Colorize Your Life: DIY Artwork

I need therapy!!!

Lots of it…but not with a doctor.   I need lots of COLOR therapy!

Seeing colors, especially my favorite colors everywhere I look gets me through the day.  It is one antidote to the ordinary. I like a white base to my house, but then I add pops of color everywhere…in my shelves, on my favorite furniture and even on my blanket storage basket.

Colors are infectious  – in a happy, good way. When I see lots of it my brain gets happy and life is good.


Imagine how happy I was when I opened a box that arrived on my doorstep from Astrobrights papers.

A stack full of happiness that I placed on my worktable.  All the clear and bright colors waiting to be made into something – a gift for Mother’s Day, something festive, or just something creative to enjoy.


I loved the way the stack of colored papers looked and decided to use that “stacked look” to make a piece of framed  DIY artwork for the shelves behind my desk.


I have been doing a little bit of Spring cleaning and reorganizing some of my fave things.  I needed something to energize one of the shelves and got the idea after loving how the paper looked stacked on my worktable.

Making this is so easy that even your kids or the non-DIYer could have great success making it.

supplies needed:

  • Astrobrights Paper
  • Frame with a mat
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Deckle edge ruler
  • Glue stick


I gathered a few of my favorite colors from the stack of papers and cut them slightly larger than the opening of the mat using a paper cutter. I used a small frame with a mat, but you can use a very large frame as long as the mat you use has an opening that is no larger than the 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.


To give the paper some interest, I used a deckle edge ruler to deckle the edge of each piece of paper.

How to Deckle the Edge of Paper:

A deckle edge ruler has two sides – one small deckle and the other a larger more ripped deckle. I used the larger edge.  You can buy them at any craft store.

1. Lay paper on work surface. Place the large deckle side of the ruler about 1-inch from the edge of the paper. Pull the edge of the paper against and down the edge of the ruler to deckle the edge.

2. Depending on the weight of the paper you may have to stop and start instead of ripping the the paper in one full swoop.

3. It should look like this when you are done.

Inexpenisve-Art-for-wallsAfter I deckled the edge of each piece of paper, I overlapped them on a piece of card stock cut to the same size as the frame. I used a glue stick to attach the deckled paper on top of each other. I then placed the mat over it and placed the whole thing in the frame.


I like the way the deckled edges looks like water or waves.   Since it is art – I signed my name. :-)  Makes it official – real artwork!


How would you colorize your world with a stack of brightly colored papers from Astrobrights Papers?

This Giveaway Is Over

Congrats to the winner – Georgia S.  comment #16

If you would like to make something colorful, Astrobrights is giving away a customized package of Astrobrights Papers like the one I received and

a $50 gift card to Office Depot, which carries the largest selection of Astrobrights


Happy Weekend  – I hope it is a COLORFUL one.


Need a colorful inexpensive gift! Art for your wall?.....Check it out...



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  1. All the colors are truly beautiful, but the lilac is amazing, sings of summer.

  2. Right now I am lovin’ Turquoise !!!!

  3. Oh my! Such a simple but stunning art display! I’m going to pick up a deckle edge ruler right away!

    I’ve done something similar to this when I taught 5th grade. The students used what they had learned about the color wheel.

  4. I love so many colors but if I have to pick one it would be green.

  5. Lynne Wesenberg says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one! It all depends on the situation. But I do love the color purple, in all its variations….

  6. My favorite color is the “claret” version of red.

  7. Love them all – green the best!

  8. After our nest emptied we went color crazy. My favorite color is aqua and #2 is orange. They even go beautifully together.

  9. Robin’s Egg blue <3

  10. Pink! I like pink and if you look in my closet, I have way to much pink clothes. But green comes in at a close second..

  11. My favorite color is green. My 26 month old grandson knows this and every time he has a green jelly bean or a green M&M he shares with me because he knows green is Meme’s favorite color! How sweet!

    Love the artwork!

  12. Oh I love your art! My favorite color is pink!

  13. It’s hard to pick one favorite, with so many lovely colors options. However; since you only asked for one, I choose “Outrageous Orchid” as my favorite.

    I can’t wait to purchase the deckle edge ruler. I had other projects come to mind as I read your blog, especially those with scrap booking.

    It would be such a blessing to win the Giveaway!

