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Spray Painted Spring Easter Wreath

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How to transform a dried out leftover holiday wreath to a colorful Springtime fresh one ready for Easter.

I have a colorful post for you today… I challenged myself to try to revive two boxwood wreaths that have been hanging on my front and side doors since Christmas. I wanted to make them into Spring Easter wreaths. They used to be glossy deep green and lush.


But now they still are full in shape, but lost their color.   (My front door is going to be getting a new coat of paint and some shiny new hardware this month, so please ignore the peeling paint  – it will be history soon.) 


I really liked the size and fullness of the wreaths, so instead of throwing them out, I decided to pretend I was back on the job as a display designer and be resourceful and use only what I had on hand to revive them for Spring.

I spray painted them. I was going to use a cool mossy green texture paint, but it didn’t adhere to the leaves.


So instead, I used Key Lime Green Rustoleum paint. It covered beautifully.  After painting the wreaths, I could have left them plain, but I wanted to see more spring and Easter color on them.


I found some fake forsythia in my basement stash and added it to one wreath.


Then I went up to the attic and brought down a big box of plastic Easter eggs.  I have a lot!  When my daughters were growing up it seemed like the eggs multiplied every year, just like rabbits.  I chose 6 of each color to add to the wreath for the front door.


I simply hot glued and smooshed the eggs onto the wreath.  Once the glue was cool, I hung it on my front door. I figure it will last until Easter and then I can remove the eggs and put the wreath in the compost bin.

Spring Wreath DIY Options


For the side door wreath, I made a bow by looping all the scraps of pink ribbon I had. Remember I was challenging myself to be resourceful and use only what I had on hand.  I like the way the pink looks with the lime green painted wreath. It has a “preppy vibe”. I made a bunch of ribbon loops and hot glued them on top of each other.

Stash-of-buttons in drawer

I found a gold pin in my buckle stash.


And hot glued it to the center of the bow. 

Easy-Spring-Wreath-Decorating Ideas

One bow looked a little wimpy all by itself, so I made two smaller bows with the rest of the ribbon I had to go on each side of it.  I didn’t have a lot, but I made the small amount of ribbon work.

I kept the motto I learned when I worked in display in my mind as I worked – There is always a way to get the job done… you just may have to do it differently than originally intended….there is no right or wrong as long as you like what you create.


The wreaths may not be perfect, but I have extended their life at least for another few weeks.

Update an old and worn wreath with spray paint to make it spring and Easter ready.


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  1. Did you try spraying the mossy green texture paint over the key lime green paint that did stick to the leaves? I wonder if in that way you could have had a more two toned look instead of a solid color which can look ‘flat’. Just my curiosity talking here.

    I love the posts where you work your creativity using what you have on hand as you are a tremendously creative person. And as my Dad says, “Anyone can buy.” :)

    1. Hi Mary Alice – I didn’t try the texture paint over the spray paint, but it may work – great idea – Thanks! The can stopped working when it was only half empty. I was not too impressed with it, but I will try again. With a little more effort, it may turn out to be as amazing as I was hoping it was going to be.

    1. Thanks Viyda – The wreaths are real boxwood. When I first got them for Christmas decorating, they were glossy dark green. They started losing the color at the end of February. Thanks for pinning.

  2. WOW!! How to make worn out boxwood look new again.
    Must pass this idea along to daughter who’s boxwood is a little brown.