Style Scouting Vol. 6

Are you as tired of this winter as much as I am? I am counting down the days till spring arrives, which starts on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at exactly 5:58 P.M. EDT.  That is only 12 more days to go. I will be celebrating for sure!  How about you? 

Before I head into the weekend, I found a few inspiring ideas and projects to share with you and have a decorating book to give away that I know you will love. Find out what book and how to enter at the end of this post.

Colorful Kitchen Counter Decorating ideas

I get a lot of questions from readers who want to know more about the decor and items I share in the photos of my house. One that has popped up a few times in recent weeks is what is holding up the iPad on my kitchen counter?

  • The answer… it is an acrylic plate stand. I like it better than an iPad or cookbook stand because it is invisible, less clutter on the counter. This is the one I have. Similar style – here, but any plate stand that has at least a 4″ wide base will work without the iPad tipping over.

This master bathroom makeover is beautiful and budget friendly, but what I love most is what Lauren did to add her decorating style to the stall shower.

I saw something advertised on Instagram and dismissed it thinking the ad was click bait. Then the ad popped up again and I was intrigued and clicked over to find out more.  I am glad I did. If you have a Mac Laptop – you will LOVE this!  It makes me wonder why Apple didn’t design something so ingenious for one of their products in the first place.

How to make way for Creative Living in our tech forward world.

You know I love to make Pom-Poms, but I never made them like this.

And polka-dots… be still my heart… these have my name all over them.

I miss the kitchen island I had in my previous house.  The lake house kitchen is small with no room for a large sit down island, but I have been looking for a way to add a small and narrow island. Something like #1 in this post may work.

I love the secret this fireplace holds.

I plan to make these for Easter brunch, but not from scratch. I am going make them even easier to make by using Pillsbury breadsticks that are sold in the dairy aisle at the supermarket.

I have a cloche on my kitchen counter that is sitting empty. This idea of Spring Under Glass is so pretty. Don’t own a cloche? Then you may like this idea.

New Decorating Book

The DIY Style Finder by KariAnne Wood decorating book

I just finished this book, The DIY Style Finder by Kari Anne Wood. You know KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms, right?  Her new book just came out and I have a copy to give away.

I enjoyed it and I know it will inspire you. I like that it is all about finding your own one-of-a-kind style and then just going for it with confidence. You may also enjoy that the book features four other DIY decorating bloggers you may know and love.

List of what is inside the DIY Style Finder Decorating book

I hope you have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday when I will show you something brand new in my living room. It sits across the room from the oversized clock I posted about earlier this week.

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  1. Pattie Caprio says:

    Yes I know Lansdale area well! My sister used to live there. We love the change of seasons in the Poconos. Since we added the sun room on we do not get cabin fever at all. Being retired we don’t have to drive in it so we sit and watch the deer, and other wildlife. We live on 3 acres and can’t see a home from our windows. Just an occasional train that’s in the very back of our 3 acres. In the summer they run an occasional Steam Engine tour…..with a lot of passengers that wave if we are in our garden. We love it! I love your website! Thanks for all your ideas!
    I was going to post a photo of my parents antiques but I don’t see any attachments buttons!

  2. Pattie Caprio says:

    I am an antique lover….for the most part Victorian. When my parents were getting rid of their “wedding furniture” solid Mahogany in the deep cherry stain, I took them and 20 years later had them all redone. Trust me they are to die for! I do like other themes as well. One bedroom we call our Abe Lincoln room. I have it done with an early American flair. Our downstairs is more modern. Our sun room has a mixture of everthing and right now it’s my green house for my vegetable garden…….I too have spring fever! I live in the Pocono’s where the winters are long :-(

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patti – It sounds like you enjoy decorating with antiques – it is nice to read that as so many want everything to be brand new. Your home sounds like it is truly special since you have made the hand-me-downs work for you. I used to live in suburban Phila. Right off the Lansdale exit of the NE Ext of the turnpike. We moved to SC 3 years ago….and don’t miss the winter’s and snow at all. :-)

  3. I have always been somewhat traditional but I have recently moved to the beach so I’m leaning towards a comfy coastal cottage style. Your blog gives me lots of inspiration. Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  4. Gosh thanks, I looked and looked for the comment section thought it was me.
    My style is cottage, neutral and white and then I all my collections and seasonal touches.
    My art and art from my art friends. Constantly changing up with my book collection also..

