What Camera Gear Do I Use?

Many of you have written asking me what camera and camera gear I use to take photos for my blog. I have never written a post about it before, because I do not consider myself a good photographer  – yet!  But it is my mission to try to get better every day so that I can rock every shot and not just some of them.

Canon Camera 5d Mark 2

I started blogging with a point and shoot camera and then upgraded when I became a full-time blogger.  I purchased a Canon 60D with a 50 mm 1.8 lens.  I no longer have the 1.8 lens because I dropped it and it broke.  I learned my lesson the hard way and now am very careful when handling them.  It cost more to have it fixed, so I upgraded  to a 50 mm 1.4.

I have taken many classes online, read many manuals, and spent hours looking over photography web sites to better understand all the concepts of using a camera from light, lenses, to the best  equipment to use.

The more I have learned, the more I have invested a portion of  money I make from my blog, back into my blog, by upgrading my camera gear.  I figure it is a good investment since I hope to be blogging for a long time.

What Camera and Camera Gear Do I Use to Take Blog Photos:

In 2013, I purchased a “used” Canon 5D Mark II which is a full frame camera. I could not afford to buy it new so I bought the camera for a fraction of the cost as well as some of my lenses at KEH camera.  They have a 2 week return policy so if something is not working, or you are just not happy with the purchase  – you can return it.

I have been very happy with it, but in 2015 I updated it to a Canon 5D Mark III. 

I use it with a few lenses listed above when I need to get a variety of shots, but 90% of the time, I use a Canon 24-70 L lens with it. It is my go-to combination.


I have tried to give myself a variety of lenses so I can cover most situations – far away to close up shots.

1. Canon 35 mm 2.0
2. Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 50mm 1.2
3. Canon 50 mm Macro 2.5
4. Canon 100 mm Macro 2.8
5. Canon 24-70 L lens
6. Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom
7. Shoot Remote
8. Slik Pro 700 DX Pro Tripod w/ Panhead

I take most of the photos for my blog in my house and use my iPhone when I travel.  The only other equipment I have is the DIY photo studio I set up in my studioffice.  I use a vinyl roller shade as a backdrop and a dollar store white foam board to bounce the light.


What I Have Found The Most Important Elements in Getting the Best Photos

  • A good eye – to look at all the angles and choose the most interesting one. This might mean getting down on the floor or climbing a ladder.
  • It is not only about the camera – a good one is going to help, but you can rock a photo on a lesser model of camera or even an iPhone if it has a great lens on it or you have the light just right.
  • You have to find the best light and the time of day that works for the style of photography you want. I aim for light, sharp, and colorful images. To get these shots in my house, I have to take them in the late afternoon between 4 –6 PM.  Right when I need to be making dinner! 
  • Good post processing photo enhancing software  will help fix almost anything.  Knowing how to use these programs is a skill all on its own, but is worth learning as it can take a ho-hum right out of the camera shot and make it exceptional.
  • A solid tripod and a remote will help you get sharp images. When you hand hold the camera– you can get blurry photos.   When you put the camera on a tripod, then use a timer or a remote to set off the shutter when the camera is absolutely still – you will get sharp images. Even if you have the camera on a tripod alone, if you press the shutter button with your hand, the camera moves slightly – when you use the timer or a remote control, the camera stays still.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Read the camera manual. It is sort of boring, but will help you learn all the bells and whistles your camera offers.

Online Sites that Have Helped Me

  • Shoot Fly Shoot Classes – Taking the 101 class made using manual mode click for me. After I took this class everything changed for the better in the quality of my photos.
  • Kevin and Amanda.com – Amanda has written many posts about photography on her site from DSLR’s to the apps she used to better her iPhone photos.
  • YouTube.com – Just type in whatever it is you want to know about your camera or photography in general and a dozen or more tutorial videos will show up for you to choose from.  Since I am a visual learner, I have found these are the best for learning not only about my camera, but Photoshop Elements, too.
  • Exif Data – If you see a photo you like online, you can read its metadata. Some photos do not have it, but many do.   To use it, copy the url of a photo you like (right click, a pop-up will open, choose copy image url, or view image url,)  Paste this into the exif data site and if metadata is available for that photo a list will appear that will tell you everything about how the image was taken from what camera was used, aperture, mm of lens, f-stop, shutter speed, and what software processed it.  Doing this to photos I like has really helped me to figure out what works and what numbers to dial in to my camera to  experiment with to see what works for me.  There are exif data add-ons for most browsers.  Just type in find exif data in the search bar to find one you like. I like using findexif.com.

