Style Scouting: Vol. 21

Did you set your clocks back last night? With most of the clocks around my house being digital, I only have to change a few of my Roman Numeral clocks that I love, like this big one I made.

I completed the task last night and am ready to enjoy the extra hour today before it gets dark at 5PM?

White oversized clock with black Roman numbers

Do you have any plans on how you will spend the extra hour you get today?

Whatever you do, I hope it is something relaxing or fun for the first day of November.

For now, here are a few inspiring links I found around the web this week.

Love fall? Have you enjoyed these fall pastimes?

I am enjoying following how this new home is being decorated.

Need a break from the news and the stress of 2020? Try doing all or one of these ideas.

Love this kitchen. It’s modern and trendy, but warm and cozy.

What trends are forecasted for the upcoming holiday season?

Modern medicine thought everything was known about the human body. Just recently, researchers found something hidden behind our nasal cavity.

Stuff like this is fascinating to watch. Just WOW!

Where is your cozy corner in your house?

This fall-inspired loaf of no-knead bread looks impossible to do, but it so easy… done with string.

A clever re-use for Christmas cards.

If you struggle to hang holiday garland from a staircase, this tutorial offers great easy-to-do tips.

How to easily create beautiful greenery planters filled with trimmings from your yard.

Made this soup this week. Simple ingredients and easy to make and enjoy on a chilly day.

I used a few of these last year to complement the real cedar branches I cut from trees in my yard.

That’s all for this weekend.

Coming up this week, I have three posts – all budget friendly. Two decorating projects and one about organizing on which I have been working.

See you then.

XO Diane

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