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Simple Fall Front Porch Decor

It’s October 1st and the weather feels like it! Which makes me very happy. What also makes me happy is that every October 1st I have a tradition to go buy a pumpkin to place on my front steps. This year I changed my tradition and bought it yesterday so I could take a photo of my simple fall display on my front porch for this post.

I love seeing the pumpkin and fall colors when I drive down my driveway.

In my previous house I kept a candle in every window on the front of the house. There were 14 windows. Every October 1st, I changed the white bulbs to orange bulbs and kept them up until after Thanksgiving weekend. Then they went back to white for the Christmas season.

This was just something I did that made me happy. I don’t have windows in my house to place the electric candles in now, but what makes me smile is that both my daughters have continued the orange candle in the window tradition. When I did, this It didn’t occur to me that I was making a tradition, but I did.

Do you have any fall decorating traditions that have carried down to your children or that your mom did?

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I added this design/lifestyle book to my Christmas list. It is kinda pricey for a book, but it looks very inspiring. Get a sneak peek, here. Tap on the words – Watch Now.


Is this not the prettiest carved pumpkin you have ever seen?

My daughter, Kelly found this console table idea. So smart!

Such a happy way to decorate a pumpkin.

How to make your carved pumpkins last longer.

Home Improvement

Wow!!!! The next time you go outside to rake the leaves in your yard, consider doing one of these designs.


When you come back from picking apples at the apple orchard this season, keep a few of them to make this.

This tasty fall inspired topping looks like it would be fabulous on any and all fall-themed bakes: blondies, brownies, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, apple pies & galettes – the list goes on! 

How cute are these no bake cookies?

This is good to know when you have to slice a round pie, quiche or pizza evenly for 5 people.

Out & About

I usually go for white candle sticks, but I just bought these tall fall candlesticks at a very affordable price to use around the house for fall.

I always enjoying seeing how Magnolia changes the displays in the store for the seasons. Fall just arrived there with an unexpected color scheme.

Fun & Interesting

Good to know tips on how phone etiquette has changed. (may require an email to read)

Wow – The family that wouldn’t and still won’t sell their home and land to developers.

Never been seen this far south before, but coming soon as far south as Pennsylvania on the east coast. Wish I could see it.

I love this movie soundtrack and now there are never heard songs from the movie added to it.

A sign of the times.

Something to Think About

What to believe? Photos like these are how AI can cause problems.

Love these ideas on remembering a loved one’s handwriting.

“You better live every day like your last because one day you’re going to be right.”Ray Charles

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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  1. Stealing the apple pie ice cream idea, but making it for my frozen banana fruit “nice cream”.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Laura – That is a great idea. I have a banana nice cream a few times a week where I usually add different mix ins. Going to try the apples mix next. My husband makes dairy ice cream in a Ninja Creamy machine. He adds an Apple Pie Rub that was made to sprinkle on meat, but found it’s even better on ice cream. :-). Fun to experiment with new flavors.