Style Scouting: Vol. 147

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

So many of you commented on my last post about the pink hydrangeas on the front of my house. Since planting them a few years ago, they have done very well. They get just the right amount of morning sunlight and are in the shade the rest of the day. I think it also helps that there are 3 sprinkler heads running under them that go off every other day.

Pink and purple hydrangeas in a lakeside yard.

On the flip side, the hydrangea bush on the lake side of the house didn’t get as many blooms this year…

blue-hydrangeas-in-glass-vase on a table

… but I snipped a few of the flowers to enjoy on my kitchen table. Just looking at them makes me happy. How about you? Do you love hydrangeas too?

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I love this house and the name they gave it.

This small house is big on decorating ideas.

I may have shared this home before, I think the best part of the house though is not the decorating which is beautiful, but the outside and the view. Don’t miss the last photo in the post.


Last minute Father’s Day gift wrapping ideas #1 and #2

Another creative idea using flower pots.

A creative Dollar Store idea for parties, kid’s rooms and more.

Home Improvement

Home Depot is now selling these kits.


I have made French Toast with all kinds of bread including croissants, but never with these. YUM!

If you like NY bagels smothered with cream cheese, knowing this may help you get the same taste at home.

If you enjoy cooking and have a lot of cookbooks – you may love this!

Part cookie, part ice cream cone.

Out & About

I have never been to see this, but looks like this year it is even more spectacular!


I am still waiting for this summer read from my local library via the Libby app. I hope my number on the hold list comes up before summer is over.

Fashion & Beauty

If you are over 50 and like fashion and style, you may find this interesting.

This versatile ruffle collar dress. And this one if you want a small sleeve on a summer dress.

Fun & Interesting Travels

I lived in San Fransisco in the early 1980’s when the cable car system was being overhauled and never got to ride on one. I enjoyed this post about them.

The reason for not being allowed to take photos in the Sistine Chapel is not what you think.

Something to Think About

Good reasons to take it slow this summer.

Are you getting enough of Vitamin N?

“Just because your version of normal isn’t the same as someone else’s version doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you.” – John Boyne

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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  1. I’ve always hear….a house is never completely decorated unless there are flowers. Your flowers are so beautiful. I have lots of hydrangeas and azaleas in my yard and I give them coffee grounds and that keeps them beautiful.

  2. So many fun treasures to discover in the sea roost house.
    I’ve read about design feng shui before & putting a picture of wild & stormy waves over a bed would be a big no-no (bad luck).
    Also if a woman is looking for love, do not hang up artwork featuring solitary women around your home.

  3. You should definitely put Yosemite in the spring on your bucket list. Not far from LA :) You might enjoy Frances Mayes “Women in Sunlight”–Italy with women our age! Loved Sea Roost and want to try the cream cheese hack! The jump rope idea is genius–my problem with these things is I can never find the stuff at my Dollar Tree :(
    And the cookbook organization site Ive been looking for for YEARS!! I started about 4 years ago using Evernote, but it’s not as searchable.

  4. Love the Dollar Tree jump rope idea!
    I must remember the cream cheese hack.
    I have some of those round tissue boxes for my car. Great idea. I refill mine and could (should) cover them in a paper that reflects my car color and style.

    Thanks 👏🏻

  5. I always love the houses you feature, just curious, are the rooms styled for the photo shoot , or do the owners actually live like this? I’m not a minimalist by any means, but sometimes, there’s just too much accessorizing…I have a small condo, so I am careful on the accent pieces, and I sometimes need to edit. I loved all the homes, you featured in Decorating…but Sea Roost seemed a bit much…..also, I do want to Read One Italian Summer….sounds intriguing…..have a great week

  6. Regarding your slow wait on the book if you ask for large print the que line is shorter.
    Loved the little cottage.
    Always enjoy your Sunday posts.

  7. RE: One Italian Summer…I read it and loved it! You will have to figure out what is happening, once you do, it all comes together. Enjoy the read:)

    Susie M.