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Blueberry Smoothie Made With a Mason Jar Blender

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If you like Mason jars, did you know that you can use them as a blender container?  I made a Blueberry Smoothie using one. 

My youngest daughter came home this weekend to celebrate the 4th with Ed and me.  To make her feel special on her arrival, I had a little surprise ready for her when she walked in the door that involved Mason jars.

The iconic Mason Jar…  we all know and love them.  Just take a look at Pinterest and you know how popular they are. DIYers use them for many different purposes other than what they were intended for.

They are used to make chandeliers, painted to use as vases, to hold homemade Sugar Body Scrub, to store leftover paint, or simply to collect as decorations for your home. The list goes on and on.


Recently I found another smart way to use them.

There is a personal size kitchen blender that uses Mason Jars exclusively so that you can whip up your favorite smoothies or recipes.  Best of all, it requires no container-to-drinking glass transfer.

I knew my daughter would love it. She, unlike many of us DIY’ers, uses Mason Jars for their intended purpose and has quite a lot of them.

She has lived and worked on different farms since she graduated from college. She is into natural foods and now works showing people how to make delicious recipes using nature’s bounty.

I love giving surprises – little or big ones that you give to others because you found something so perfect for them that you had to get it even though it is not their birthday or a special occasion.  I like to make the surprise into one.


When she got home and saw the blender and that it used Mason Jars exclusively – she smiled big time! To help celebrate the 4th, we whipped up two Blueberry Smoothies and drank them right from the Mason Jars we made them in – right from the base of the blender.

No waste, mess or big blending container to wash. My daughter doesn’t have a dishwasher in her apartment so the less to clean up, the better, plus she gets to use her favorite Mason Jars in another way now.

There is an attachment that fits into the blender. All you have to do is twist the Mason jar on to the attachment and press down on the Mason jar for the blender to blend.


The blender is a:  Tribest Mason Jar Personal Blender

It comes with 4 different Mason jar sizes, including a mug style jar, lids and two blades – one for blending another for grinding. But you can use any regular mouth Mason jar you own.

If you are on the run, it comes with 2 sippy lids too!


CHEERS! to one great invention and getting to give fun surprises that put a smile on someone’s face.

Here is the recipe we made:  I made mine without yogurt and honey.

Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie with flax seeds, honey, and yogurt. 
Author: In My Own Style


  • 1 frozen banana – thaw for about 10 mins
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1-1/2 tsp. flax seed meal
  • 1-1/2 tsp. honey
  • 2/3 cup frozen blueberries


  • Chop up the banana and then add all the ingredients to the blender. Mix and enjoy.

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  1. I LOVE that blender, how fantastic! Mason jars actually fit in my old Oster blender and I use them all the time.

    1. Hi Cussot – You just brought back a happy memory for me. I can see my Mom’s Oster blender perfectly in my mind sitting on the counter in the green kitchen in the house I grew up in. I remember when she got it, we thought it was so cool. It was a real powerful blender and could whip up just about anything in a minute. :-)

      1. Funny thing – mine is actually my late mother’s! It was one of the things I saved from her kitchen. One of the things I got rid of was her cast iron frying pan that was older than me. Still regretting that moment of madness, I must say.

  2. I have been following your blog for years. This is my favorite photo ever! What a lovely mother-daughter moment!

    1. Hi Sandra – Thanks – I am trying to add a more personal factor to the blog and not just have it be all tutorials. When my girls come home – life around the house gets a new infusion of happy energy. My daughter left last night since she had to be at work today. Both of them live 5 hours away in opposite directions. The house is quiet again – just Ed and Me, actually just me since Ed went out for a free round of birthday golf with a friend this morning. Enjoy your day.