Style Scouting: In An October Mood

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It has been a quiet week where I was able to get caught up on “behind-the-scenes” blog stuff while making it a point to get outside as much as I could to enjoy the changing scenery and the dipping temps, especially in the morning.

I like to sit out on the deck to catch up on emails, reply to comments and write posts. A fleece hoodie was needed… and thick socks. :-) Even with the chill, I could have gone inside, but I want to enjoy every second of October without letting the month slip by.

  • When making over a kitchen, natural countertops like granite, marble and quartz are the trend, but don’t overlook today’s laminate countertop surfaces. They can look amazing.
  • Do you like throw blankets to cozy up with? Do you simply throw them over the arm of a chair? In this fun post you will learn other ways to style them in your room.
  • Love her style.… the queen of causal luxury, even during 2020!
Pink and orange tipped matches on talbe
  • Spend less time starting a fire in a backyard fire pit and more time actually enjoying it…. bring on the Smores!
  • These images were sent into space back in 1977 for aliens to find. It was the year I graduated from high school. Too bad we don’t have the technology to update them.
  • I would like to install these in my two story foyer. So much easier to add than I thought.
  • Have you seen Enola Holmes on Netflix? I loved it and also the movie Carrie Philby. What have you been watching? When I look at the Netflix offerings- my mind sometimes goes blank with so many choices.
  • Do you listen to Spotify? We bought a new Roku TV for the living room and now have instant access to our music via Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and more. I did a search for autumn playlists and found a few. I have been listening to Jazz Cafe Autumn and Autumn in New York and Autumn Acoustic.

One last October item….

With all that is going on in the world it is hard to think about much else, but I always remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I lost 2 very close friends to the disease. So if you haven’t had a mammogram lately – make an appointment for one. It could save your life. XO

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  1. Happy October!!!
    Love the beams and they would look nice in your foyer :)
    We absolutely love Spotify and the entire family uses it all the time ?
    Thank you for recognizing that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Like you I have had friends that got this ugly cancer and did not survive. However, my Mom is a survivor!!! I thank the lord every day and never miss a mammogram ?

  2. I watched Enola Holmes last night & loved it! Thank you for your weekly weekend round up, it’s enjoyable Sunday morning reading time with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. I also followed two new people on Instagram!

  3. Quick story…I never knew I had dense breasts until two years ago…no one ever said and I have had mammograms yearly sine I was 35 and I am 68 now. I was offered the 3D version the past five years but refused because I had no history…yet my husbands insurance covered at 100%. two years ago I got a recall and sure enough they did the 3D and fortunately it was a cyst. I commented last year at my 3D my frustration in not knowing and the gals response was “it wasn’t the law until recently to tell patients”☹️

    I share this with you all because I told my friend this two years ago when this happened. She had gone in and received the routine all normal letter that many do. She decided to question the dense breast issue because her mom and mom’s sister had dense breasts. Called her gyn and asked that he put in her chart he wants her to have 3D in the future because of family history. She made this call one week after getting the all clear letter. Her gyn said lets take a better look now and ordered an MRI. came back that she had breast cancer…surgery and lots of radiation.

    I am grateful that I shared my experience and hers was caught. We are the best advocates for our health.

  4. Thank you for the reminder of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I too have lost several friends to this horrific disease. Don’t want to “poke any bears” out there…But, would encourage you and others to research Thermography has an alternative to mammograms or in addition too. There is a good bit of research that shows they can show abnormalities more clearly and quickly than mammograms. I even had a doctor tell me, reluctantly, once that she agreed with that. But, that doctors are “not allowed” to recommend or even comment on thermography as it is not endorsed by the American Cancer Society. Again, I don’t want to start any controversy. Just wanted to bring up another tool in the arsenal to combat this deadly disease. Bonus…no squishing of the girls required ;)

    1. Hi Amy – Thanks for bringing this up. My doctor brought up Thermography with me last year. She told me what you mentioned and that we would get it on the books for this year since my insurance will pay for it. As with everything, the more people know and the word gets out – maybe it will become the norm and in the future who knows what advancements in detection and technology there will be.

    2. Amy, thank you for this information. I have dense breast tissue and get an ultrasound after mammogram. I am on Medicare so I will research the thermography option to see if it is covered. I doubt that it is, but hopefully, someday soon.