  5. Jeane Gallo says:

    I think right now my favorite style is a mix of traditional, and French farmhouse.

  6. I have no idea what to call my style… cozy minimalist, farmhouse without the junk but with painted furniture. I actually love YOUR style too!

  7. I like Country…Country Chic…lol is that a “style”? It is in my house!
    Thanks for the opportunity to get karianne’s book…

  8. Gail Slagle says:

    I live out in the country and love primitives and lots of antiques! My house is full of tasteful antique pieces of furniture along with some modern pieces. Always looking for new ideas to display items and mixing the old with the new

  9. Carolyn Cohen says:

    I think I am in the French Country Cottage style. I love white and blue and the lavender plant makes my heart sing!!!

  10. I think I’m a modern country kind of person.

  11. I like an eclectic. style.; antiques and new modern pieces. I am moving towards a neutral background with a punch of color. I like how you have so much white and then add color in your accessories.

  12. Suzie Wheatcroft says:

    I like so many it ends up a hodge-podge. I like contemporary, boho, eclectic, I would like to know how to meld all these together.

  13. My favorite decorating style is eclectic. I really like a mix of styles. I love a look that seems to have evolved over time.

  14. I suppose my style would be called collected. I’ve been happily married to my sweetheart for 53 years. In that time we have acquired lots of treasures, family heirlooms etc. I love the look.
    No matching sets of furniture for me.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. I really love what you’ve done to your lake home. You are truly an inspiration. At 73 years young (ha, ha) I need inspiration to keep me going.

  15. I’m not quite sure which style I like. That’s why I hope I’m the winner. I think this book may help me define it.

  16. Colorful eclectic farmhouse!

  17. Janet Roberts says:

    My style is mostly traditional – somewhat eclectic. Love old family pieces.

  18. I’m a new subscriber. My style is rather eclectic. Having to downsize and looking for hints on how to update.

  19. Erin Kaven says:

    Eclectic! I can’t decide on a daily basis what style I am because I love everything. I’ll look at someones beautiful farmhouse and think “oh I want that”, then turn a page (or a pin) to see someones traditional home or modern home. Color love, then all white. I love it all!

  20. Our “style”, if you can even call it that, is mostly a collection of family heirlooms (true antiques and mid-century modern) mixed with a few pieces picked up over the years. I’m gravitating to the Transitional style in the book…..would love to explore further!

  21. Lately I’ve been leaning towards scandal/rustic.

  22. Farmhouse with a healthy heaping of boho!!! =)

  23. Barbara Pilcher says:

    Eclectic is my choice mostly because I just can’t decide on a style, although. I am drawn to coastal and Mid-Century Modern.

  24. My decorating style keeps changing! But I love English Country and Rustic Farmhouse.

  25. Margaret Gain says:

    I like casual and comfy. Like people to feel at home and not have to worry they might disturb things. People are more important then things.

  26. My decorating style is country French. I love farmhouse vintage , too. I really enjoy your blog!! Would love to win the book giveaway!

  27. My style is relaxed traditional if there is such a style. I like slipper chairs and a camel back sofa, but a fun cocktail table. We have lived in our home for 18 years and just bought a new home 2 weeks ago. We are moving to be closer to our daughter and get family. I’m excited to re-invent my furniture in this new space. I do hope I win this book. I need fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing your book

  28. I think the only way to describe my decorating style is eclectic! I live in an adobe house in NM, but have decorated it with a kind of rustic NM style. I love you website. You always have such fresh ideas, and you’ve inspired my to try many of you DIYs!!

