Style Scouting: Vol. 43

It’s Sunday, that means it’s time for another Style Scouting post along with something special this week. I also have a just released decorating book to giveaway to one reader. More about this below.

pink hydrangeas in front yard

My hydrangeas that I planted when we made over the front of the house are flourishing! There are two automatic sprinklers in the bed so they get lots of water from the lake where the sprinkler system is hooked up to.

I love seeing the pops of color when I am out and drive down the driveway when I am coming home. I am only going to cut a few of the blooms on the backside of each bush to bring inside so they still look colorful and add a lot of curb appeal to the house.

Ed and I spent all day, literally all day yesterday getting the yard cleaned up, cut, trimmed, raked, pruned, bagged and blown. I was even was up on the roof blowing off all the pine straws and pine cones that get stuck.

After dinner and a long soak in the hot tub, it feels good to be sitting down and relaxing while I write this post.

Now onto the…

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Annisa at A Pretty Happy Home found these outdoor lights and I totally agree with her… they are really cool. Now I will looking for cracked logs when I am out walking. :-)

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Fun & Interesting

Finding Joy In Simple Moments

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The beauty of looking at beauty.

You know at the supermarket there are food sections for Mexican, Asian, British and more. Have you ever wondered what the American section looks like in other countries?

Decorating Book Giveaway Is OVER

Congrats to Janice Mullins.

The founders of Havenly just launched a beautiful hardcover book that’s filled with many great decorating tips and tricks.

Book Giveaway: Design the Home You Love

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  1. Family room We get to laugh, play games, and enjoy one another.

  2. Sarah Ressler Wright says:

    I am loving my own patio of my house right now. I used siding hooks and have hung up several goodwill canvases and other fun decor from At Home to crest a gallery wall. I got 3 side tables last year -one gold from Target and two from World Market in orange and teal. I bought a Vintage Vinyl rug and then was inspired to make two more of my own by painting vinyl from a home improvement store -I even stenciled one! This year I invested in a large gold round coffee table to hold our pillows when it rains. I thrifted a vase and, with sand and a painted PVC pipe in the middle, I take a golf umbrella in and out as needed for my sun umbrella. Overall it’s a labor of love that makes me so happy -not to miss the sting lights we hung a few years ago that make it beautiful at night!

  3. I LOVE my family room. My husband turned a porch into the family room and it’s perfect for entertaining. There are lots of windows, a gas fireplace and two seating areas. I had lunch with friends at a local country club and we are in a room that was once a porch. It had so much charm and I brought the idea home. I have such a sweet husband… he went to work on my vision and it turned out even better than the country club room ❤️

  4. Shannon Combs says:

    I love my screened in porch. I love to be outdoors, but I hate mosquitoes. Oklahoma has record numbers of them and they love me, so my screened in porch is a God send. I sit out there all the time, sometimes even in the winter snuggled up with a blanket and cup of hot cocoa. I fold laundry and pay bills out there too. Sitting out on a cool Spring night and listening to the cicadas and the tree frogs is as close to meditation as I get.

    If I had to pick a room inside the house it would probably either be our master bedroom or my dining room. Both rooms have several things that belonged to my grandmother—furniture, quilts, pictures. Those rooms always make think of her the moment I step into them.

  5. Elaine Mast says:

    My great room, we just opened our all up last summer and flip flopped the kitchen and dining room. I love my brand new kitchen and the open spacious area

  6. My favorite room is our bedroom. Calm, restful and pretty.

  7. My favorite room is the kitchen. I always say that “quality control” is in my kitchen because our dog loves to lay on a rug that is in front of the sliding door that leads out to the deck. I have fond memories of my mom and aunts sitting at various kitchen tables over the years. I consider the kitchen a communal space, a warm comfortable space to sit with a cup of tea, a book or the laptop, and gaze into the backyard to see what mother nature is up to. Not as good as your lake view, but….maybe someday…..

  8. Linda Sharp says:

    I really enjoy our basement. We’ve decorated it with an African theme…masks on the walls, some art, drums, figurines… We don’t spend nearly enough time down there, but when we do I sure enjoy it!

  9. Our living room is comfortable and colorful, decorated in our style with pieces from our parents and grandparents. If that room could talk, what stories we’d hear.
    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful design resource!

