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I have a serious case of Spring fever. Spring and warm weather cannot arrive fast enough as far as I am concerned. Do you feel the same way? To help coax its arrival, I have been adding pops of fresh cheery color all over my house.

I have been working on many projects – the mirror I posted about earlier in the week was the first.  While I was waiting for paint to dry on another project, I decided to give my sewing machine stool a face lift.  It was looking a bit sad, so I used the leftover blue paint from the mirror makeover to give the stool and gave my sad outdated stool a fab new look.


I made the monogram on top of the stool using software on my computer, giftwrap, Contact paper, and spray glue. Printable monograms are so easy to make to use just about anywhere.

Back in the summer, I posted How I Painted a Monogram on Furniture. I painted the monogram on that stool for my daughter. The technique I used to make over my sewing machine stool requires no painting skills and is 100 times faster and easier – plus you can easily change it when you want a new look.

Since I started blogging I have learned and am still learning all about Photoshop Elements.  That is how I created the printable monogram, but you can do it in Microsoft Word and a few other software programs, too. To learn how to make the monogram using your computer you can find my post about it here – How to Make a Monogram to Print Using Microsoft Word.

Stool – Before


I painted this stool over 20 years ago.  Sponge painting was big in the DIY world back then. I used to have a chair for my sewing machine, but when I redid my studioffice, it was too big.  I went shopping in my basement and brought up the stool to use.  I never repainted it since it is hidden under the sewing machine table that is covered with a tablecloth.


I was also inspired to do the makeover by all the colorful gift wrap I have hanging on the wall in my studioffice. I purchased most of it at HomeGoods.   I am sure you have seen it – lined up all along the check-out line.  Impulse buyers beware!  When I see pretty, colorful giftwrap, I can’t pass it by – especially when it is only $2.99 a roll.

I knew if I used the paper to decorate the stool, it would need to be sealed along with the printed monogram. The only problem – water based sealers – Mod Podge or Polycrylic would make the paper wrinkle.

Since the center of the stool is flat, I experimented with using clear Contact paper and self adhesive laminating sheets over the giftwrap. I am happy to report – it worked beautifully!


After I made the monogram on my computer to size for my stool, I started thinking of other ways to use the Contact paper sealing technique.  One thing led to another and I ended up creating a few more projects using computer printout monograms.


On a plate with a flat center.   Same technique – a printout of a monogram glued to a cut out piece of giftwrap.    I covered this with a self adhesive laminating sheet since it has a glossier finish than clear Contact paper. It is simply attached to the plate using spray glue.


As a way to decorate a gift.  This giftwrap is from Target.


and a gift tag.

How to Make a Computer Printed Monogram Stool


You only need the Polycrylic if you are painting  your stool/furniture. It is not needed to make the monogram.

supplies needed:

  • Contact paper or Self Adhesive laminating paper
  • Computer with a program that lets you move type layers or text boxes – Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Publisher, Microsoft Word,  Power Point are a few that I know of.
  • Printer with color ink
  • Computer paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Optional:  If you have to paint your furniture first:  Paint, paint brush, water based sealer


You can find clear Contact paper and Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets at Walmart.  Clear Contact paper has a matte finish. The self-adhesive laminating sheets are glossy.


First paint the stool. Paint the area where the giftwrap/monogram is going to go- white. This will ensure the colors of the gift wrap are not changed when it is applied on top of a base color of paint.  Use water based polyurethane to protect the paint, but do not put it where your giftwrap/monogram is going  to go.

Cut monogram out. Next, cut a piece of giftwrap a bit larger than the area you want to cover.


1.  To figure out how large a circle/shape you will need, use a compass.  If there is a pattern on your paper – make sure it is centered before finding a center point.  Find the center and spread out the compass to the diameter of the top.

2.  Flip the paper over and draw the circle to the size of the compass measurement.

3. Carefully cut out the circle.


4. Use a light coat of spray adhesive on the back of the cut out monogram.  Attach it to the center of your cut out giftwrap circle.

5.  Once adhered, cover with a piece of Contact paper or a self-laminating sheet. Cut away the excess.


6. Apply spray glue to the back of the circle and let it get tacky.  Center over stool and apply. Use a scrap of giftwrap folded up to smooth out any air bubbles as well as around the outer edge to make sure the edges are adhered.

-Follow the same steps to make monograms to attach to plates, gift boxes, or to make gift tags.

Once you have the computer know-how to make the monogram, the rest takes less than 10 minutes.

In my next post, I will detail how to make the monograms in a few different versions of photo editing software.

Creative gift wrap ideas

I also will share the fonts I use – so stay tuned.

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  1. Used the monogram info to make a new letter to cover a baseball cap. Perfect! I would have NEVER figured this out on my own! Thanks for making your instructions so easy to follow. (and I’ll be making a trip to HomeGoods to scout for some gift wrap…impulse nothing…I can never turn down a good deal on gift wrap!)

  2. Great tutorial! I LOVE monograms and pretty wrapping paper. They are such a classy way to decorate. I’m in love with the plate idea. Have you ever tried to wash the plate after you applied the monogram? Just wondering how the paper would fair.


    1. HI Sara –

      I have not tried to wash the plate. It is just for decoration, but it would be easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. I would not submerge into water though.

  3. Thanks for the detailed instructions on so many ways we can use monograms! I LOVE your blog, Diane!

  4. You are so creative!! I also
    love the newspaper print inside your china cabinet! Is there a link about that?

  5. Love it!! Fantastic idea and going to
    do this on my patio chairs!

    Thank you for making my day! :-)

  6. Love it, Diane! You always make up the nicest monograms! I will look forward to your tutorial on making them as I am useless at that type of thing. It takes me hours when I try to figure out how to do things like this. Love the idea of using the monograms on a gift, too. It really makes it look pretty and more personal.

  7. IN LOVE with this idea! Must do for my craftroom (although in pink and green, of course!) Your ideas totally rock!