Summer Tour Of Homes

Summer has not officially begun on the calendar, but it has in my house, both inside and out.


I have been eagerly anticipating the summer and was more than ready to make a few changes to bring a light and breezy vibe to to all the rooms in my house.

I love the spacious feeling of pared-down rooms all year round, but it is essential for me in the summer.  Carefree living is what life is all about and I try to set up each room for low maintenance so I can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

I always keep this quote from Alexandra Stoddard in my mind when thinking about how I choose items to decorate with:

“Life is too short to be the caretaker of the wrong details”

Over the winter months I decluttered many rooms and got rid of many un-needed items. I refreshed walls and trim with white paint so that I can add my favorite pops of color in any combination anywhere I want.

Just like a flower garden in bloom, I like the mix of many colors in every room.

Easy to make summer ready pillows for your home | In My Own Style

This year I am favoring pink.  I didn’t really plan it…it just happened. I shopped the house to make some changes and pink became the prominent color.  I made these pillows to use on the floor last year, but they work just as well on my slipcovered sofa.


I keep the white slipcovers on the seating in my family room all year long. I like the casual beachy feel they bring to the decor. The pink throw is from Furbish Studio. It comes in many different colors. The basket is from HomeGoods. The driftwood tray on the ottoman is from Ross. The table is a thrift store find that I madeover a few years ago. I posted about it here.


The floral fabric on the pillows is from JoAnn Fabrics.

Decorating ideas for spring

I adore pink peonies and have them in my garden. They don’t bloom until early June so in the meantime, I have these fake ones from Crate & Barrel in my foyer.  Adding water to the vase helps make them look a bit more realistic.


I move this urn and boxwood globe from room to room. It is a classic accent that looks good anywhere I place it.  I stenciled the wall using a stencil from Royal Designs Studio. Pattern: Allover Wall Stencil Marrakesh Large.

Pastel white paints to use for decorating

I made this pink cowhide skirt to cover my sewing machine table in my Studioffice earlier this spring. I am enjoying the positive energy it brings to the room.

The worktable side of my studioffice rarely looks this neat, it is usually filled with projects in progress. In the summer months the room gets filled with light most of the day which makes it the best place to work and take photographs of smaller projects.


I don’t collect items as a hobby, but do enjoy finding ways to repurpose them to use around my house in decorative ways. I used this glass doorknob as a pen holder for my desk.

LEarn how to successfully paint your kitchen cabinets | In My Own Style

My kitchen cabinets are basic builder grade that I painted white many years ago. I made feet for the cabinets using wood shelf brackets to make them look more customized. I made the bread board using the wood from an old desk. The mat is from Ballard Designs. The dishtowel is from JC Penney.

How to style shelfs using your favorite things

Fresh flowers on my kitchen counter always make me smile and keep the decor summer fresh and simple.

I recently finished updating my bedroom. I decorated this wall unit with my favorite things…

Decorating  with personal style

…photos of my daughters and framed DVD cover art from my favorite vintage movies…

Book shelf organizing idea

…and baskets and pretty pink boxes to hide little bits and bobs that don’t have a place to call home.

This chair used to have a red cabbage rose design all over. I used fabric medium and paint to give it a new look. I am very happy with the results.

I used to have fabric bed hangings over my bed, but removed them to create an easy-to-take-care-of headboard using old doors and crown molding. 


I like the look of adding a pretty shell on top of stacks of books. This one is on my bedside table.

The best glossy white paints for furniture

I used glossy white paint and DIY chalk paint to transform this mirror and dresser with an upbeat vibe just in time for summer.

Key tassel for furniture drawers

Adding little details, like this key tassel gives the dresser its own personality.

Spa like bathroom makeover for under $300
Guest room bed ideas

I gave the upstairs bath a color makeover simply by changing out the towels, fabric on the window valance, and shower curtain.

I haven’t changed anything in my guest room, but it is a room that does get used quite a bit over the summer. All the furnishings except for a new mattress are hand-me-downs that I made over to fit our needs. I made over the dresser with lettered gift wrap when I first started blogging.  


Since my daughters are grown and out on their own, I took one of their unused bedrooms and made it into a fitness room. I love it!  Both Ed and I use it 5 days a week. We take the weekends off in the summer to go bike riding.

Deck Decorating ideas

We spend a lot of time in our backyard and deck during the summer. We got Polywood rockers last year and LOVE them! We ordered more pieces that have not been delivered yet. I will be posting about them soon.

To see more of my backyard, check out my Summer Home Tour from last year where I featured my backyard.


We entertain outside quite a bit in the summer and I have a system set up to get party-ready fast.  I made a thrift store basket into an open drink cooler last summer.


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  1. Happy Happy Nester says:

    I love your summer home tour! You’re so creative and your house is beautiful. So light and cheerful and full of inspiring decor.

