DIY Wooden Candle Holders: The Easiest Project Ever

Turn up the cozy ambiance in your home this season by adding the soft glow of candlelight to your spaces with this easy to make set of DIY wooden candle holders. While you make one or a set for yourself, make a few more as they make a great gift to give family and friends.

Wood Candle Holders as a Simple Dining Table Centerpiece

I like to change how I decorate for the holidays each year. Last year I made a candle centerpiece using a slice of a tree trunk.

Completed DIY Wooden Candle Holders on a dining table with dark orange taper candles.

This year as you can see I went for a modern rustic look that is popular in trendy decorating catalogs and stores.

Instead of paying $48 for a set, I went to my stash of scrap wood, leftover from previous projects and found a section of a 4 x 4 post. It was just what I needed to make my own custom version of wood block candle holders. I wanted to make a third, but my scrap piece of wood was only so big, so I had to settle for a pair.

Table place setting of a white dinner plate layered with a fork, knife and spoon tied with brown ribbon.

When it comes time to make decorations for my house I always prefer to make them, especially around the holidays. I like that when you make your own items I have something that is more unique and not mass merchandised.

These candle holders can also be made with other pieces of scrap wood you may have in your wood pile. That is half the fun of DIYing. You get to be a designer and make decorative items that fit exactly what you envision.

Wood and Candle Options to Consider

You can make a single modern rustic candle holder or a set as I did to hold a taper candle, but pillar candles or tea light candles can also be used.

Table place setting of a white dinner plate layered with a fork, knife and spoon tied with brown ribbon.

You just need to use a larger diameter spade drill bit that will make a larger hole. There are many creative options that can be created like this one where wood blocks were glued together to make one large candle holder.

I like that my scrap wood candle holder project can be used not only on my dining room table, but will look just as nice on a console table or a set of two or more lined up along a mantel.

How to Make DIY Wooden Candle Holders

You can make this wood candle holder in about an hour start to finish using two power tools, a circular saw and a battery-operated drill.

Any type of wood will work. I used a pine 4 x 4 post from my wood scrap pile, but you can use a cut section of any wood post, like an old fence post or a piece of reclaimed wood. Take a look through your scrap pile you may be surprised by what you find.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

supplies needed:

  • Scrap piece or slab of wood. I used section from a 4 x 4 pine post.
  • Circular saw with wood cutting blade or a manual saw
  • Spade style drill bit:
    • Taper candle: 3/4″ or 7/8″ diameter.
    • Tea lights: 1-5/8″or 1-1/2″
  • 100 grit sandpaper
  • Your choice of wood stain color, paint or hemp oil.
  • Clear coat polyurethane or clear or dark wax
  • Rubber gloves
  • Paper towel or rags for staining
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Pencil

Time needed: 45 minutes

DIY Wooden Candle Holders Made From Scrap Wood

  1. Measure Wood

    Figure out how high you want your candle holder or set of holders to be. There is no right or wrong height. I made mine 7″ and 5″ tall.

    Mark with a height you want with a pencil.

    If you are going to make a varied height set, then make sure to vary the height of each by about 2 – inches. You can also make an identical pair of the same height for a dining table or mantel.

    4 x 4 wood post scrap readied to be cut to make DIY wooden candle holders

  2. Cut Wood

    Using a circular or manual saw, cut the wood to the height needed.
    Smooth cut edges using a piece of sandpaper.

    using a circular saw to cut a 4 x 4 post

  3. Drill Hole

    Using a spade bit, drill a deep hole at least an inch deep to hold a candle snug in the holder.

    drilling hole in cut 4 x 4 post scrap of wood.

  4. Stain or Paint Wood

    To accent the grain of the wood, I chose to stain my wood candlestick holders.

    With a rubber gloved hand, dip a paper towel or rag into a can of well-mixed stain. Rub over the wood, repeat to cover all sides.

    Apply a second coat if you want a deeper color. Let dry.

    Note: If you are going to paint the wood, make sure to use a primer first or a paint with a primer in it. This will lessen any wood tannins bleeding through the paint.

    4 x 4 wood post scraps stained and holes drilled. Minwax wood finish stain can.

  5. Apply Protective Coat

    I used clear and dark wax to seal the stain. You can also use polyurethane or simply apply a coat of hemp oil over the bare wood or stain.

    Apply a very thin coat of clear wax over the stained wood using circular motions. Then, if you want a deeper color, repeat using dark wax.

    Use a lint-free rag to buff the wax to a soft sheen.

    Let dry.

    Clear and dark wax cans shown in front of stained wood blocks made into DIY wooden candle holders.

  6. The Finished Wood Block Candle Holders

    Thanksgiving table setting idea using DIY wooden candle holders.

Is Wood Safe for Candle Holders?

If you are wondering if it is safe to use wood candle holders, remember that when using any candle in your home, you should never leave them unattended.

Battery-Operated Flickering Taper Candles

You can also use battery-operated flicker candles. I love these! They come in tapers, votives, pillar and tea light styles.

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders on dining table.

Now I have modern, yet rustic wood candle holders that will become the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table.

I like that they don’t take up a lot of table space and can easily be moved to the ends of the table when it is time to place the turkey on the center of the table.

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