Style Scouting: Vol. 133

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Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

Did you remember to spring your clock ahead last night? Today is going to go fast since we lost an hour.

In both the fall and spring when the time changes, I always find it gives me a new energy to get the house ready for the coming season. Yesterday I started purging and organizing as soon as I woke up. I started in the pantry and kitchen cupboards, then my craft room. It felt so good to see the spaces cleaned up and better organized for my needs going forward.

Today I plan to tackle my clothes closet. I have two local thrift stores to take my unwanted stuff – one is run by a local church and the other is a new Goodwill in town. When I drop the stuff off, I can’t go in as I do not need another thing!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Now onto the links I found this week.

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What to look for when buying second hand furniture.

This Nantucket home.

Cheery color abounds in this classic home.

This timeless European home is in the desert.


Yes you can. How to paint leather furniture.

Flower arrangements don’t always need a traditional vase to look pretty.

The very best way to clean enamel stove grates.


If you like crunchy food, making these should make your taste buds happy.

I like this take on pizza.

Making a batch of this will be a festive treat to make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And if you like meringue – these look so good!


What a fun idea to do with friends and family.

Out & About

This tray table has my name on it. I love that it can be used both inside and out.

Fun & Interesting

This movie may be worth signing up for a trial of Apple TV.

Not sure Owen Wilson was the right actor cast for this role.

It is Hollywood’s big night tonight. Which always reminds me of this quote by the actor Tim Allen – “On Hollywood: It’s high school all over again, only with better cars”.

How old are you really? Take this test.

Something to Think About

I am trying to do more of these 5 things to make my life better every day.

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  1. I make it a personal law that I may not go into the Salvation Army Store on the same trip as I am donating things to the Salvation Army Store. Works for me.

    1. Hi Sue – I have to get better at doing this myself. I will think of you and your personal law every time I drop stuff off. It will become my new mantra. :-)

  2. The leather painting; kind blown. Wish I had my old couch ….. although the ottoman is a great transformation !!

    1. hi Laura – The salon where I used to get my hair cut painted a brown leather sofa black. It lasted for years with clients sitting on it every day all day waiting to get their haircut. The salon owner told me she used black chalk paint and wax to seal it. It was so supple and looked great. If she hadn’t told me I would never known it wasn’t really black leather.

  3. Hello Diane,

    Nice post – we have been so lucky so far in New Jersey with no snow. We are just seeing the robins and the daffodils popping out. What a great feeling. I think today is a great day to clean out the closet, I think that I am going to hop to it too. Have a wonderful day to you and Ed.

    1. Hi Jane – Ed and I are on our way for a long overdue vacation. I am at the airport and catching up replying to blog comments as we wait. Ed says hi! :-). I hope now that next week is officially spring that the weather in NJ warms up for you to enjoy. Take care. XO

  4. Anonymous says:

    First of all, thank you for your blog. It’s like opening a favorite magazine and having lots of good articles to read and eye candy to ponder. I feel like you read my mind on things that interest me. I appreciate your travel and lifestyle sections too. I know it must take a lot of your time to create such good content. Sometime if you have time, it would be great to know who some of your favorite bloggers are. Thanks again!

    travels so well too.

    1. Hi – Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment to tell me that you enjoy my blog. It is the best thing a blogger can hear. :-) Sounds like we are kindred spirits for sure in that we enjoy the same things in life. Some of my favorite bloggers…. I have many, but I enjoy reading blogs where the blogger shares a lot about themselves. Miss Mustard Seed, Molly in Maine, Eleanor Rose Home, Life on Virginia Street, Hey Sugarplum – fashion blog, Plantiful Kiki is a WFPB blog. I read Thistlewood Farm, Liz Marie Blog, A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, Blesser House, Azure Farm, Cottonwood and Co, Craftberry Bush, Old Salt Farm, Room for Tuesday, Seeking Lavender Lane, The Grit & Polish and Wildflower Home are a few.

  5. Molly Fossett says:

    Hello Diane,
    Our home is in Arizona so we don’t change time, but our lives are affected by it. We just bought a new house, it needs everything! In the past I’ve not been a good decorator, but I am learning and now my daughter is nearby to give me some boosts (she organized my pantry and kitchen cupboards, even purchased lovely baskets that are so helpful and add color consistency). I appreciate your blog, pictures and discussions. Thank you for sharing.