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  1. Photo of my 2.5y/o daughter eating kale–i made her eat it by saying kale will make you happy if you eat it! Hehe.

  2. My last picture was two days ago of my kids at a water park. Trying to squeeze in a little more fun before school starts up next week. :)

  3. A wrapping up summer photo with my friends at the beach(:

  4. Michelle M says:

    The last picture I took was my kids playing outside on a tire swing. They start school on Monday and I needed to remember the moment of them having a usual summer day while I sat on a blanket happily watching.

  5. A photo of my children, 4 & 6, with their 91 year old Great Grandmother.

  6. The last photo I took with my camera was a picture of my mom and my youngest daughter. We were at a picnic for my mom’s work.

    Thank you for the change to win a really cool book!
    Love your blog! <3

    1. The above should say, “Thank you for the CHANCE to win a really cool book! :)

  7. The last photos I took were with my iPhone of my kids with chocolate shakes. Summertime fun!

  8. Sheila Hall says:

    The last photo I took was of my friend’s and I at a bar trivia night!

  9. My crazy boxer dog, Sugar. She is always doing something weird that just needs to be captured.

  10. is there anywhere to buy this book online? Thanks (I am in Australia so ineligible :( but would love to purchase it)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Amanda – you can buy it on Amazon.com

      1. great thanks very much Diane

        1. although just checked, shipping is $30! book depository.com.. free shipping yay!

  11. Most likely my three girls when they were all home together. I would die for a DSLR and am saving my eBay proceeds for one…would love a copy of this book.

  12. The last photo I took with our dslr was our first grade daughter and her two year old brother in front of her school.

  13. Darla K W says:

    Photos! Love them! My daughter is a professional photographer, but I take most of the pictures in our family. I have twin granddaughters that are 4 years old. I keep them while their parents work and they tell me when to take a picture! They love posing and I love snapping! We are a good team, the 3 of us!!

  14. The last pictures I have taken are of lights and chandeliers at various stores for my bathroom makeover. That way I can compare different styles and show my husband for help in decision making.

  15. My last photos were before close-ups of wrinkles and lines on my face so I can show people my great product line and how it reverses aging instantly with the After photos.
    No chemicals , safe and organic. Using live stem cells (shipped frozen)to repair damage
    I’m an esthetician and I only use what works.

  16. Hi Diane,
    The last pic I took was last week and it was of my friend on her birthday blowing out her candles. It was taken with my Iphone and it came out great!
    Thanks for the giveaway… the book looks great!

  17. Lisa Kubin says:

    The last photo I took was of one of my cats with my camera phone!
    Lisa K.

  18. The last thing I took a photo of was a display at a Farmers Market….it was a small wooden wagon filled with produce and 3 flowers that were made from tin cans….used cell phone camera cause I don’t have a better camera..

  19. Bonnie Thompson says:

    Took family photos with a canon 4d

  20. Rebecca Ednie says:

    The last thing I took a photo of was a card I made. I will be blogging it soon.

  21. The last picture I took was of the full moon last night :)

  22. The last picture I took was of me and my son at a waterfall near our home. (the day before he was to go back to school) ;)

  23. several homes for a project I am working on…

  24. The last picture I took was with my very basic, non-smartphone, of my cat while she was yawning, full-on, you can see teeth, tongue, throat. . .up close. So hilarious.

  25. I took pictures of some of the beautiful planters my neighbors have. It will help me with ideas for next year.

  26. DeDe@Designed Decor says:

    Just used my camera this afternoon and shoot a cabinet that I am turning into a potting bench! I so need so much more education for my photography skills!

  27. Joyce Ward says:

    I took a sweet picture of our 2 yr old granddaughter today when she thought she was doing a jump which is actually a gallop – lol- too cute with my I-phone. Thank you very much!

