Large Outdoor Wall Clocks for Decks, Porches and Patios

Trying to find a nice looking and durable large outdoor wall clock? I can help as I just found one I love after searching online and finding many.

In this post I am going to share some of my favorites, along with points to consider when buying outdoor clocks to use on your patio, porch or deck.

View from lake looking at deck with wall clock on brick wall of house.

This is the view from the lake looking at my house. When we first moved to this house a little over 6 years ago now, I hung a large outdoor clock on the exterior brick wall that we brought with us from our previous home in Pennsylvania.

The clock looked nice on the exterior brick wall and worked fine until this spring when I went to add a new battery and the clock face literally disintegrated into tiny pieces. The clock mechanism still worked, but no more face. Time to buy a new clock.

Where to Buy Outdoor Wall Clocks

Stores like Kirkland’s, Target and Walmart all sell outdoor wall clocks, but you may not be able to see a large variety.

I found shopping for one online gave me many more choices. I started my search for a large or even oversized outdoor clock, but none were quite what I envisioned for the deck, so I just put the search on pause for awhile knowing I would eventually find something I liked.

Ed kept asking me if I found one yet as he was missing being able to see the time when he was out in the yard or in the lake swimming, kayaking, or floating with friends and family.

I missed seeing the clock too, so I stopped what I was doing and did a deep dive into a few websites that sold large oversized outdoor clocks. I was looking for something with a style I liked. One that would survive the outdoors, endure temperature swings and weather, and most important, be super easy to read from the yard and lake

It took some time, but when I came upon the image of this clock…

Rustic Wall Clock with a coastal and vintage flair.

… I knew I found what I was looking for. I wanted it to have a glass cover over a white face with easy to read black numerals.

It arrived a few days later and when I hung it on the wall, I loved it. Then I got an idea that would make it look even larger.

I went up to my attic decor stash and brought down a very large metal clock that no longer had hands or a clock mechanism. I was saving it to use in the garden someday.

You may remember the clock hanging in my living room a few years ago. Since it no longer worked and I had no need for it anymore, I hung it on the brick wall to act like an interesting frame for my new clock. Just like a charger plate does for a plate when setting a table place setting.

large outdoor wall clock on exterior brick wall
Two large wall clocks combined to make one very large clock.

You may be asking, why I didn’t buy another metal clock like this to use? The reason, the clock hands are exposed to the elements.

The deck doesn’t have a solid roof over it so it can get wet. The clock’s movement shaft would eventually get gunked-up with rust and dirt over time.

girl holding a green frog found outside

But the main reason is that we have many cute resident green frogs that love climbing on the wall and over the previous wall clock. The hands of the clock have to be protected from their meanderings.

Woven deck chairs on deck with large wall clock on wall behind the chairs.

Another reason I like the metal wall clock as a frame behind the new clock is that I have other black and dark metal finishes on the deck. Having the dark metal on the wall visually brings all these pieces together.

close up of wood frame on large outdoor wall clock.

This is a close-up of the wood and metal frame around the new rustic clock. This photo was taken in the shade so the wood looks darker than it really is.

large outdoor wall clock on exterior brick wall
Large outdoor wall clock on brick wall.

The actual blends nicely with the color of the brick.

How to Hang a Large or Oversized Outdoor Wall Clock

Most wall clock’s come with a mounting hook or hanger that was designed to hold the clock’s weight. Some clocks will also come with the wall anchors needed to hang it.

Brass hanger on the back of a large wall clock

If a clock doesn’t come with hanging hardware, you may need to purchase the necessary anchors that will work with your homes exterior – stone, brick, shingle, stucco or siding. These anchors can be purchased at hardware and home improvement stores.

How I Hung My Clock on a Brick Wall

I needed to ask Ed to drill two holes into the brick wall as drilling into brick requires muscle. One hole for the oversized non-working metal clock that I am using as a frame and another hole for a longer screw for the new rustic clock.

large outdoor wall clock on exterior brick wall

After measuring where to drill the holes in the wall for the best clock placement and so that the rustic clock would be centered on the metal clock, Ed used a drill bit for brick to drill the holes in the wall.

Outdoor deck with rattan furniture and a large wall clock on the wall behind the chairs.

Once the holes were deep enough, he screwed in masonry screws. The screw for the smaller clock needed to be longer since it had to pass beyond the metal clock face so the new clock could hang centered over the metal clock face.

When the screws were secure, I used the hanger that came on the back of each clock to hang it over the screws with the large clock with no hands going up first and then the new clock on top of it.

outdoor wall clock hanging on brick wall on a deck.

I got these chairs when we first moved into the house. They came with off-white covers which I loved, but got dirty fast.

How to make outdoor chair cushions

I made simple cushion covers you see on cushions a few years ago. The chairs are no longer sold, but I did find these that are similar: Swivel Gliders

What To Look for When Considering an Outdoor Clock

If you are thinking about adding an outdoor clock to an outdoor space, style is my first consideration, after this I want to make sure the clock will hold up to the outdoor elements with a waterproof seal that protects the mechanism from stormy and humid weather, as well as the sun.

Oversized outdoor wall clock hanging on an exterior brick wall surrounded by outdoor furniture.

The size of an outdoor clock can make a big difference. You want to get a large enough clock so that you will be able to easily read the time from any distance in your yard.

If you can find a clock that also has a thermometer and humidity gauge can come in handy.

What is the Best Material for an Outdoor Clock?

Large outdoor wall clocks come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and designs. They can be made of wood, metal and plastic. All will work outside and offer style, but each has a drawback. As with anything that stays outdoors, the elements will eventually get to it.

Wood is susceptible to moisture and sun damage. Metal may rust and plastic will lose its sheen and will break down over time when under direct sunlight on a daily basis.

To keep your outdoor clock looking and working well for many years, it is best to keep it under a roof or overhang where the rain and sun won’t damage it.

If you live in a northern climate, bringing the clock in every winter will help lengthen its life and keep it looking nice. This is what I did with my previous outdoor clock that lasted 7 years.

Batteries Needed

Most outdoor clocks are AA battery operated, but as technology changes, many may run on solar power or lithium batteries.

Decorative Style

When choosing a clock to hang outdoors, look for a clock that will complement your homes exterior as well as the decorating style of the outdoor furniture.

Below I’ve put together a few of the other clocks I found when searching for large outdoor wall clocks. They range in size and type of material.

Photo to 7 clocks to buy. Text says: Large Outdoor Wall Clocks.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Image showing 5 wall clocks to buy. Text: Oversize Outdoor Wall Clocks

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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  5. christine wilson says:

    The new/old clock is such a perfect addition. You maximize and enchance everything in your lovely home. Love the cute photo of your daughter and one of the “residents “🤗

  6. I love it. It looks great!

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