The Best Item of Furniture to Put Under a Wall Mounted TV

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Get tips on how to use the space under a wall mounted TV and the best furniture items to place under it.

Wall mounted TV’s have become the norm in both small spaces and large living areas and are turning into works of art in our homes, but there is one problem. Where do you store and hide all the necessary components and wires in an accessible, but decorative way?

After experimenting with a few different pieces of furniture from a media console and gaming consoles to use under the wall mounted TV in my living room, I decided that I didn’t want a piece of media furniture.

These looked too modern for my decor.

Novo Solo Halifax Buffet with 4 doors under a wall mounted TVFurniture to Use Under a Wall Mounted TV

I didn’t need wall decor in the way of trying to create a gallery wall or frame the TV between bookcases. I wanted more of a minimalist look for this home entertainment area.

What Is the Best Piece of Furniture to Use Under a Wall Mounted TV?

After doing some research and online shopping, I found the perfect piece that went with the overall design of the room. It is a 4 door – 2 drawer buffet from Hygge Home.

I liked that it has both doors and drawers. I knew it could easily be made into a place to hold and hide the TV components and wires with one simple tweak.

White farmhouse furniture below a wall mounted TV

A sideboard with doors can serve as a cable management solution that also hides the media equipment, but keeps it easy to access and use.

How to decorate under a wall mounted TV

Plus there is just enough room to decorate the top with a few short decorative items.

White buffet turned changed to into Tv wall mount furniture that will hold the TV components

When choosing a piece of furniture to place under a big tv on a wall make sure it allows for plenty of storage space.

Idea on how to organize contents of drawer in buffet that is under a wall mounted TV.

Thrift store baskets that I collect helped me to stylishly organize the contents of the two drawers

Organizing a drawer with small baskets

How to Drill a Hole in Furniture Under a Wall Mounted TV for Cords

When we hung the TV on the wall, we also used a TV cord hiding kit that goes in the wall to hide the cords. That is why you don’t see any wires hanging down from the TV.

You can find out how we did that, in this post:

To have a place for the cords to go that come out at the bottom of the wall behind the sideboard, we needed to make a hole in the back of the sideboard. This may sound scary or hard, but it is very easy to do.

How to turn a piece of furniture into cabinet for a wall mounted TV components.
Drilling a hole on the back of furniture to use as a home entertainment center.

supplies needed:

  1. Measure the length of your cords and the height of the TV to ensure that the hole is positioned so that the cords will reach the TV.
  2. Attach the hole saw drill bit to the drill.
  3. Mark the spot with a pencil, then drill the hole. The hole can be drilled in seconds depending on how thick the wood is on the furniture. Sand the rough edges of the cut hole smooth with sandpaper.
How to turn furniture into a place to store wall mounted TV components.

Hole saws come in many diameters. We used a 2-1/2″ diameter saw.

If you would like the back of the furniture to look all nice and neat after you drill the hole, you can also buy a 2-1/2″ plastic cover grommet that will fit over the hole. Buy the same size hole saw and plastic cover.

Drilled hole in back of buffet turned into a cabinet to hold wall mount TV components

Since no one will ever see this hole, we opted not to use a plastic cover/grommet, but did install cable organizers to keep everything neat

How to Hide the Cable Box Behind Closed Doors and Still Use a Remote

White wall mount TV furniture design

The buffet turned TV component cabinet for media devices has shelves to hold the DVR, dvd player, Wii, Internet router, cable box and all the other things that connect to the TV via cords and wires that now go through the hole in the back of the buffet and up through the wall to the TV.

close up image of an infrared receiver

On the bottom center of the TV, (upper left in photo above) see the little round dot under the brand name?

That is a $16 infrared receiver which is connected to the cable box that is hidden in the buffet. It simply sticks to the front of the TV and the cord runs behind the TV and through the wall with all the other TV wires.

How to Install the Infrared Receiver to the TV

The infrared receiver has double stick tape on the back.  You simply remove the backing and stick it to the front of the TV. On the other end of the cord, is the jack that goes to the cable box.  For my TV, we put the cord through the wall with the other TV cords and then through the hole in the back of the cabinet to the cable box.

Once installed, it is simple plug and play. Unplug the power from the cable box then plug the IR receiver into the IR IN port. Plug in the power for the box. Then click on the remote in the direction of the TV where the attached receiver is to change the channel and turn the TV on and off.

There are many types of these receivers sold, make sure to read what TV’s they work with so you get the right one.

Here is a link to the IR receiver I used:

See more about this inexpensive little gadget in this post. It will able you to hide your cable box forever and keep the doors closed even when watching and changing the channels on the TV.

How to Decorate Furniture Under a Wall Mounted TV

decorating ideas for under a TV

After the sideboard was delivered, I searched for weeks for just the right decorative accessories to place along the top.

How to use items from nature to decorate the top of a TV console.

Many were too tall, big, dinky or looked out of place. I finally found something just right when I brought this carved wood tray home. Moss balls I already had added the finishing touch.

Fake greenery in ceramic white planter on buffet under TV

A few faux green plants or houseplants in short planters fills the space without getting in the way when we swivel the flat screen TV back and forth between the living room and kitchen.

If you don’t have plants to create decor vignettes, a collection of smaller easel style photo frames would look nice.

White furniture under wall mounted TV
The closed cabinet hides the clutter of tv wires and components.

I use Google Chromecast to help decorate my living room. It is my version of a Samsung Smart TV where you can choose a photo to look like artwork. I use the app to display pretty art on the screen to alleviate the look of a big black box effect on the wall.

Wall mounted TV furniture ideas

What Furniture to Use for a TV Over a Fireplace

If you have a TV mounted over a fireplace and like the idea of using a sideboard or dresser to house the components or to create a TV center, see this post for an idea:

How to turn a piece of furniture into a wall mounted TV component storage cabinet.

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