  10. Amanda Pennington says:

    My favorite room is my daughter’s bedroom. It doubles as a guest space when we have visitors, and also holds most of my craft supplies. It’s feminine, serene, comfortable and welcoming – and it’s also stimulating because it’s closets are so full of fun materials just waiting to be enjoyed. A close second is our deep red powder room that is covered floor to ceiling in acrylic and oil paintings from thrift stores. Love it!!!!

  11. My favorite room is my living room. It needs work, but it’s so open with a high ceiling which makes it look bigger than it is.

  12. I really love my bedroom. Its calm and restful. Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. Deborah Cox says:

    Love your blog, so varied! Thanks for the chance to win the decorating book, Design the Home You Love. We’ve just moved from one state to another and are still unpacking boxes. This is our forever home and I love it. Now you’re going to think I’m crazy but right now I’m just giddy with love for my laundry room! Hahaha, yes! I went from a washer and dryer in a hallway from the garage to the house to a whole room with storage, cabinets, rods to hang clothes, a sink and two windows! Oh and a washer and dryer, haha! Yay!

  14. Julie Shepherd says:

    I love my blue and white kitchen! My husband and I completed an update a couple of years ago which included new LVT plank flooring, adding in an island and installing new countertops. We live in my grandparents’ home that was built in 1903 and the kitchen includes a fireplace. My husband installed tiled rock in the fireplace and as the new backsplash and island front to pull everything together. I love it and enjoy it every day!

    Love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful projects!

  15. My favorite room is the ensuite bathroom — it is completely wallpapered with a floral wallpaper with black background. It has two windows and a very large vanity and mirror and I love it.

  16. Janice Fletcher-Yarson says:

    My favorite room in my house is the great room addition we put on about 8 years ago. It is south facing and we put in tons of windows with French doors that step out on to our deck. No matter what time of day I can see my gardens and watch the birds, rabbits and whatever other creature happens along. There is better way to start my day then sitting with my tea and watching nature.

  17. Lynn Woodall says:

    My favorite room is our living room. Plenty of natural light and a comfy sofa with good lamps on the end tables, so we can chill out and read.

  18. Debra Bartels says:

    My favorite room would be the library if I had one. Getting ready to move from the west all the way to the south,. Looking in your area. Hoping to find a home on a lake or pond and with a library. Wish me luck!

  19. Jenny Young says:

    I love the Style scouting posts. I always read them on Sunday afternoons, it’s my relaxing time.

    I’d love to read the book too so please enter me in the drawing. Thanks so much.

  20. The room I love the best at the moment is a guest room that has undergone a major transformation. My oldest son has been bringing is girlfriend here to visit. She has a cat and dog so we also need to have a place for them. We only have one spare room when all the kids are home so that became “hers.” I was able to put a bed and chest of drawers in there. I repainted the ceiling fan white to make it disappear. I did new linens and a lamp. Added a dog crate and animal bed along with a litter box. It makes them coming to visit easier so that makes me smile

  21. Maureen H Ingram says:

    I love my open LR/DR that has windows everywhere.

  22. My favorite room is the living room – it has a 3 pane sliding glass door. I recently put up curtains based on what I learned on your blog. I bought 4 sheer panel curtains, each 50″ wide (at TJMaxx – $25!) I sewed them together to make two 100″ wide curtains. Looks marvelous!

  23. I would have to say my living room is my favorite. It has big windows that look out to the lake.

  24. I love my bathroom the best! Renovated in 2018, it is clean and fresh looking. There is nothing I’d change. I especially like that I don’t have to share it with my husband, lol.

  25. Christy H says:

    My favorite room in my house is my kitchen with small attached family room. I bet I spend 80% of my time in this room!

  26. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Always love these info-filled Sunday posts, Diane! My favorite room is my family room!!

  27. Sherry Darlington says:

    I love my house…maybe not every element of every room but parts of every room at different times. I love to cook so the kitchen fuels that passion. I love to watch the water on the lake so the back deck takes care of that. I’m a TV lover so the fireplace in the living room adds just the ambiance needed for a late night of television. In short….I love my house!

  28. My favorite room is my bathroom. It’s not done yet but I put PVC shiplap on one wall & faux brick on the other. Both were firsts for me so I’m so proud of myself!