  28. I took a picture of my sweet 7 year old girl! She wanted a picture of herself by the fountains at home depot :)

  29. Jeane Gallo says:

    I took a photo of an Eastern softshell turtle this morning while we were on a bike ride. I always take my camera along…we see some amazing wildlife along the bike trail.

  30. I just took a great photo of four hummingbirds feeding at our feeder…..perfectly synchronized! Can’t believe I was able to get it!

  31. The last picture I took was with my iPhone and it was my latest rescue Dachshund.

  32. Carol Fitzgerald says:

    Last night I took a beautiful picture of the golden Full Moon. I titled it “Good Night Wichita”. (I just took a Photography 101 Class and love learning the in’s and out’s of DSLR photography. I’d love to have this book!)

  33. My 76 year old father playing baseball!!!

  34. The last photo I took was of my dog – Tilly, She is such a cutie!

  35. My kids! Of course…my adorable kids!

  36. The last thing I photographed was our condo that we will be renting, to document the condition of the rooms and appliances.

  37. Thanks for the great information, tips and links! The last photo I took on my cell phone was of my newborn grandson sleeping in my arms in the middle of the night. Tricky shot and dark photo but special to me.

  38. We just bought a house. The last thing I took a picture of was my living room after decorating it.

  39. Cari Sanders says:

    The last photo I took was with my iPhone of our Jack Russell Terrier, Skip, in a field of flowers.

  40. The last thing I took a picture of was our local bicycle policeman Tim in Lansdale, PA. I got a photo of him all dressed in bright blue gear on his bike guarding an intersection crosswalk. He’s just peaking out from behind a humungous pot of blooming pink petunias. It was a lucky photo (right time, right place) and is on my store’s Facebook page.

  41. I take absolutely horrible photos, so needless to say, I have no idea what the last thing I photoed was!

  42. Danneel Mitchell says:

    I was just talking to a friend today about purchasing a new camera for myself! How funny! Hope I win!

  43. The last thing I took a picture of was my husband. We chopped all of his beautful, dark, italian curls off and I made him take a picture with the mess we left in the bathroom. =)

  44. My kids at the beach.

  45. My husband and I replaced a faucet in his mother’s guest bathroom. I took a picture of the final result.

  46. The last thing I took a picture of was our dinner experience at a restaurant for the ABC Dinner Club page on my blog. The book looks very interesting!

  47. Beth Coburn says:

    Just yesterday I used my iPhone to take a “selfy” of me and my Mom. I had travelled to Lexington, KY to be with her for a week. I was fixing to head to the airport then realized I hadn’t taken any pics of her. So I pulled out my phone and took some pics of us together. Love that feature on the iPhone! Thanks for all your info. on your camera.

  48. I took a picture of my son using his own money to buy his very first candy out of one of those gumball-type machines at the mall!

  49. Jennifer O says:

    The last photos I took were with my phone as I was walking my dog and admired a beautifully landscaped yard. I took photos of several of my favorites among the plants to show to the nursery staff for identification.

  50. I took a picture with my phone of the beach where we live. It didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped!

  51. Lori Haddock says:

    The last photo I took was with my phone of my cute little Granddaughter at her Birthday Party. This was a great post with a lot of really helpful tips. Thanks.

  52. I used my phone to take a few photos of my 13-year old son and his 11-week old Springer Spaniel puppy on the beach a few days ago. I wished I had my “better” camera, which is an old Canon PowerShot, but my phone captured the moment. I dream of a new camera and the skills to take better photos! I would love to win this book for creative picture taking ideas.

  53. My black lab mix puppy, asleep on the couch with my iphone.

  54. Believe it or not, the last picture I took was of the bat that somehow got into the bathroom of our 100 yr. old farmhouse! Thinking if I knew more about photos it would have been a much better picture than what I took with my little digital camera. (Maybe a bad picture was a good thing in this case…)

  55. ooops! It was taken with my point and shoot .. although I have two other cameras!

  56. My last photo was of my grape tomatoes growing on my patio – love that red!!!

  57. I just took some photos of my adorable pit bull puppy on my camera phone! I am def a photography amateur! Love this giveaway.

  58. Last picture I took was for my latest blog post: a freshly painted bunk bed. I have lots to learn about making photos, love to win the book!

