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Quick & Easy Paint Transformation

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Does anyone know what time it is?  Time for a quick & easy paint transformation for a metal wall clock with some spray paint, but not in the way you may be thinking.    I have been moving things around in my family room and kitchen.    I moved a small clock that was on the family room wall to the basement and moved this IKEA Bravur wall clock from the basement to the family room. Switcheroo decorating– or as I like to call it – Free decorating!


When this clock was in the basement the shiny chrome rim was fine, but upstairs it was going to be placed above a mirror. I wanted it to blend with the mirror which is black with a bronzy coppery finish.


I didn’t want to buy any new paint, so I do what I always do  – grabbed a can of spray paint from my stash, but I didn’t spray it on – I used a brush.    I love the finish of spray paint – it is thin and has more depth than brush on paint. I wanted that thin look that spray paint offers, but knew to get the look I wanted I just could not spray it on.  I used two different colors of spray paint – Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze and their High Heat Ultra in Aged Copper.

I removed the rim of the clock by unscrewing it from the base and sprayed it the normal way with Oil Rubbed Bronze and let it dry overnight.

When it was dry, I sprayed the Aged Copper into a tin can –  about a 10 second shot. It must be into a tin can or glass jar. Do not spray it into a plastic cup – the spray paint will just eat away at the cup.  Do it outside and you won’t be asphyxiated.  Don’t use a good brush to do this – I used a 1-inch foam one and threw it away when I was finished as foam and spray paint are like oil and water when mixed together.   Dip the brush in the can like it was a regular can of paint.  I ran the brush over the clock’s rim until I liked the finish.  The spray paint dries up quickly in the can, so I needed to re-spray a few times into the can while I was working to have enough paint to cover the clock rim.


 I used a Q-tip to get into the clock’s grooves and cover the screws once the clock was put back together.

Spray paintig tips



Warms up the finish – looks a bit older and more in tune with the mirror.   I heart white clock faces –even better when they have Roman numerals, but this one will do.  You can see the Aged Copper on top of the Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Looks much better with the mirror than the shiny chrome would have.

Use what you have decorating

 There is a little verdigris on the mirror that I love, but I don’t want the pieces to match, just coordinate.

How to match paint colors

It took about 3 passes to get the finish I was after and all of 10 minutes from start to finish.

How to paint a clock

 The wall has a mirror on it that I intentionally placed low on the wall so that when we are sitting down we get to see the reflection of the entire wall of doors and the outside that is on the opposite side of the room.   It makes the long and narrow room seem much wider and brighter.  When you walk into the room the mirror also provides the reflection of the fireplace. When it is on during the Winter months, it is a very welcoming wall to see the fire before actually entering the room.

How to decorate with Mirrors

 I like free decorating. The spray paint was left over from my dining room mirror makeover that I did last year.

How to use spray paint


Before and After Clock Makeover


Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors in decorating can be used for more than seeing your reflection.  When strategically placed across from a light source like a window with a view to the outside or something pretty you gain the illusion of more windows instantly, twice as much light, or double a pretty view or object. The best part – no building contractor needed.  Even if your your windows don’t look directly out to something attractive, by experimenting with placement you might be pleasantly surprised at the view you can create.

IKEA clock makeover with paint



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  1. This looks great! And I thought your idea of using the spray paint with a brush was pure genius! After reading your blog last night Iwas working on some small ornaments I got at a yard sale for a $1.00. There were 8 of them and the orginal price of each was $7.99. The only glitch was that some of them had a name printed on them. I remembered your spraying the paint in the cup and so I got my plastic paint and started working. IT was great! That is until I was going to refill it and the the PLASTIC cup I put the paint in had the bottom come out!!! It was all over my hands and the garage floor but luckily not on my clothes or the house. So to others who may not know ( like me) DO NOT use thin plastic cups, the paint will eat through!

    1. Hi Moonpie-

      Spray paint eats away at most things made of plastic, polystyrene, and and any kind of foam that is why I use a tin can. You could also use a glass jar with no problems. I will this add this into the post right after where I explain about using a throwaway brush – spray paint and foam are like oil and water . Great idea to use it to hide the names on the ornaments.

  2. I love it! It’s like you bought the two pieces together! Way to think out of the box so the rest of us can copy from you. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love how your clock turned out. The two colors really do complement each other well, and it looks like it came just like that from the store. I also like your tip about mirrors, I had a mirror above my mantel, and all you could see was the reflection fro the kitchen lights, but I did not mind, and I thought it did open up the place. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Thanks Kristel-

      I think anytime you can reflect more light the better – natural or man made. I always search for mirrors at yard sales and flea markets. The black rimmed one in the post, I got for $5, There were a few nicks in it that I easily fixed with some black stain.

  4. I love it….. so much more depth and character for that wall and room. I already have the one can of paint left over from the Tuna Can Lanterns I made from your inspirational instructions. I might just need to make that trip to Wal-Mart today for sure. I need a clock though, but I so need a battery operated clock…… for when the power goes out. I will look for the copper color today if I manage to get there as planned.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas and instructions.

    1. Hi Alana-

      I did like the chrome, but the copper bronze goes so much better. It is always hard taking that initial step to change something that is truly ok in the first place.