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Do you remember what American “brand logo” first made an impact on you when you were a child?  One that will always make you smile and bring back fond memories whenever you see it?

I do… It is a common household name, but not Kleenex or Band-Aid.  It is…


Whenever I see a Schlage key, the front door of my childhood home comes vividly to mind.  As a child it meant safe and sound – HOME.  The key also made me feel all grown-up as it was the first real key I ever had on my first real key chain when I was probably around 12 years old.  I remember the keychain had the zodiac Cancer the Crab medallion on it.  I was so proud to have a Schlage house key hanging from it.  It made me feel cool – something real besides Chapstick and a kiddie wallet in my pre-teen purse.

I wish I still had the original; my sister does. I do have a generic copy of the key and I hang it from my Christmas Tree every year since it brings back such fond family memories.

Fast forward to my current home, Schlage is still the key hanging from my keychain, but it just got replaced with a shiny new one.


In celebration of Doorknob Awareness Week, April 21 – 25, Schlage is challenging bloggers to add some flare to the doors on the interior and exterior of their homes. They sent me new doorknobs and door pretties for the Dress Up Your Doors Blogger Challenge.

I chose to update all the exterior doors in my home.   Schlage door knobs and hardware come in many different styles from classic to modern and in a wide variety of metals – black, bronze, nickel and more. I had a hard time choosing, but since my house is a center hall colonial I chose to stay classic and went with polished brass.


When we decorate our homes, we tend to overlook the doorknobs in the process. We paint, hang new curtains, and add new furniture – but a good percentage of the time – the doorknobs remain.  I have redecorated all the rooms in my house at least 3 times each in the past twenty years, but have never changed a doorknob…until now.

They were looking pretty BAD as you can see from my front door. After 20 + years it still works perfectly, but needs a style update.


I first repainted the door, but that process is a whole other post – it was pretty BAD!!!  Once the new black paint was dry, I started to dress up my front door with a new door handle, deadbolt, knocker, and kick plate.


Easy to install since the holes were already in place from the old doorknob and kick plate.  A little shine makes the door look like the day we moved into the house.


To install the door knocker, I could not use the holes from the existing one since it was front mounted.  The new knocker is attached  back mounted and luckily it covered the old holes. Filling holes in a metal door is not as easy as a wood door. 


Everything I needed to install it was right in the package, even a handy-dandy template to make the placement for drilling the holes a no-brainer.


Knock Knock…  Who’s there?


After getting the front door all spiffed up it was time to tackle the other doors.  The doorknobs all worked, but were in need of new updated shiny replacements.


I know – gross, right?    Even using these doorknobs daily at least 20 times a day…I just didn’t see just how bad they were.


Now they look BEAUTIFUL – all shiny and new.  When I grab one now to open a door – they feel so smooth and sleek in my hand as I turn them.


They also look and feel bigger, which I like.


 I chose to use the backplates for the deadbolts, too.

When changing all the exterior doorknobs in your home, have them re-keyed so you can use the same key to open all of the doors. Less confusion having to deal with only one key.  Home improvement stores sell re-keying kits to do-it-yourself. I took mine to my local hardware store to have it done.   


I feel the new door hardware is like adding shiny new jewelry to an old outfit that just needed updated accents.  If we end up moving – new door hardware is a must for re-sale so I will have that checked off my list.

Schlage is inviting you over to their Facebook page to see all the doors in the challenge, inspire you to dress up your doors, and to choose your favorite blogger’s door.  The blogger who gets the most “Likes” will win and get to give away the following to one of their readers:

The winning blogger gets to give away:

– A $500 gift card to Lowes or Home Depot….. PLUS  $500 worth of Schlage products to one of their readers!!!  

To “Like” my post  you need to click to the Schlage Facebook page.

You can decorate your doors in your own style with Schlage. Do you know how you would like to dress up yours?  Brass, bronze, nickel…levers or classic round handles?





Schlage send me their products to use for their Dress Up Your Doors blogger challenge. All words and opinions are my own.  



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  1. Yes, I have the exact same problem but haven’t gotten around to taking care of it. We inherited the house and the doors were put in using a shoe-string budget; none match, all have old used door knobs. Someday…hoping my post wins..!

  2. My front door is black but I prefer it with silver door knobs. I like classic style. Would love to add a kickplate!

  3. I am a colonial classic girl. Shiny brass and round door knobs please!

    I just repainted my front doors and had to fill a hole in a metal door. Using the right product made it easier, not as easy as wood putty but not much harder. Just took longer to dry and then to sand smooth.
    It’s ALL about the prep!

    1. Thanks Yvonne – the brass just shines. It is warm and welcoming and makes the colonial styling of the house look so much better than any other metal.

  4. Perfect timing. I locked myself out yesterday and already the locksmith was unable to open my VERY old and groddy locks. He had to drill one out and replaced it with a Schlage lock. I’m getting ALL of them done now and repainting my outside doors too!