  59. On our recent vacation I took some shots of my children using their new boogie boards, fingers crossed for a good Holiday card picture!

  60. Christi M. says:

    The last photo I took was on Monday with my DSLR. It was a photo of my two boys right before we left home for their first day of school. I always get the same “Awwww, do we have to?” response from them every year! But of course the answer is always yes!

  61. Gail Piernas-Davenport says:

    The last photo I took was of a quilt I finished for a Craftsy.com class I am taking, Inspiring Modern Quilts. I am always, however, inspired by Diane’s photos!

  62. I took a few shots of the last of my flowers..the end of summer is here.
    I would love to learn more. Thanks for a great give away!

  63. Carolyn B says:

    Someday I hope to learn to take better pics. I have a nice camera, but reading the manual would put me to sleep in a second! LOL I’ve always been a “play and learn” kinda gal. Maybe a class would be good…I’ll have to check that out!

  64. I would love to take this class! How clever!!

  65. April @ illistyle says:

    The last photo I took was of my daughter, on the last day of her 3rd year. She is no longer a little girl. Today is her 4th birthday.

  66. I would suspect that most of us bloggers have taken pictures of our transformations. With me, it’s been a summer of tons of furniture painting and my latest is a gorgeous Victorian shelving unit. I need to learn how to up my game on photography and this book would surely help with that.

  67. The last photograph I took was a quick snapshot with my phone’s camera of my youngest daughter, age 14 (granted, if you were talking to her, she’d insert “almost 15”), trying-on the dress her older sister wore to her junior prom. (Under the watchful eye of said older sister — telling the younger sister how she was “too young” for the dress style. Funny, older sister would have only been 1 year older when SHE WORE same dress!) I found this one of those precious moments for me as Mom: protective older sister advising “baby” sister in the intricacies of age-appropriate dress-code…even if it was a clothing article of her own!

  68. The morning sunrise was brilliant in all it’s pink and purple hues. I took a picture of my new Jeep Rubicon with the wheat field and the glorious pre-dawn horizon as it’s perfect backdrop.

  69. Last night I took photos of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies that were enjoying my butterfly bushes. They were so beautiful!

  70. the last photo i took was of my husband and son hugging at the airport as we saw him off to california to start his freshman year of college. through my tears, i shot it with our nikon D5100.

  71. Yesterday morning, I photographed my only child (along with our beloved 13 year old rescue dog) as he was standing in the same spot on the front porch that he has each of the past 13 years to capture his last first-day-of-school picture! Sniff, sniff

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jeanette – You won the giveaway for the book – A Beautiful Mess – Photo Idea Book! Congratulations. I will be emailing you to get your mailing address. Happy Weekend!

      1. Pinch me, stat! You’ve made my weekend a happy one, for sure!!! Thank you so much (for the book, and for all of the great things that you do)!

  72. The last photo I took was my beautiful daughter on the first day of her senior year in high school. Her school has a uniform policy but allows seniors to “dress up” the first day. She looked so beautiful and grown, I just could not resist taking the pic. Looking at it after made me both sad and proud!

  73. I took pictures of my kiddos on the first day of school.

  74. I took a picture of a monach butterfly on my lantana bush with my IPhone while I was working in the yard. It is beautiful!

  75. Christianne says:

    The last photo I took was of a fall wreath I made for our annual Fall Fest in my hometown. I just have a ridiculously simple Kodak. Thanks for all the great tips.

  76. I took a photo of my yorkie, Dixie and my cairn Terrier, Daisy, sleeping on the kitchen floor, in my way! I titled it, “My two little sous chefs taking a break”.

  77. Sharon Pruit says:

    The last picture(s) I took were of my new granddaughter.

  78. I took a picture last night of some balloons I placed on our neighbor’s mailbox in honor of their brand new baby girl. I want the mama to have a picture for the baby’s scrapbook as she is in the hospital recovering from giving birth. Birth – what a miracle!!

  79. Cassie Lewis says:

    My last photo was of the stormy cloud formations was taken with my cell phone camera. I come from Ohio but now live in Nevada. The skies in the desert are beautiful whether it is sunrise, sunset or storms.

