Style Scouting: Vol. 25

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How is your December going? Are you getting in the Christmas spirit and finding time to enjoy it even though the season is a little different this year?

On the blog this week, I shared how I made a tree topper for my Christmas tree and how I made my kitchen feel and look very cozy by putting a lamp I had on the counter.

Since posting about the lamp, I did find the perfect smaller one thanks to a reader. Heidi told me about a shop she loves that has an online shop as well. It is called The Nested Fig.

I not only found the small lamp for my counter, but two other items that I am going to use with it. I will share them with you soon.

Now onto a few inspiring links I came across this week.

Vintage Christmas Card of shoppers

I am enjoying less holiday season stress overall as there is less to do this year, but oh how I miss Christmas shopping like I used to do. The cute and colorful illustration on this vintage Christmas card shows the happy hustle-bustle of the holiday shopping season that is something I miss.

I have been shopping online which is great, but it just isn’t the same as an afternoon spent merrily out & about Christmas shopping.

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Silver Bells. I love the line…. city sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday stylethis is as close as I will be able to get this year. Thanks Google. What have you been missing this holiday season – anything?

  • Thoughtful little gift idea for your neighbors this holiday season of 2020.
  • Your kids or grandchildren will think you rock when you show them how to draw this.
  • The best resource for all things “dried oranges” that are very hip and trendy to use in holiday decorating this year.
  • Not quite a cookie, but a Christmas treat that is easy to make and looks so delicious.

That’s all for this week.

The Christmas countdown is on…less than two weeks away. Up on the blog this week I will be sharing a few last minute ideas to help you finish your seasonal tasks from decorating to wrapping this week.

If you have any specific questions on how I do anything related to Christmas, just let me know in a comment.

Like this question I received from a reader, Laura. She wanted to know how I attached bows to a Christmas tree.

How to Attach Bows to a Christmas Tree:

I use florist wire to hang bows. If I make the bow, in the process of making it, I use wire to hold the loops together. I make sure this wire is longer than needed for the bow. Once the bow is done, I use the excess wire and wrap and twist the ends of wire around a tree branch.

If I am using a bought bow, I thread a piece of wire under the knot on the back of the bow so you don’t see it. I pull it so there is an even amount of wire sticking out each side once the wire is threaded through the back of the knot. Then I take the two wire ends and twist them tightly around a tree branch.

Christmas Projects & Ideas

To see and read everything related to Christmas on the blog, head over to my Christmas Central page where I have all the posts grouped into categories to make them easier to find:

Thanks for reading – enjoy your day and week ahead.

xo – Diane

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  1. Growing up as an only child being alone has never bothered me. I lived alone my last two years of college and loved it. I got to choose when I wanted company and when I didn’t. I find it funny how so many people hate to be alone. While I’m quite social, I must have a certain amount of alone time to feel calm and grounded. When we were dating I would often tell my husband, “Ok, I need an only child night.” He would have had us spend 24/7 together if he could and I loved that he wanted to be me with me, but I needed the silence and the breathing room. We’ve been married 28 years this year, so I guess my need for alone time hasn’t hurt us. I actually think it’s good for him too. He’s in a band and he never has to feel guilty about practice nights or gigs. I’m perfectly fine being on my own for a night a two a week. Actually, I miss my alone nights when practice gets canceled. When our son was still at home, my husband would accommodate my need to be alone by taking Britton on a “guy date” every once in a while. This was such a blessing for me. I’d put on the music I liked, read or do a craft and then take a long, hot bath. Heaven!!

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  3. Hi Diane,
    I am missing everything about Christmas this year. I miss the shopping, the parties, the friends and family get togethers-all of it. I love just browsing the stores with the crowds and getting into the holiday spirit. This year, it will be just my husband and me for dinner. I am still thankful for our health, home and happiness-it is just sad to miss out on all of the usual, fun Christmas activities. We have been watching all of the holiday movies and doing what we can to stay festive anyway. Enjoy and thanks for the great links!

  4. Hi. I want to try the Pecan Cherry Dunking cookies, but can’t get past the 474kcal. Surely that can’t be 474 calories per cookie?!

