Creative Idea for Displaying Photos Without a Frame

Creative idea for displaying photos on a table, mantel or console without a frame. In less than 20 minutes, you can make a few of these photo holders by up-cycling jar or teapot lids.

In a previous blog post I showed you how I used ribbon to make photos mats for picture frames that I wanted to display some of my favorite photos.

If you have a cell phone, then I know you have hundreds of photos that live on your phone.

Instead of them being hidden away, why not print a few? Use your computer printer and display them for everyone to enjoy.

What Can I Use Instead of a Picture Frame to Display Photos?

3 teapot lid and jar lid photo holders lined up on a table. Text overlay says no frame needed upcycled photo holders. Creative ways to display photos without frames

To display photos on a tabletop without using a frame, you can use teapot or canister lids to make wired lid photo holders. You can make one, a collection as I did or even make them to give as gifts.

A friend of mine is having a new house built. I was inspired to make something useful using scrap electrical copper wire she gave me. She thought of me when she saw all the wire scrap and knew I would find a way to repurpose them.

Ceramic and glass jar lids with knobs on table.

Ceramic and china teapot lids as well as any jar lid with a knob will work to create tabletop photo holders. A lid, some wire and 20 minutes is all that you need.

Where To Find Teapot and Canister Lids

You may have more lids from teapots and canisters than you realize. Take a look around your house to find a few.

If you have a teapot that broke, but the lid survived, then you have just what you need.

If you don’t have any lids, many thrift or antique stores usually have a basket filled with lids that lost their teapot, canister or jar. They are usually very inexpensive to buy.

creative ways to display photos without frames.

Where to Find Wire To Make the Photo Holder

You may also have wire. Check your garage where there may be some stashed in a drawer or tool box.

You don’t have to use electrical wire, but wire around 12 gauge will work. You can find wire at the home improvement store as well as in the jewelry making aisle at the craft store.

How to Make Teapot or Jar Lid Photo Holders

supplies needed to make ceramic jar lid photo holders. Creative ways to display photos without frames

supplies needed:

  • Teapot lid or any lid that has a knob on it.
  • Wire – I used 12-gauge copper electrical wire, but you can use any wire. I used a 20inch length, but the length needed will be determined by the size of the lid’s knob.
  • Dowel of some sort – handle section of a wooden spoon or a magic marker will work also.
  • Point-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Time needed: 20 minutes

Make a Photo Holder By Repurposing a Jar or Teapot Lid

  1. Create Wire Loop Holder Section

    Using a dowel, the handle of a wooden spoon or a thick marker – place wire on top of dowel with 2 inches extending on one end. Wrap wire around the dowel two times.

    Then wrap the 2-inch excess around the rest of the other end of the wire. Cut the 2-inch excess end if needed.
    How to make round wire photo clip. Use a dowel.

  2. Remove Looped Section

    Carefully remove the looped section from dowel. It should look like this.

    Use point nose pliers to bend electrical wire into a two circles.

  3. Attach Wire Loop Section to Lid

    Place bottom wrapped section of loops on the center of the lid’s knob and bend the wire under the top part of the knob and press wire to follow the curve of the knob.

    Bending wire to ceramic jar top to make a photo holder.

  4. Wrap Wire Around Knob

    Using the point-nose pliers, wrap the wire around the knob two times, ending where you started. This will become the back of the photo holder. Cut the excess off and use the pliers to push the end of the wire close to the knob.

    Attaching wire to ceramic jar top to make a photo holder.

  5. Bend the loops

    Using the pliers, bend the loops so they stand up.

    Bend wire loops so they are upright on knob.

  6. Pull Wire Tightly Around Knob

    Using the pliers pull wire tightly around the knob and cut excess.

    Pull wire tightly around knob with pliers.

  7. All Done

    Place photo in-between the wire loops.

    Finished white ceramic teapot lid photo holder without a photo.

The Best Way To Display the Photo Holders on a Table

Creative ways to display photos without a frame.

When grouping a collection of small photos, group them in odd-numbers to create more interest for a table display.

The photos I used are the latest of my granddaughter, Zoe. :-) I don’t get to see her enough, so having photos of her around the house is the next best thing.

Creative Photo Holder Idea Video Tutorial

If you like prefer to watch a video to see how to make photo holders without using a frame, here you go.

3 Finished Ceramic or Glass Jar lids made into a way to display photos.

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3 lid photo holders made with teapot and other lids with photos on display on a table. Text overlay says No Frame Needed photo holders.

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  1. Terri/Houston Lady says:

    GM Diane, love this idea of repurposing lids to hold your beautiful granddaughter’s pictures : )
    I have a few teapot lids that I’m looking forward to repurpose.
    Have a great day

  2. You always have the best most do-able projects! I love the little log ones too!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Jennifer – The log frame is one of my faves since I was able to use natural items found right outside my door. :-)

  3. Once again a great idea, and Zoe looks adorable asleep with her cabbage patch doll. I’m glad you could use the copper, let’s see what else you come up with.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Gail – She is getting so big. I will text you the newest photo. The Cabbage Patch doll was Kelly’s when she was little. I saved her and Zoe LOVES her and takes her everywhere. Her name is Genevra. XO