  29. Sandra Collins says:

    I just moved into my first house and my sister turned me onto your site! Love it! I like a casual, traditional style.

  30. I would have guessed I was Farmhouse style, but looks like I have a lot of Coastal in me too. Kind of hard not be influenced when one has lived in Florida for almost 40 years! :) Thanks for the great post. Loved the links.

  31. Hi! I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your style. I’d say my style is “relaxed traditional.” I enjoy some country touches, too!

  32. I like modern, contemporary, MCM, transitional all with a casual feel

  33. I definitely agree that the tech can be frustrating! Thank You for your wonderful blog and the giveaway!

  34. Nancy Robinson says:

    Traditional. Or modern farmhouse. Or classic. Some mid-century modern. Oh dear, I must be eclectic! I like SO many….hard to pick one. But I just moved into a smaller house, so I’d best start making some decisions. Very fun, but sort of intimidating. ?

  35. Hi Diane,

    My style would be coastal traditional and simple but clever. I like to keep some New England flavor in my decorating.
    I continue to enjoy your blog. Thank you!
    Now only 9 more days until spring.

    Have a great week!

  36. Dorene B. says:

    I guess I’d describe my decorating style as cottage farmhouse, but I am intrigued by Kari Anne’s new book so that I can learn to better enhance and turn what brings comfort and joy to my family into our own uniquely defined style. Thank you for all of the great links you shared in this post as I enjoyed them all. I can’t wait to try my hand at making some of those floral Pom poms….such a creative twist on an old craft.

  37. Paige Coggin says:

    Good morning, My style is somewhere between shabby chic, modern farmhouse and traditional. I love happy and casual. The reason I’ve been reading and following your blog since it’s ince is because your style matches mine exactly minus your love of purple ???. Have a great day

  38. Virginia Aitken says:

    I am a casual beach girl . Light colors ,shells ,boats and light houses . I am now starting to pack as we have decided to downsize to a smaller house .

  39. I like so many things & even for many that I wouldn’t put in my own home, I can still really appreciate them. I’m definitely eclectic, but would love to have a more narrow focus. I like a good flea market/rustic/vintage find; a well made antique; industrial, farmhouse, cottage… I love neautrals but also love color! I guess I’m just a mess over here! Maybe KariAnne could actually help me figure it all out…? That would me amazing for sure! :)

  40. My decorating style has evolved over the years. As I progress through my down-sizing journey I’ve kept what I love and/or brings back the best memories. It’s ok if it’s not the latest trend as long as it sparks a smile. I do find that I’m drawn to the clean lines bringing in the modern look. Maybe because my home feels less cluttered with the clean lines. I enjoy DIY projects as it give me great satisfaction to re-use something by giving it a “new life”. As I continue my quest of de-cluttering and simplifying my life my home will continue to evolve.

  41. I guess you’d call my style ‘modern farmhouse with a little color’.
    Love your blog!

  42. Sharon Akosa says:

    I have ‘style inertia’, I love so many different looks, but they don’t go together, I need help! Please……

  43. Connie McGhee says:

    My decorating style is ever changing. Evolving, you would probably say. But that is not true, because I’m constantly moving one step forward & two steps backward. I find myself creating a sitting nook in my bedroom reminiscent of earlier spaces I’ve inhabited. I’m moving towards clean lines but color is very important. In the past I’ve been a “pastel” girl but I’m preferring brighter colors now. One of the many reasons I enjoy your site.

  44. I would define my style as eclectic. I love to blend contemporary, farmhouse rustic, and really anything else that strikes my fancy.

  45. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    I am Coastal Casual.
    I love that blue polka dot vase and the hidden storage furniture. And the pom poms!!!!
    Well, everything!