  29. I am really starting to love the small bedroom my son moved out of after college graduation two years ago. I have slowly started to redecorate it into a small office/sitting area. It took me a LONG while before I even attempted it because I was missing him so much! I repainted my daughters old desk…that stirred up old memories too and she moved away 3 years ago! It’s a work in progress, but as an empty nester I am just chipping away at it a little at a time.

  30. Melissa Davis says:

    I am moving soon , and need ideas for the living area and maybe the kitchen .
    You are such an inspiration to me . Thank you .

  31. Monika Grotz says:

    We have a very small fenced yard attached to our new retirement home and it is our private out door OASIS. We moved from HHI in SC and a very large home to the current one in VA and we miss our big back yard with pool … but what we created is small but heavenly with a few in ground beds and lots of potted plants to tend to and enjoy!
    We are happy in our new home – LIFE IS GOOD!

  32. Eileen Sanchez says:

    I love my den. All my favorite art is here. The light is great. It’s my favorite place to read!

  33. I like our deck the best. It is calm relaxing and I love the colors we decorated it in.

  34. My favorite room is our screened in porch that overlooks the backyard and a small pond. It’s quiet and so relaxing.

  35. Donna Benton says:

    I think I love my living room the best. No tv, great sounds from the Bose radio, and my lazy boy chair. Lots of reading and conversation takes place in here. Thanks!

  36. Debby Wright says:

    Hello Diane: Love your site and project you do. I love my living room. Thank you

  37. I Love my front room the best. It’s my space to read.

  38. Deb Wostmann says:

    As usual what a fun and interesting post. If you can call it a room; I love our outdoor kitchen area. We sit out there most nights even during the winter. We just turn on the heaters and fireplace to keep warm. There have been many a dinner and lots of laughs in this special place.

  39. Terri Martin says:

    The room I love the best in my home is my tv room. I recently redecorated it with a super large white sectional. My family thought I was crazy because it is white but I can wash the slip covers. What I love best about it (besides that it looks fantastic-we live in Florida) it fits my whole family comfortably and I love snuggling and watching movies together!

  40. I love my living room which has a wall of windows overlooking the marsh, creek and barrier islands in the distance. Brings the outdoors in. I really enjoy your blog. Sooo creative!

  41. My favorite room is my screened back porch. A lovely place to entertain or rest by myself. It is so peaceful and we can use it nine months of the year.

  42. Heidi L. McCuddin says:

    My favorite room is our living room because we have large windows with lots of daylight and when our family comes, there is enough room for everyone to be in the room and the grandkids can do cartwheels across the floor.

  43. Nancy mccomb
    Hard to select…open concept kitchen

  44. Trish Lyle says:

    I love my new open concept kitchen/dining room

  45. Paula@SweetPea says:

    Your Hydrangea are gorgeous! We also have Hydrangea planted in front of our lake house and I was happy to see them blooming when we arrived Friday night for the weekend. For the giveaway, my favorite room in my house is our formal living room. Have a great week!

  46. The favorite room in my house is the family room. My husband and I live in a small cape and I am always changing things to keep it fresh. I love Pinterest, blogs like yours, home magazines, and home decorating books. I have been following your blog for years as you keep me motivated.

  47. Thanks Diane! The room I love the best is my family room, where I am right now. I set it up to be comfy and colorful. Although I have an “official” home office (I work from home), I often wind up bringing my laptop into this room to work. I spend most of my awake time here.

  48. Kate Shotwell says:

    I love my living room even though we are in the middle of redecorating. It has very tall ceilings with white beams. The walls and ceilings were painted a dusty blue. But we had the ceiling painted white and the walls an off white. I have always had some sort of color on walls in all rooms of my house but lately have been feeling the pull to lighten up. So far I love the change. I have also ordered new furniture in a light oatmeal color. I have oriental rugs and some antique pieces. So I am working on adding some more contemporary pieces to hopefully work with the antiques. The room was pretty before but it is energizing to go a different route, as people’s styles evolve over time. But I must say I have been very indecisive in making choices as i going in a different direction than I have gone in the past. Have been thinking/working on the space since last October! Almost at the finish line.

  49. Anne Marie says:

    I love my craft room – it needs improving but it is my “me ” place – a place to do my own thing without anyone bothering me!! Call it my mental health room.

