Bedroom Refresh with ComforPedic iQ

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I have been updating my bedroom over the last few months – not a floor to ceiling makeover, but more like a little refreshing of the space.

It all started one Sunday morning back in the early summer when I looked up at the bed hanging that used to be above the bed. In those few waking moments I knew that it was history  – like as soon as I jumped out of bed history.

With the old bed hanging down, I had a new idea for replacing it, one that would have no fabric and be low maintenance.  Making the new headboard was a two man job so I had to wait until Ed was around to help me.  I have it almost complete and will be posting more about how I made the new headboard soon.


I have posted and shown you a few of the other updates already…the new sheets and pillow cases, how I updated the shiny brass lights, and hung a gallery wall. I even have a new mattress, one that is pretty high tech and revolutionary in design.


It is a ComforPedic iQ from BeautyRest.   I have an extra lumbar in my spine – it is a family trait – both my sisters have a 6th lumbar, too. It causes problems if I am not careful and over the years I have become extremely particular about the mattresses I sleep on. My previous bed was a BeautyRest, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to give it up, but I am glad I decided to give this new BeautyRest mattress a try.


The Smart Response Technology is just my style  – simple and all about comfort.  It automatically calibrates to your body’s weight and position for personalized support throughout the night without any motors or electronics.


We have had the mattress for 2 months, Ed likes the Ultra Cool Memory Foam since it helps maintain a comfortable temperature for cool, comfortable sleep. I like that the foam is firm and dense and supports my back, but the best part for both of us is that you can toss and turn all night long, and the person sleeping next to you won’t feel a thing. With our spring mattress, we felt every move, which resulted in waking up here and there throughout the night. I have slept perfectly and jump right out of bed with no stiffness in my back at all. WIN/WIN all around.


We also like that it is designed and built in the USA and endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil. I have a few of his books and make a few of the soup recipes from them – Delicious and good for us and that fits into our lifestyle.


The mattress looks very futuristic when it is not covered. It is soft and feels divine – the foam is dense and supportive no matter how you lay or sit on it.


I like to prop myself up against pillows to do some work from bed from time to time, I like the way the mattress responds to each part of my body and every move.


With the new mattress in place, I also wanted to update my bedside table.  I didn’t buy anything new, but did a little “use-what-I-have” decorating and moved the round table I stripped to storage and replaced it with the small chest of drawers that used to be on Ed’s side of the bed.

I have a new thrift store find to paint for his side of the bed.  I also have two dressers in the room. I painted the smaller one using a new chalk paint. I will show you that in my next post.  The larger dresser is still in progress, but I am loving how it looks so far.


The walls in the room are painted blue.  The color looks OK in this photo, but the color is faded in places and Ed fixed a few settlement cracks that were starting on two of the walls. It will look much better when all the walls are repainted. Once I get that done – my bedroom refreshing will be complete.  I will post all the projects and progress over the next few weeks.

Now that Fall is here, are you doing any room refreshing to get your rooms ready for the nesting seasons?

Disclosure:  I was given the opportunity to test the ComforPedic iQ mattress.  I was not told what to write. I was completely satisfied and shared my honest opinion with you.  


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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about your headboard. I have some doors hanging around in our shed. I’ve planned on using them for a new headboard but haven’t found the inspiration I need to give me that final push!

  2. im glad you like that mattress. They are quite an investment, I am trying to swing it for 2015.

    1. Thanks Vanessa – The mattress is worth trying out the next time you pass a mattress store. It is hard to describe that is is firm, but so soft and comfy. Testing out is the best way to see how it will feel for you.

  3. Looking into a new bed, I will have to check this mattress style out! Love that headboard!

    1. I am a fan of BeautyRest mattresses. I chose my previous one after a vacation where the bed Ed and I slept in was the most comfiest bed I had ever slept on. It was a BeautyRest. When we got home, I ordered the same mattress -that is how much I liked it. It is about 10 years old and still a very comfy bed that I was hesitant to give up at first. We moved it to my youngest daughter’s bedroom and got rid of the very old mattress she had. I will be posting the details on how I made the headboard soon.