  46. My style is definitely tradional…love my family furniture hand me downs!

  47. Mary Cadwallader says:

    You ask “What ‘Decorating Style’?”
    My answer: Yes! or All?
    Is there a reason? Perhaps it’s that my uncle was an Interior Designer/Decorator and my father was a home builder/remodeler. I grew up playing with blueprints, paint chips, carpet and tile samples. Our “Sunday Outing” was to tour the “works in progress” and/or open houses. There are just too many luscious and beautiful options to settle on one and to expensive to change everything when something new catches my attention.
    I guess if I have to say I have a style it is E-C-L-E-C-T-I-C mixed with S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Projects to add to my eclectic collection? Yes, please!

  48. Sally allen says:

    My favorite style is definitely cottage. It’s just so relaxing.

  49. Luana Koch says:

    My style is definetly electic. Right now I’m using pops of green and botanicals., it’s a fresh look for spring. I love your blog and it’s always the first e-mail I read ! Love your style.

  50. Marlene Fast says:

    I am not sure what my style is – but I lean towards traditional, but I do like pops of colour! Kari Anne’s book looks like another winner!

  51. The decorating style I love is eclectic, using what I have acquired all over the world, in my family treasures and experiences I’ve had. A home is not only creative with good color sense but a collection of one’s life lived and people loved. It is all of that mixed with color finesse and creativity.

    Love your website, Diane. I admire your ability to paint as many things as I’ve painted in my life and make a public success out of it. As you say, “you can paint anything.”

  52. I think my style if comfy and cozy. I hope you have a great weekend!

  53. I think I’m traditional. Would love to read this book to find out for sure. :) As always, love your blog, Diane!!

  54. I was so delighted to read this post, as I have just been researching to find what my true design style is! I have been listening to people talk about their style, not really understanding what I like and would label for my choices. After reading and looking at lots of poxtures, I find I have a true trasitional style. I would love to see what the pictures look like in this book, thank you

  55. My style is a mixture of farmhouse, traditional, french and eclectic. I would love to win Kari Anne’s new book. I already have her first one.

  56. Anne Marie says:

    I love traditional decorating – guess I am old fashioned!!

  57. My style is a mess. I really don’t fit into one style. I’m not sure what I love. It seems to change too frequently, and I don’t trust myself. :(

  58. LOVE those pompoms! And the Ikea hacks were fun too! My decorating style is definitely eclectic. Thanks for your great posts!

  59. Diane Henkler says:

    Testing comment set up

  60. I would say my style is comfortable and family friendly.

  61. Ann Cirelli says:

    My style is laid back country charm.

  62. Kinda traditional meets vintage/rustic. Maybe the book will help ?.

  63. I cant say my decorating style can be characterized by a particular style. It will be interesting to see if I still think this way after reading Kari’s book!

  64. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Thanks for the give away–and fixing the comments. :-)

    I would call my style Flea Market Style, mixed with Garden Style.

  65. It’s hard to pick a single style, but I’d have to say my preference is for traditional, particularly English country manor – relaxed, comfortable, put-your-feet style with warm, inviting spaces with classic features, elegant but not overly fussy or precious.

  66. Wow! I’m not sure I can narrow down the decorating style that I like. I like so many! But I prefer a mix of old and new, not too cluttered, but not too minimalistic either. I guess eclectic?!

  67. I have no idea! I need some guidance. : -)

  68. Kathleen Koehler says:

    That book is just what I need! I have yet to find my style! I’m 72 and still looking. I decided a while back that ‘eclectic’ fit me as I have a little bit of everything. But I think I’d like to concentrate on ‘beach’. I think.

    Thanks ever so much! Love your blog!

    1. Connie McGhee says:

      Kathleen, I’m your age and feel exactly the same way. I visited Tybee Island and fell in love with light hearted decorating. I’ve read it described as coastal chic. I don’t think we need to “label” our “style”. Just live life and surround ourselves with things & colors that make our hearts sing.

  69. Rebecca Platt says:

    I’m somewhere between eclectic, farmhouse, and shabby chic. I love it all and were I start over I would try industrial. It all has its various appeals.

  70. Hello Diane,

    Well, my style can be described as eclectic as I like shabby chic, farmhouse, & Rustic. I love mixing it up and have different styled rooms in my house… .I happen to love your kind of style!!