  50. Beth Qualley says:

    I love my living room the best…it is comfortable and cozy and I enjoy reading here on a sunny morning.
    Have a great day, Diane!

  51. marian zimmerman says:

    Living Room, we tore down the wall into the dining room for a great room , enjoy your blog very much , always learning something

  52. Chris Baum says:

    My screened porch is where you will find me anytime I have a few minutes to sit and just, well sit! My first cup of coffee happens there every morning. My husband and I head there after dinner to wrap the day. I walk out there as soon as I get home from work to simply decompress for 10 minutes. It is truly my happy place. I am fortunate to live where it is a 4 season room, with only a few truly cold days. That is when the fireplace gets turned on before the coffee maker in the mornings!

  53. Catherine says:

    Over the years, we have changed and updated most of our furniture throughout our home. However, the one room that remains the same is our dining room. There are so many wonderful memories of family and friends sitting around that table so we chose to keep using it. It’s a heart warming feeling to watch our children, grandchildren, old and new friends, adding to those memories.

  54. I love my kitchen the most! We had it remodeled back in 2007 and it continues to work so well for me. It’s where I spend a lot of time creating our meals with love, eating with my wonderful husband, and alas, washing the dishes. I consider washing my dishes by hand as my therapy. I can soak my hands in warm, sudsy water as I gaze out over the vast backyard to watch nature happening. Life is good in the kitchen!

  55. Hi Diane,
    I would have to say my kitchen is my favorite room even though it’s really part of one big living area. Finally, after almost fifty years I have my white cabinets and marble backsplash. It’s small but I love it.
    I enjoy your posts especially, always looking to see how you incorporate being on the lake into your home.

  56. Barbara B Pilcher says:

    I love my kitchen best of all. We had to replace cabinets, walls, flooring, and appliances after being flooded by hurricane waters in 2018. Everything is new and exactly what I wanted. Since I love to cook, it’s a pleasure to be there.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    A lovely selection of subjects as usual- thank you, very enjoyable and informative.
    From one of your readers in the UK.

  58. Janis Schmier says:

    Love our bedroom. It is relaxing and cozy, but bright. Love the windows that let in all the light. Love that it isn’t cluttered with furniture and dressers. Love the rug and the way it feels when my feet touch it in the morning. Love being in this room with my husband, three dogs and our cat. Love our home.

  59. Linda O'Neill says:

    I’m fortunate enough to have an office/craft room and I’m constantly in there working away at projects or dreaming up new projects. I find it restful and invigorating. I have a huge collection of yarn, tons of books, scrapbook material, sewing items, patterns and sooooo much more. I look at the pictures I’ve hung and I am filled with such a warm feeling. I have family photos and pictures purchased on trips, gifts given to me that have a huge sentimental value. AND, my latest addition which I am totaling loving is a NEON SIGN reading Do What You Love. It’s so perfect in here. The whole room makes me happy in spite of turmoil in the world.

  60. Angela Sturmar says:

    I love my living room the most- it’s where I relax and watch movies in the evening surrounded by my pets who are my family.

  61. My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my house. It is roomy enough for my husband and me to cook together. It also looks out on the lake and that’s always beautiful year round. I would enjoy winning a copy of the decorating book. Enjoy your blog so much.

  62. Love my family room. It’s cozy and well loved. It opens to my patio which becomes another room of ours during the warm months.

  63. Wendy Clark says:

    I love my bedroom the best, it has relaxing tones, my favorite artwork and a comfy bed. All I want!

  64. Janice Mullins says:

    I absolutely love my living room. We live in the small house that my husband grew up in, built in 1960. Although the rooms are small, I love to relax in the living room, looking out the huge picture window at my flower garden and watching the birds converge on the bird feeder. I would love to win a copy of Design The Home You Love! Thank you for the chance.

  65. My favorite room is my kitchen. I just moved to this apartment and was so happy when I realized that I could arrange all my copper pot collection on the soffits above the kitchen cabinets. I have battery operated candles, french prints and some pottery and it looks fabulous at night as well as in the daytime. My look is French country cottage and I love it. I love to decorate and am constantly moving things around, haha.

  66. Teresa Ann Harral says:

    The room I love best in my home is the front room with the picture window opened to the porch. I love to watch the hummingbirds fly around the feeder and see the flowering crept myrtle trees. Love your blogs by the way!