    Love your blog. I feel like I get an email from a good friend every time you post.

    1. Hi Molly – I think that calorie count is not correct. I use a recipe program that comes up with calories, fat, sugar etc for the recipes. It is not perfect. The cookies do have butter and sugar, but no more than a butter or sugar style cookie. If I can find another program to calculate the calories I will replace the current one. Thanks for reading. :-)

  5. Always great ideas Diane. Certainly will be a different year for us. my adult sons out of state and not coming home. My mother in law in assisted living now with no visitor restriction in place. Hubby and I will make a nice dinner and embrace the blessings we have as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Thank you for all the work on your blog. Enjoy your holiday with Ed.

  6. Always great ideas Diane. Certainly will be a different year for us. my adult sons out of state and not coming home. My mother in law in assisted living now with no visitor restriction in place. Hubby and I will make a nice dinner and embrace the blessings we have as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Thank you for all the work on your blog. Enjoy your holiday with Ed.

  7. As always, many good suggestions and interesting links. I definitely needed the No Place Like Slow article and I’m going to reread over the next few days. I can’t believe how I have been allowing myself to get worked into a frenzy for no reason – last night I spent 4 hours redoing the lights on the tree and realized I need a different perspective! No one coming over this year, I have to stop myself and relax. I’m definitely going to make your pecan cherry cookies, they look delicious!

  8. Wishing you a very merry ‘slow ‘ Christmas this year. I absolutely love the front of the house you featured- perfection!

  9. Hi Diane,
    I want to put various sizes of white snowflakes in some of my home windows so I am looking for a source for HIGH QUALITY white snowflake clings that will stick to windows. I am looking for a variety of snowflake sizes.

    I realize it might be too late to get them now due to out-of-stock conditions or delivery delays but I can still use them after Christmas through the winter months or order next fall for Christmas 2021.

    I enjoy your blog with all of its tips! (I get your blogs through my Feedly feed.)


  10. Hello. What I will miss about Christmas this year: serving a big dinner to my family and my in-laws. Here, NO family reunions whatsoever will be allowed, but I still felt the need to cook and bake to chase the blues. So I have already started cooking my Christmas menu. I am putting together a 4-course meal that we will deliver a few days before Christmas, caterer-style with everything frozen for freshness: turkey roast, meat pie, cranberry-beets chutney, “bûche de Noël”, 3 or 4 kinds of cookies (by the way, thanks for the Chinese Almond Cookies” recipe, they are delicious!).
    We will leave the frozen meal and the gifts at the door of the people I wanted to invite (my Dad, my brother). And we are planning to open our gifts while chatting on Zoom with a glass of sparkling wine.
    But just thinking about it all makes me want to cry. Yesterday our Christmas tree was delivered at our doorstep by a gentleman wearing a nutcracker suit (and a mask!). It made me cry again. I’m a nostalgic person…
    Like you I surely miss going to a few stores I used to love going to around X-mas. That was so exciting! Finding small gifts at the last minute… and looking at all the store decorations…
    Happy holidays!

  11. Yellow and Gray
    Four years ago I moved and everywhere I turned people were painting whole houses inside with some shade of gray paint before they put them on the market. For me it was depressing. It reminded me of a naval ship.
    Then a young couple I stumbled across were
    flipping a house about every six months.
    When I saw a house listed that had been remodeled I knew it was their house because the house would have a light gray siding and a yellow door. The inside of the house was NEVER gray and they had very tastefully remodeled kitchen and bathrooms in each of these homes like they would be living there and not just to flip a house like some builders and remodelers were doing. The gray houses with the yellow doors never lingered on the market and I often wondered what happened to that couple as I haven’t seen that combo in a couple years. They were ahead of the curve
    it seems. I currently have a yellow door on a red brick house but have already picked out
    calypso blue for it’s next color.

    1. Hello Grey and yellow,
      I heard a long time ago that houses that had a touch of yellow always sold fast. I guess it’s true and that the flippers knew that. And I myself realized a few years ago that I was attracted to yellow New England style homes on Real Estate Websites!