Style Scouting: Vol. 66

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

This post has been the hardest post I ever had to write using my computer- nothing bad personally – just frustrating computer problems.

My MacBook Pro is going on 7 years old and it has been showing its age for the last year, doing many quirky things – most that I could deal with.

I was waiting for the new 14″ MacBook Pro to come out to replace it. The new Macbooks are finally out and I bought one the day they were announced, but I still don’t have it since I had a customization added. This, plus supply chain delays pushed out when it would be delivered to my doorstep,

While I have been waiting for it, my current computer keyboard is slowly becoming dysfunctional – the space bar has a mind of it’s own and the letter “O” stopped working.

I never realized how many words have the letter “O” in them until this week!!!!

I have sprayed it with canned air, tried a few other fixes and even removed the letter tile to reveal the spring mechanism, but the letter “O” finally gave out

To get this post written, I uploaded the photos using my computer and then had to use my phone to write the post. Not a good thing for my 62 year old eyes. :-)

The good news – my latest tracking email said my new 14″ MacBook Pro should arrive on Wednesday – YAY!!!

What kind of computer do you use – a desktop, laptop, Mac or a PC? Has it lasted a long time?

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Now onto this week’s links.

I just love this quote!!!


This house tour.

I don’t need this, but I am so drawn to white-faced Roman numeral clocks for reasons that I don’t even understand. I have many, both small and large in almost every room in my house. Maybe in a past life, I lived across from a clock tower. :-)

If you like POLYWOOD outdoor furniture, then you may want to enter their Fall Into Comfort giveaway to win $1000 in POLYWOOD furniture.


What a special idea for Thanksgiving table placemats.

I enjoy seeing items getting repurposed – this one is beautiful.


The cutest clothespin dolls to make. Seeing them has me thinking of the many other ways you can dress them using repurposed items.


Peanut butter cookies unlike any you have ever eaten.

A fall breakfast idea not to miss.

How to tell if honey is natural or adulterated.

Looks perfect for a Friday pizza night.

Home Improvement

No more ugly trash cans. This DIY came out amazing!


Loom Black Waterproof sneakers on my feet.

I walk almost everyday, even in the rain, which made me want to test these Loom 100% Waterproof Sneakers. I am sold!

Even when I stuck my foot in the lake for a minute, the sneakers stayed dry, no more mushy sneakers when out in the rain, walking on wet grass or when washing the car. :-) Plus, they are super comfy and stylish.

You can find out more about these rainproof shoes at: I was told to order one size up from my normal shoe size and I did. They fit perfectly.

Fun & Interesting

Cute takes on creating art.

For all Ruth Bader Ginsberg fans.

What to watch after dinner on Thanksgiving.

Something To Think About

Why don’t we have expiration dates in other areas of our lives besides consumer goods?

Holiday Decor & Gifts

The holidays will be upon us soon, before I get too busy, I created two new guides sharing holiday items that includes hard-to-find incandescent twinkle lights for my tree.

You can find the links on my holiday decor SHOP page.

Christmas decor to buy

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  1. Your Sunday posts are my favorite, so thanks for persevering! Really enjoyed the idea of setting expiration dates. I could seriously cut down on my to do lists.

  2. Oh Lordy…..I can see you hugging the delivery person when they bring your new computer 😂. Thank goodness it’s almost here!!!

    Love this post….so many great things. The sunburst mirror/light came out beautiful and such a great idea!!
    Happy Halloween 👻

  3. I feel your pain – my MacBook is 8 years old and the letter ‘r’ stopped working earlier this year, so I copy/paste as my work-around! Annoying but working for the time!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Tammy – You could be reaching the world record for the oldest working MacBook. :-) I was cutting and pasting the last month and that worked very well until the space bar and mouse pad started acting wonky. I am counting down the days to get my new one.

  4. Love the clothespin dolls, of course. Let’s play…..xo

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      I fondly remember making and playing with clothespin dolls on our bookcase, and of course our barrette people… mine was always called Mrs. Happy Birthday.. :-) XO

    2. I have a couple of Notebook computers, a desktop and an iPad. I chose to do everything I can on my iPad or desktop. My son and husband are usually on the notebooks. Hope you get to stay on the east coast for a while but know you and Zoe must really miss each other. Prayers for you and your family, Zoe. I hope the treatment is as pain free as possible for her.

  5. I have a MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020) and I love it! It replaced my previous MacBook Pro 13″ from 2012. Things are much faster now and the battery life is fantastic. I also just updated to an iPhone 13 Mini but I really only use it for talking, texting sometimes, and Google Maps when driving. The old iPad is only used to play solitaire before bedtime. Everything else is done on my laptop and I’d hate to be without it for any length of time.

  6. I have two mac desktops, one is twelve years old and one is two years old. I also have several ipads and an iphone. I swear by apple and the main reason is the support, a real person and always so helpful, even on the twelve year old one. Good staff.

  7. Great post – must have been difficult to write on your phone! We just got a MacBook last year to use mainly for traveling. But we use it all the time! Otherwise I am on my VERY old desktop. I like the larger monitor for my daily readings of emails/blogs/items of interest etc.

  8. Hi Diane, my heart stopped when I began reading your post. I was afraid something awful had happened to someone in your family. Glad it is just your Macbook giving you trouble.
    I too use a Macbook. I replaced mine about 2 months ago and am very happy with my new Macbook Pro. My old one was about the same age as yours.
    I love the picture at the beginning of your post.