Style Scouting Vol. 9

Since returning from France, I have been working on two DIY projects this week. One involves paint, the other wood stain. One is a fix and the other is something new that I made that has turned out better than I could have ever expected.

Both are complete, I just have to write up the posts so I can share them with you next week.

Today I am sharing inspiration I have found around the web.

One reason I love Friday Style link posts like this one is that they are kinda like “Blog Rolls” – remember them?

Ten years ago when blogging was new, most bloggers had a linked list of other blogs that inspired them in their sidebars.  It was how you found new blogs. I found so many inspiring blogs this way and miss this feature. I know you can find blogs on Instagram nowadays, but Friday link posts are a quick and easy way to find new sites and blogs that are new to us, no hashtags needed. :-)

One of my favorite Friday posts are Jen’s from Rambling Renovators. She calls her Friday post The Love List. I think it is my favorite as I always find a new to me blog through her links that inspires me.

Diane of In My Own Style blog

I posted this photo to an Instagram story when I was in France. I received many DM on the story asking where the dress was from. It is from Target.

You can find it here: Black dress.

It also comes in pale green khaki color. I usually wear a Large, but sized down to a Medium, as it runs a little big. The clogs are from Dansko, but are no longer available.

This is one amazing furniture makeover where no paint was used.

Repurposing and slow decorating paid off for this laundry room.

A few ways to sneak a little creative break for yourself.

I want to find a place to hang a shelf with these... so modern, yet classic.

How to get your house to take on an autumn air... literally.

I like the name of this new decorating book as it describes my style… Down to Earth: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living. I haven’t read it yet and want to read a few Amazon reviews before purchasing. Have you read it?

Are you hosting any autumn get-together’s with family and friends? If so, I think your guests will love this!

And speaking of autumn. If you don’t live where the leaves change color, you may like this crafty alternative.

Giving out candy for Halloween? You may like to make a few of these to give to Trick or Treaters.

I am not jumping the gun and decorating for Christmas yet, but I saw this advent calendar and loved it. It is kinda like the one I wrote about here, but instead of a mouse, you move Santa through the house.

New in the Subscriber’s Printable Library – A sheet of Numbered Hang Tags to help organize your stuff.

Over the weekend I will be writing up the posts for the two DIY projects I mentioned above. I also am taking part in a fun blog hop unlike anything I have ever participated in. I think you are going to like it, so stay tuned.

Happy Friday… Happy Weekend!

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  1. First of all, that picture of you on the steps is adorable! I love it! Secondly, thanks for the links. I also miss the blogs posted on others’ blogs to help us find them. I don’t do Instagram, so I appreciate the links you provide. Have a great week!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thank you Tracey. Hearing that you enjoy the links is great to hear. Instagram truly requires one to have their hand attached to their phone all day. It takes way too much time to build a following and leaves no time to do anything else. I am happy doing things on my blog and have always placed my focus on it, not as much on social media even as the tide seems to be turning to Instagram. :-) Thanks for reading.

  2. Alison Johnson says:

    Perfect Advent calendar for the kids. Just ordered it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Isn’t is cute. :-) I love anything with the front of a house with windows on it.

  3. laura janning says:

    super cute pic! love the inspiration.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Laura :-)