that you may have already have on hand or can get for free to create affordable artwork for your walls.

Look around you…I am sure you can add to the list.

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  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    We discovered that I have those shoes too, the cheap version. I think I need that print too.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Julia – I still have the photo of our shoes on my phone from our day at the Container Store. You will love the print. The colors are so vivid. I would love to find more prints of other fashion accessories like this and make a gallery wall with them. A big Oooooh…la…la… :-)

  2. Susie@homemaker-mom says:

    Thanks for the ideas :-) They are grand! I need to do a little bit more to my tiny office space

  3. Terri Jay says:

    Great minds think alike! I often get free calendars w/ pretty photographs in them. Carefully cut out the pictures – usually of nature in one form or another and place in my 25cent yard sale matching frames. The best part is I can change the pictures w/ the season’s. I love the one you did of the map though and will have to try t to find one, for one of my favorite physicians who collects maps and globes.

  4. Joyce Ward says:

    Our living room has several pieces of art we really love, but the one which
    is priceless to me is the beautiful black oriental fan with hand painted flowers my dad sent to my mom when he was stationed in Korea in 1951. My husband framed it in a gold gilded fan case 30 years ago (cost was $100). My parents divorced when I was nine, the fan is one of the very few things from their marriage. Mom passed away 25 years ago but I asked Dad last week about the fan and plan to write the history and attach it to the back of the fan case real soon. It has become a cherished heirloom.

  5. One of the pieces of “art” in my dining room is a placemat from a restaurant we stopped at on vacation when I was 10. The placemat had a watercolor of the restaurant/inn and I really liked it, so I set it aside right away (didn’t want to spill lunch on it). The watercolor is featured on their website all these years later :-)

  6. Thank you for the wonderful idea. I am currently working on a photo wall and was flipping through old letters and photos last weekend, at the bottom of a box I found a copy of my grandfathers favorite hymn (he passed away 5 days before my 6th birthday). I am going to frame this for the center of my photo wall! Thank you so much for the idea, I appriciate it so much :) Have a wonderful weekend.