  14. Beth Garland says:

    My favorite color is blue! Love your site and all your projects!

  15. Guy Evans says:

    It’s hard to pick 1 color because all of these brites are amazing. I always go with green as my standby though.

  16. It’s so hard to narrow down to one favorite! But I’ll have to go with lavender.

  17. I love this giveaway… I think my favorite is their bright coral paper!

  18. Cindy Lyon says:

    I love the piece that you made and have a perfect spot for something similar! I can envision those bright papers used for some larger origami pieces to display on a shelf or table. My favorite color is bright blue.

  19. I love this little project! My all time favorite color is red, but I love the bright yellow in this pack of paper!

  20. My favorite colour has to be turquoise because it is like a metallic blue with a hint of green . It just has to be the most awesome colour ever.

  21. Ashley H. says:

    I love your art, so pretty! Pink is always my favorite color!!

  22. Helen Henkler says:

    Turquoise is my favorite. I love your artwork, Diane! Perfect on your shelves.

  23. Blue is my favorite color! Thank You for all your great ideas!

  24. I’m all about turquoise right now!

  25. My favorite color is magenta. I love different shades of pink but this is my all time favorite. I am kinda hung up on any shades of aqua or turquoise also. I am feel the same way about color as you do, Diane!

  26. I love the lime green.
    Beautiful and so easy to do your project. Love it!

  27. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    That stack of colored paper just says “Diane” to me! : ) This was definitely the perfect thing to send you, Diane. Love the art you made using it. Now that my granddaughter is 3 1/2 it is fun to come up with things to do with her on the crafting front. Colored paper would always be a welcome supply to have on hand. My favorite color is pink!

  28. Love, love, love that lime green!

  29. Wow, I love your artwork – my first thought was that it looked like sets of waves on the ocean! Gorgeous colors, it’s like framed happiness! I had no idea such a tool as a deckle-edge ruler existed, I always learn such interesting things from your blog.

    My favor color is aqua blue. I love all shade and tones of blue-green and green-blue. Any shade that is the color of the sea and the sky is something I love to look at because these colors are so calming.

  30. Hi Diane!
    Blue is one of my favorite colors.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Your blog is such a great inspiration.

  31. Elisabeth@Treasuring the says:

    So cute! I had never heard of a deckle ruler. I’ll have to google to see what other uses there are for them.

    My favorite color is probably blue.

  32. So hard to pick a favorite color …. But it would have to be my favorite flower – rose. From light cotton candy pink to the deepest fushia rose! I LOVE PINKS!

  33. Love your art!

    My favorite color is blue.

  34. You are amazing! What a fun way to add a pop of colors! I really love blue/green. The colors of the ocean! Water is so peaceful for me.

    Thanks for all sharing your ideas!

  35. Beautiful paper! Good grief, what a fabulously simple yet stunning craft project!
    My favorite color is just about any color… the brighter the better. My vision has faded over the years and as a result I gravitate towards the bright shades. Blues, greens, reds… all of them.

  36. I think even I could do that project! My favorite color is lime green. I don’t know why, but I just seem drawn to it! Love all your projects!

  37. Blues or greens, depending on the day!

  38. Vicky Hunt says:

    Oh wow! What a sweet giveaway! I love the papers you received…so pretty! My favorite color is aqua blue but I love all colors! Thanks for hosting and I LOVE your artwork and am planing to create one for my craft room. Your office is stunning!

    Blessings, Vicky

  39. Mrs. S Fairchild says:

    My favorite is Silvery Peony.
    Its reminds me of one my grandmothers Silk Duvet covers.

  40. So cute! My fave is aqua/teal.

  41. I tend to prefer pinks and purples so if I have to pick just one I would say orchid.

  42. It’s a toss up between blue and green. Anything that reminds me of the ocean.

  43. The bright pink and teal!!

  44. my favorite color is a green with lots of blue or a blue with lots of green, unless I’m needing some peony pink or salmon. also I love gold. and periwinkle and a very blue lavender. really I like you just love color. There is only one color I currently dislike (and even it has its place) a particular wine brown red.