  80. The last photo I took was of my twins taking a bath. One had put on her goggles so she could “dive” for glow sticks, which is a bathtime favorite!

  81. I have been taking a lot of photos this summer on my iphone. I think the quality is great but I really need to become more confident with my SONY DSLR and lenses.

  82. I took a picture of my grandson’s dump truck in hopes of making it in to a bank by using a shadow box — the goal being that the dump truck looks like it is dumping the coins into the “load”. That darn dump truck isn’t exactly photogenic!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Linda Seay says:

    The last photo I took was of my old trestle dining table–just spiffed it up with paint and wax. My camera is a Canon PowerShot SX120 iS. I take photos of my husband gardening, my cats, and my favorite subjects are my grandchildren! Thanks for a chance to win a copy of This Lovely Mess!

  84. Just attended a family reunion in Chicago. Nothing better than capturing photos of family!!!!!

  85. Omeshia Green says:

    The last thing I took a photo of was my daughter on her first day of Pre-K. Right now I’m using my iPhone. I hope to upgrade to a DSLR one day. But there are some awesome apps out there to really enhance your photos. I love this post. I’m always just looking for more tips on how to take better photos.

  86. Sharla Coleman says:

    I took a photo of my classroom

  87. Jan Johnson says:

    I took a photo of my daughter and her brand new learner’s license! Sadly with our old cheap point and shoot – so hope for a DSLR one day.

  88. The last photo I took with my iPhone was one of my 4 lb. toy fox terrier.

  89. Megan Merwin says:

    My four beautiful babies!

  90. I took pictures of my boys on their 1st day of school yesterday. :D

  91. The last photo I have taken with my iPhone was my oldest daughter dancing with her dad at her wedding while my youngest say “Don’t You Ever Grow Up”, needless to say it was a bit blurry!

    1. Oops, sang “Don’t You Ever Grow Up”, must be something in my eye!

  92. Jann Newton says:

    The last picture I took was of a chair seat I am re-upholstering. Thanks for the great tips!

  93. The “before” picture of a cabinet that I’m getting ready to chalk paint using your chalk paint recipe :)

  94. Carmen Skyles says:

    The last photo I took was of my new puppy boxer named Jackson. He’s a doll! :)

  95. Emmiejaye says:

    The last picture I took was of my new dog, Hunter. He’s a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix, has one blue eye, one brown eye, and enormous ears!

  96. Stephanie Hobson says:

    A piece of furniture that my daughter-in-law converted and painted to use as a tv stand in their home. Her first such project… very proud of her!

  97. Thanks for the great tips, I love following your blog.
    The last photo I took was of my 19 month old grandson climbing the jungle gym. He moves so quickly, that all my photos of him are blurry:)

  98. Last photo taken, was actually made by my daughter to a “Hello Maria” chalk message my neighbor left for her next to my daughter’s previous chalk self portrait. Cute! She used my Galaxy.

  99. m elizondo says:

    The last picture i remember taking was one of my own backyard.Its so very much alive with color year around.

  100. Elizabeth G says:

    I took a picture of some sourdough bread I made fresh out of the oven about 15 minutes ago. It was the first time I’ve made this kind of bread. Thanks!

  101. Candy Thayer says:

    Some people take pictures of their children, pets or beautiful scenery…I take pictures of completed projects. The last one that I took was yesterday and it was of some felted wool Christmas trees that I am making for a Vintage Market in November.

  102. This morning I picked some heirloom tomatoes from our garden, placed them in a bowl on the kitchen counter, and grabbed my iPhone to take pictures to post on Facebook.

  103. Photography has always intrigued me. It’s something on my ‘must learn more about’ list. Than you for the great tips and advice! My last subject? Smokey the Bear, at the Fireman’s Muster last weekend :)

  104. Oh wow what a great giveaway! I follow A Beautiful Mess’ blog…she is fun! The last picture I took was of my son’s first day of school. It’s that time of year and I love capturing the moment…they grow so fast! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  105. Cheryl B. says:

    I’ve been making silk bouquets and bouts for our oldest daughter’s upcoming wedding, and have been sending her pics from my phone to update her on the progress. My camera is an OLYMPUS D-435. It’s a good little camera. My problem is lighting inside my home. We have lots of windows, but also lots of shiny surfaces that often reflect the flash. A friend is taking some classes soon and I hope to be able to join her.