  2. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Sigh, sigh, sigh, Drool, drool, drool, Clap, clap, clap. Words can’t express how much I love love love your style and home! Thanks for letting me look around@! Gorgeous!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Yvonne – XO Thanks so much. I love bright, open, and airy spaces. I try to make my house feel like a beach house even though it is a trad brick colonial. I will have to win the lottery to make a real beach/lake house happen… in the meantime I do the best I can to make the decor closer to my dream. :-)

  3. LOVE it all!!! So inviting and homey and personal!!! Kinda funny because I too have been adding pops of pink in my decor (and I typically don’t like pink – like not at all!!)

  4. Arbie Goodfellow says:

    Hi Diane,
    I am so glad I signed up for your blog! Your house is beautiful and your ideas are great! Such an inspiration! I look forward to getting around to more projects in my own house. Thank-You so much for sharing!
    Kind regards :)

  5. Debbie Lorson says:

    I loved your summer tour. The striped fan in the workout room is really a cute touch. I am just curious about
    your slip covers. Where do you purchase something like that. I have been to Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    and WalMart and I can only find the stretchy SureFit ones. I want a muslin or cotton like the ones you
    showed. I live in Missouri and we are lacking with the store chains that other parts of the country have. We
    finally got a Ross!!!!!!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Debbie – The slipcovers on my sofa are half bought half DIYed. I bought the loose fitting twill throw over tie-on slipcovers at Ugly You can also buy them at SureFit. I made cushion covers for the cushions using quilts I found on clearance at a local dept. store. You can read about how I created them in this post:

      It has been about 4 years since I made the cushion covers. We always let out dogs sit on them, but they took a beating and I need to make some new seat bottom cushion covers. I will be posting about that sometime this summer.

  6. Jessica @ Decor Adventures says:

    Diane you have lots of pink in your home and I’m loving it. I just added a bit of it myself, which was the first time for me and of course, I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner. Happy summer friend! Everything looks very lovely :-)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jessica – Pink is such a happy color and perfect for summer. Your home looks wonderful in all the fresh new colors you added. Isn’t it funny once we do something, we say to ourselves, “Now why didn’t I do that sooner”. Proof that we should always “just do it”.

  7. I love your design style. I am interested in the rug in your family room, where you purchased it and is it soft to the feel or stiff? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Ginger – I bought the rug on It is woven seagrass. It is not scratchy, but the texture is not smooth. I love the feeling of walking over it in my bare feet. It is like getting a massage. Since it does have texture, it is not comfy to lay or sit on for a long period of time. you can read more about it in this post:

  8. lynn spencer says:

    Diane, thanks for the tour of your beautiful home! I LOVE that blue chest and the rug in front of it just really makes it pop. I haven’t really ‘seaonalized’ (is that a word?) my home, except for Christmas, but your post has really inspired me.

  9. Veronica Roth says:

    Hi Diane, your white house looks all summer fresh and ready with the wonderful pops of colour. Well done. :D

  10. Oh my gosh! Is this your house? This is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen! Everything is so chick and stylish. Can I live in your house? :) Just kidding! But I should definitely steal some ideas.

  11. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    your home was just meant for spring and summer! it looks so happy and beautiful!

  12. Diane,


    Wonderful to read your reference to Alexandra Stoddard. Love her books and philosophy. A true inspiration.


  13. Funky Junk Interiors says:

    Oh Diane… I’m so in love with your spaces! The pops of colour just make me feel happy! :)

    There’s so much to love… but your workout room? Now that is cool! I think I’ll plot and plan my own for that ‘one day in the future!’

    Thanks for the fabulous eye candy tour!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Donna – After 6 years of seeing my oldest daughter’s bedroom go unused, I came up with the idea to use it for a fitness room. I did not enjoy working out in a windowless basement. My daughter loves it and is happy to sleep in the guest room when she comes home now. :-)

  14. Rosy @ just my rosy life says:

    Your home is beautiful! I’ve always loved your studioffice.

  15. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Diane I always come away so inspired by your creativity. You truly are a wonder in showcasing how small changes can make a big impact in a room. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  16. Krista @ the happy housie says:

    So perfect for summer Diane! I love how fresh and light and airy it feels with gorgeous pops of colour everywhere!! Stunning. And that quote is awesome – I need a little more of that in my life. Garage sale happening around here next Saturday. It’s time to get ruthless! Thanks for the beautiful summery inspiration, enjoy your day!!

  17. Laura top this top that says:

    Diane. Your home is so pretty. Love all your pops of pretty color. Stopping by never disappoints! Happy summer

  18. Hi Diane,
    Your home is gorgeous as usual. Where did you get the rug in front of the blue buffet behind the couch?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa – I bought the rug small rug at Walmart in the bath rug section. It came in many color variations.

  19. Michelle Clark says:

    Fantastic! MC

  20. Diane, you’re home is lovely! Crisp, clean and refreshing. And your studio office is gorgeous. May I ask where you got the bedding in your bedroom? I love the color and design.


    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Terry – I bought the bedding a JCPenneys about 2 years ago. It was from the Jonathan Adler collection. They no longer sell it, but you may be able to find it by searching for: Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Chloe Quilt Set

  21. Love your home. Am curious about your painted chair. What paint did you use for painting the fabric