  45. Today my favorite color is pink but that is subject to change!

  46. Kat Diamond says:

    PINK!!!! I love how pink make’s life in general just come alive…it’s put’s me in a good place and it is a versatile color that would compliment others and I love to compliment others :-)

  47. Purple! Lavender! Lilac! Dusty Rose! Fire Engine Red! Blue! Cobalt! Forest Green! Spring Green! Etc. Etc. Etc.!

  48. I have favorite colors for different things.

    Bright purple is my favorite for clothing, and even eye shadow!

    I love soft buttery yellow and a soft, bright green for home décor!

  49. I’m drawn to many colors and my favorite often changes but right now it’s apple green.

  50. My Favorite color is yellow, this is because it is a color that represents warmth, and happiness together. Thank You!

  51. Diane that is awesome!!!!! I love at the bright colors – I bet you were happy when you opened that box. :)

  52. Hello, Diane! I love your framed art! It looks great on your bookcase. I also love the white flower on the wall! Was it made with paper as well? How neat! Blue is my favorite color. The color of the ocean and the sky. I love it!

  53. kate foran says:

    Green, bright lime green! unless we are talking about color pencils, i love prisma colors tuscan red.

  54. I love fuschia pink!!

  55. I can’t decide on a favorite color…..EVER! I switch all the time. I’m really into turquoise and coral right now. Springy for sure! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Have a great weekend.

  56. This is indeed a pretty nice therapy. Working with so many neat colors. I love blue. Thanks for sharing!

  57. only one favorite color??? Oh no, I love too many – turquoise, sky blue, soft greens, bright pinks, soft browns…. Even the colors that I don’t LOVE are key – they play well with others to make them spark and shine. Otherwise it’s too boring.

  58. Veronica S. says:

    I actually have 2 favorite colors….PURPLE is my fav to looks at (art, decor, you name it), but GRAY is my favorite color to wear (it just looks good with my skin tone). Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway!!

  59. What a clever idea. Love that! I love color…and my favorite is pink.
    Thanks for a great give away.

  60. Sharon Whittington says:

    My favorite color is purple! I love this idea. And thanks for introducing me to the deckle edge ruler. AWESOME tool

  61. How very neat your idea! My favorite color is blue!

  62. I love the simple artwork you made! You know, I’ve been looking for something to make to add some colour to my bathroom. It’s all tan, from floor to ceiling so I’m thinking it could use a touch of turquoise.
    As hard as it is for me to choose just one colour, I suppose I’d have to say purples are my favourite ;) But to make a turquoise-y (?) version if your artwork would work out wonderfully in my bathroom.
    Fingers crossed for this one!

  63. Aqua or teal. I like a bright middle between green and blue.

  64. Yellow! Bright, sunny yellow!

  65. Georgia S. says:

    Pink! That is a cool ruler. Thanks, Diane!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Georgia –

      Congratulations! You won the Astrobrights paper giveaway. I will be emailing you.

  66. LaTarrie M says:

    I have never seen a ruler like that…love it! If i had to only pick 1 color, Pink would win.

  67. Colors of the rainbow…but if I have to choose, it will be purple!
    Gonna try to do your artwork with my little one for her rainbow colored room:) awesome and easy job!

  68. Wowza- I luv yellow, with blue a close second- thank you very much!
    Make everyday special.

  69. Cobalt blue is my favorite, but just about any blue makes me happy. Love your new artwork!

  70. I’ve never seen that ruler! how cool! I love the bright orange and the lime green. those are my favorite; I think it’s because I grew up in Florida and they remind me of oranges and the color of bright trees.

  71. I love BLUE!!! Any color of blue will do, to me it is so peaceful. Thanks for all you do!

  72. Michelle James says:

    Green….hands down! Thanks for the contest and I love the artwork. Everything you do turns out so pretty and fun!

  73. I’m a bit of a color bore as I generally lean to very neutral in both my home and clothing. Currently working with some cantaloupe colored yarn that’s really lovely so I’m going to say cantaloupe!

    Thanks Diane and Office Depot for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  74. Love the teal blue. This looks like a great project for kids to make too. Love your idea.

  75. I looove the pink fuchsia!

  76. Crystal C. says:

    I love the color green!

  77. I’m loving the royal blue color. But all the colors are beautiful!

  78. I love purples and greens.

  79. Victoria S says:

    Beautiful bright colors, I’m loving purple!

  80. I love this! So simple yet creative! There are many colors that I adore, but if I have to select one favorite, it is red.