Style Scouting: Vol. 74

How was your week? Mine moved at a slower, more relaxed pace which felt nice after the holidays.

Now I am off and on my way to Los Angeles for two weeks to help my daughter and SIL with my granddaughter’s care.

Before I head out, I wanted to make sure to get this week’s Style Scouting post up. I hope you find a few inspiring ideas.

After Christmas decorating ideas for the kitchen. White kitchen with greenery and white plates and dishes on a counter.

Posts You May Have Missed This Week:


Decorating trends for 2022. Do you agree with any of them?

I love this designer’s response to the question, what trend is out for 2022 ?

I would like to make one of these – simple chic.


To make to keep your pantry organized.

These are pretty and easy to make.

I would like to use this to make a subtle accent wall in my house.

I am going to make this – it must smell divine.


If you read my post on Friday – here are some more ideas.

This looks like the perfect dinner on a cold winters night.


Before you declutter.

Fun & Interesting

What’s new on Netflix for January.

This was so good on Netflix. Ed and I really enjoyed it. What they accomplished is pretty amazing!!!

A very sweet mother/daughter story. :-)

If you remember Susan Branch the watercolor cookbook writer. She just wrote a new blog post.

Something To Think About

I love this for a 2022 goal. I think you will to.

If you enjoy these posts – You can find past Style Scouting posts here.

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As always, thanks so much for reading. XO

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  1. John Alexander says:

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  2. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle says:

    I sure do enjoy all of your posts Diane!
    Thanks so much,
    Laurie in southern California :)

  3. Ha! So funny to see the Mother/daughter post about the wingman website looking for a date for the daughter. I also saw that and sent off a quick text to my 31 yr. old single son. I’m just another mom trying to play wingman for her son! He got a kick out of it, but not sure if it will go anywhere. Sometimes they just have to do things on their own.

  4. Great ideas…thinking of you and your family and saying a prayer for your little granddaughter.

  5. So many great links and ideas!! Thank you 😊
    Safe travels to you and positive thoughts for Zoe and all of your family 🌺

  6. Safe travels and hugs to Chloe and her parents :) Enjoyed this post today. Definitely going to give the frosted bottles a try. Perfect pieces for the next couple of months before we transition into spring decor. So sweet to visit Susan Branch and her blog post. Want to read the rest of the links, but need to get busy with the day. Later tho…..

  7. Paula@SweetPea says:

    Enjoy your time in LA taking care of your granddaughter. I’m off to read all of my open tabs.

  8. Diane, great post and wonderful ideas. I’m going to try the frosted bottles. Your posts have been a blessing during this pandemic and a quarantine in our house. You gave us something fresh and new every week. Thank you for your continued work on your blog all while every cell in your body is focused on your granddaughter’s health. We appreciate you!

  9. Thank you for such inspiring posts. I have given up on so much social media but continue to find your so worthwhile. You always inspire me to live a better life. I especially appreciate your WFPB posts. Love and prayers for you and Zoe. My prayers continue for you both. I often think of that long trip across the country as I did it for 11 years but in a much less crazy time.

  10. Jeannie Rickard says:

    Whishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year. Keeping your granddaughter in my prayers.

  11. Before you declutter — what a great article! Thanks for that link especially! Also really like the linen tissue box cover

  12. You have inspired us to eat more veggies. Safe travels and hugs to Zoe!

  13. Lovely post. I enjoyed every morsel. Esp Susan Branch.will be thinking of you all while in Cali and beyond.

  14. So many great links in this post – starting with Live Your Best Life. It’s time for me to reread this and remind myself. Netflix, decluttering, Susan Branch, home humidifier, 2022 goal, many things to read! Best wishes for your trip out west and your family time.

  15. Carole Kriebel says:

    Safe travels. I’m sure Zoe will love to spend time with grandma (what does she call you?)

    Stay well…

    1. Leeann Ford has it right! Safe travels and prayers for Zoe.