Style Scouting: Vol. 91 Happy Mother’s Day

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mini mom cakes in plate by Sugar and Charm blog
Photo & Recipe: Sugar & Charm

Happy Mother’s Day

If you are a mom, I hope you have a delightful day.

In celebration of Mother’s Day: What My Momma Used to Say

Posts You May Have Missed This Week

I was out of town this past week and thought while l was waiting in airports that I could get a post or two written. That plan went by the wayside when the joy of people watching took over.

I know we all do this and find it interesting to see how other people dress and interact. I had to smile when after sitting in one airport for about an hour a woman came up to me and asked me what color lipstick I had on – she liked it because it was not too red or pink.

The lipstick and color: Lancome L’absolu Mademoiselle Shine – Color – Mademoiselle Smiles. :-) I also use a teeny dab on my cheeks as a blush.

I have gotten the posts I was hoping to post last week ready now and will post them this week.

Here are the inspiring links I found this week:


A colorfully coastal decorated home. And while I am in a summer beach mood – here is a coastal home done in softer neutral colors.

Love the outdoor fireplace in this backyard makeover.

Thinking about these for the gazebo over the lake. I like outdoor chairs that swivel or rock.


How to paint plastic outdoor chairs. Don’t want to paint yours? These are a great price and even have a swivel cup holder.


Creative uses for label makers.


Is it a crumble or a coffee cake? No matter – it looks like a fun and festive cake to make, serve and enjoy.

Forget charcuteries. This hottest entertaining trend is taking the online world by storm.

My favorite new to me snack. So crunchy with flavor even though they are salt-free.

I love scones with tea and these look scrumptious!!!

Out & About

I am looking forward – more like super excited to go to the movie theater to see this. I know I will enjoy it.

On my travel bucket list.

Just ordered this book for an upcoming beach vacation.

Fashion & Beauty

I really like this fashion model and followed her career since the 1970’s. I enjoyed this recent article about her.

Fun & Interesting

Instead of writing a long text to someone on your phone, I am going to give this a try.

Something to Think About

How to stop that nagging FOMO.

You can live life on easy mode and still be productive.

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  1. Hi Diane,
    …loved all your goodies in your Vol. 91 Mothers’ Day post. I especially loved the interview with Lauren Hutton. I’m over 60 and followed her in the 70’s as well. It is so refreshing to see a woman of beauty allow herself to age naturally and even more so when her entire life and career revolved around creating the image of beauty. I also credit Harper’s Bizarre for featuring an older woman, still beautiful in an earthy natural way, complete with all her wrinkles of time. Living in southern CA, I am surrounded by women redoing their faces with plastic surgery and Botox, while I allow myself to age naturally, so I loved this. Thank you!

  2. Good to hear about voice memos, I may start using them. My go to with my family is Marco Polo, a free app. It’s similar but has video also. It works one person at a time and waits until the recipient is ready to listen. I go back and forth with my daughters, or can set up a group also, almost daily. I can show what I’m currently working on, see my grandchild’s newest haircut, give a long explanation of recent events or hear how my daughters day went. We love it and have been using it for years. Almost like FaceTime but not live.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Dianne – I haven’t heard of Marco Polo – will be checking it out. I use Google Duo with my older daughter, but that is live. They live in California so the time difference makes it hard. Marco Polo sounds perfect. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about it. :-)

  3. Ooh you’re going to love thebook! I have been a fan since book number one. This was unputdownable. A new word!

    Happy Mother’s Day D , my imaginary friend. My word for bloggers that I read and discuss with my uninterested husband.😐

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Karen – Thanks for telling me you liked the book. It is always hard picking out a book – unputdownable sounds perfect. :-) Now I hope we have nice weather.

  4. I’m in the market for some room darkening drapes. Have you purchased from Half Price Drapes? Did you feature them in one of your rooms on the blog that I can refer to? Thanks

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Deanna – I have not purchased them for my house, but have for my daughter’s home. I do not have a photo of them. They are well made and such a great price. I have a friend who has them in almost every room in her house – not all the same style, but all from Half Price Drapes.

  5. Hi Diane – two things, absolutely get those chairs for your gazebo! Have had two sets on my deck for a couple of years now and love them! Second, saw a snippet of you “serving” whipped cream recently. Who know you were a prankster?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Denise – Thanks for taking the time to tell me about the chairs. My local Walmart didn’t have them in stock so I could not sit in them to see how they felt and moved. Good to know you have had yours for a couple of years now. The whipped creaming was quite a fun ending to a wonderful dinner party. Some how whipped cream came up as a topic at the dinner and became one of those running jokes. When the singer was leaving after the dinner, someone said we need to send him off with whipped cream, but everyone was too shy to do it, so I said I would and then the can didn’t work. :-). He was quite a gifted entertainer and made for a very enjoyable evening.

  6. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the FOMO article. What a wake up call to me it was!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Mary – It makes me so happy to know that something I posted and linked to has helped you. XO It is a great feeling to live confidently in your own style… and when you do – others will say… I want some of what she is having, doing etc. You will be an inspiration to others. :-)