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Decorative Free Printable Labels For Organizing

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 Free printable labels for organizing all the stuff in your home. I made them the way I make all the labels with card stock and self-laminating sheets.

When paging through the Ballard Designs catalog a few years ago, I came across little enameled re-writable name plaques.  They were white and outlined in black.   They were Oh….so cute…French! and Oh…. so expensive! I thought of so many uses for them, but knew I couldn’t afford them.

Not wanting to feel deprived of adding this stylish detail to my storage boxes, baskets, and bins, I created a less expensive, practically free version using card stock and self-laminating sheets. These wipe-off labels make it easy to keep everything organized around your home.  The hardest part will be gathering all of your “stuff ” to put into your new labeled containers.

How to Make Decorative Label Plaques

  • I make a design using Photoshop Elements, save it as a .pdf and then print and cut the labels out on card stock. If you don’t have a photo editing program, simply download the ones I have made available in my Free Printable Label Gallery.

Free printable labels for home storage boxes

  • To make the labels resemble chic enamel tags, I add a layer of shiny protection using clear laminating sheets (no laminating machine necessary) over the labels so they are easy to wipe clean and will last for a long time.

Self seal laminating sheets

  • I punch a hole in each side of the label with a hole puncher and attach the labels to storage boxes, bins, baskets and more with brass fasteners that you can buy where office supplies are sold. I use big fasteners for larger labels and tiny ones for smaller labels.

When I went hunting through my blog to find the labels I wanted to use, I realized they are not easy to find and I even know what posts they are in!

To make the search easier for you, I have created a page just for “free printable labels” for easy access and downloading.

  • You can find it here, but I also added a link in my navigation bar under my blog header.

Free printable labels for storage boxes

Here is a picture of the decorative labels I made for my clothes closet. I bought the pink boxes at IKEA.

Closet organizing ideas

While I was in Photoshop Elements, I added the item names to each label using the font Ever After but you can use markers over the lamination using your own handwriting. I have many blank labels with which I do just that.

  • If you know your way around Photoshop Elements or any photo editing software program, open up the downloaded label .pdf file in the program, upload the .pdf and use your favorite fonts to personalize each label, then print out the labels and seal with the laminating sheets.

Clothes closet labeling system on a budget

Once the labels are made and laminated I attach them to boxes, baskets, and containers of all sorts.

How to Attach a Label to a Box

Free printable labels for the DIYer

To find out how to laminate the labels, check out the Free Printable Label Gallery.

supplies needed:

  • label – printed, sealed and cut out.
  • brass fasteners
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • awl or pointy object to make two small holes in box

How to attach labels to boxes
1. Find the center on the side of the box and mark with a light pencil mark.  Center label over this mark and mark where holes are on the label. Use the awl to create two small holes in the box.


2. Push the ends of a brass fastener through label and hole in box.

How to attach free printable labels to storage boxes

3. Spread tips of brass fastener open on inside of box to secure. You can use clear tape over the spread-out tips to keep them secure.

Free printable labels to use around your home to help you stay organized

Download link for free printable labels for organizing:

Large Decorative Labels

For more free printable labels and how to laminate them check out my new Free Printable Label Gallery

Transformed thrift store baskets with handles into stylish storage inside a cabinet.

Be warned…once you start adding pretty labels to a few items around your home you may not be able to stop labeling everything in your home. :-)

The label gallery page looks like the image below.

Free printable labels all in one place

Free printable labels to download and use to label boxes, bins, and baskets around your home. In My Own Style

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  1. Hi Diane. These are so nice. Thank you. I love Photoshop Elements and use it daily to create scrapbooking products and freebies. Thanks again.

  2. Love the labels, but can’t seem to get the file to open. It keeps coming up ‘open in Houzz’. I wanted the decorative ones like you used. Any suggestions?
    Love your blog!

  3. Thanks again, Ms. Diane; I really like the font you chose, too. Very legible and happy!

    1. Hello,
      I was curious what the name of the pretty curly font is that you used for the small closet labels?
      Thank you so much!

      1. Hi Vanessa – I am not sure what label you are asking about. Is it one shown in the post you left the comment on or another? In the post you left the comment on the font used is Ever After. It is no longer found on the Dafont site, but you can still get it for free on fftonts.