  106. Today – Took a picture today of a lovely swallowtail on my butterfly bush. Have an older DSLR,a Nikon D50. Love my pictures but most of them are done on Auto and would love to become more confident using Manual. Just haven’t had the time until now. I’m a semi-retired hospice nurse and just can’t give it up yet. Hope to have some extra time for photography!!

  107. I took a picture of my daughter and twelve of her best friends at a dinner to say goodbye as each girl is off to freshman year at 13 different colleges. I will miss them.

  108. Chrystal Younger says:

    My sewing machine!

  109. Judy Pigoni says:

    I am obsessed with houses, so the last thing I took a photo of with my Sony Cyber-Shot was a house. I get involved of not just taking a photo of the entire house, but I mostly enjoy zooming in and getting all the detail work on older homes. I enjoyed reading all your tips and I will try to implement them so I can improve my photos in the future. Thanks for taking the time to share your information!

  110. Lynda Dunham-Watkins says:

    Took a picture of the armature for a new sculpture I’m working on with my Iphone.

  111. I took a photo of my daughter swimming.

  112. Deb Hrabik says:

    It looks like such a great book!
    Tonight I took a picture of my water ski laying on the dock with the lake in the background. It was a beautiful summer evening.
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  113. my kids at the pool!!

  114. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    Thanks Diane for all the fabulous tips!! I use a Nikon Coolpix and hopefully will upgrade sometime soon. Years ago I had a big girl film camera…I hope the learning curve won’t be too great when I finally get my camera. I’m pinning your post for all the tips!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. My last photo was of some flowers I arranged that my husband picked for me in a field. Wasn’t he sweet?

  115. The last photo my boyfriend took using my Apple 5 I phone, was of me hugging my 17 year old son at his dorm room door, before I left him to attend his 1st year of college at Illinois Wesleyan University. Tears in my eyes I said I love you & good bye.

  116. Marcia Kinyon says:

    My last photo taken was of my cat Cerra, she’s a goober ( silly, zany). She love’s to steal your chair, if you get up its hers.

  117. the sun just coming over our cornfield… using my new smartphone… it’s making me feel not so smart…

  118. Pam Fulford says:

    The last picture I took was in my hometown. It was of my Grandchildren in an old brick store, that is no longer in business. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  119. Using my camera phone, I took a picture of my little Cairn Terrier, curled up and sleeping on the ottoman, while I surfed through various blogs.

  120. Terri Asbury says:

    The last picture I took was of Target’s Pharmacy Hours since they were not listed right online. LOL! The last picture I took of substance was our three daughters in the back seat of our car. It was our littlest one’s first ride in a forward facing carseat. They looked like three little duckies. :)

  121. The last thing I took a photo of was a butterfly on my butterfly bush. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  122. Brenda Stafford says:

    I took a shot of my mother on her 89th birthday with my iPhone to share with all her offspring!

  123. Karah @ thespacebetweenblog says:

    I took photos of the mess that is the organization process while unpacking. Pretty uninspiring, really. :)

  124. Last weekend I took pictures of classic cars from the 40’s and 50’s.

  125. Neve hennessey says:

    Photo of a canal houseboat in wonderful Amsterdam with my very reliable and much loved fujifilm point and shoot

  126. MC@ThousandStoryKitchen says:

    Today I took photos of bananas. I’m always reading posts like this to help me better my photography. I’ve got to get some better lenses, but in the meantime (since I totally can’t afford any), many of your tips are useful. I know, especially, practice! practice! practice! Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. Brenda A. says:

    Beautiful book! Last picture I took was my daughter dancing on the lawn.

  128. hi, I read this post from my phone at lunch and was sad to have to report that the last picture I took was a boring project flowchart on a whiteboard at work so I could transcribe it. Luckily, one of my lunch companions brought an assortment of cookies in a pink bakery box tied with striped twine- I was so happy to take a picture of that as my last picture taken with my phone!

  129. I took a picture of my 33rd Anniversary flowers my husband gave me, with an older Canon powershot.

  130. My sons swimming in the pool!

  131. I use my iphone to take the pics for my blog. It’s pretty decent. Super easy to transfer pics.

  132. Just started following you through I Heart Organizing! My last picture was of my 2 month old son!

  133. The last thing I photographed was a group photo of Sailors volunteering to welcome home military service members returning from Afghanistan via BWI Airport during an Operation Welcome Home event in Maryland.

  134. Anna Starner says:

    Just yesterday I took pictures of a very old platter that I want to submit to Country Living. I hope they can give me more information about it than I have now and a value.

  135. The last thing I took a picture of was a magnificent 3 tiered crystal chandelier that I had to put together for work. It felt like a real accomplishment once it was finally hung.

  136. I chuckled when I saw your give away…I am in the thick of polishing up my photog skills and researching cameras. I’ve been using an awesome little point and shoot Canon PowerShot SD800 IS for quite a few years now. I did a lot of research before buying it. I wanted it to be compact for portability but I still wanted ability to be creative. This camera was the best for all that and I still love it. Plus, it has an pretty good built in wide angle w/ minimal distortion. The last things I took a picture of were rooms in my house. Fingers crossed!

  137. Louise in NE OK says:

    A picture of our old, but beautiful 32 year old sorrel horse! He’s getting gray, but he has been with us since he was about 1 1/2 years old. We love him!

  138. The last picture I took was with my iPhone & it was of a slice of macaroni & cheese pizza!!

  139. Jane Rubino says:

    My last pictures were before/after shots of a $3 Goodwill find – the ugliest sunburst mirror EVER! Now, spray painted hammered silver, it looks stunning in the family room.

  140. Well, I’m a Canadian, so I guess I can’t participate (as much as I would love that book)… But I would like to take this opportunity to just say how awesome I think you and your blog are. I don’t necessarily get to check your blog out as often as I would like, but every time I do, I’m always left inspired and impressed. Thank you for all you share!
    And just for poops n giggles, the last photo I took with my Canon Rebel was My 3yr old’s birthday portrait, and with my iphone, a shot of my 5month old sitting. love!

  141. I took some pictures of my children this morning before school in their outfits I made.

  142. Ruth James says:

    I just came back from a walking trip (we call them adventures) with my 3 year old grandson and I photographed him on the swings!

  143. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I just took a before shot of a china cabinet. It’s getting a makeover today. And my camera skills are in need of a serious makeover too!

  144. I shot a photo of my daughter playing with her cousins and great Aunt Mary AND BUBBLES!

  145. Last picture I took was of my kitty resting on my arm. Sometimes, with the right light and focu, the iPhone camera completely wows me with its detail. Still learning my DSLR!

  146. Nana Diana says:

    The very last thing I took a shot of was my little SweetCheeks wearing her Girls Can Change The World shirt. I have not even posted it yet. I need ALL the help I can get. I have a Sony point and shoot and I hope to upgrade to a better camera soon. You do a great job -your learning shows! xo Diana

  147. Hi Diane !
    Thank you for sharing your photography knowledge and thx for the giveaway.
    Last picture I took was with my cell to my todler getting his hair cut done :-)

  148. A two year old in a backwards baseball cap! She was adorable! :)

  149. Laynie Gilbert says:

    The last picture I took was of a wingback chair that I found at a thrift store for $10. I DIY reupholstered it to bring it back to modern times.
    I snapped the picture with my iPhone, but it came out well because of the time of day and the natural light!


  150. The last photo I took was yesterday of a basket I listed for sale, using my Nikon D3100. Thank you for the idea of using the vinyl roller shade as a backdrop! I have the perfect location.

  151. The last photo I took was of my 2 year old. She is our family’s favorite entertainment, especially first thing in the morning in her jammies and crazy curly bedhead.

  152. Last picture I took was my truck full of garage sale goodies that I found when visiting a friend out of town! Fun!!

  153. Jessica w says:

    I did my own DIY Shellac Nails, and that was the last thing I took a picture of with my phone

  154. I use a Nikon Point and Shoot or my android cell phone camera. Usually the cell phone camera is when I see something and was not planning on carrying my point and shoot – like the family cat perched on top of huge tower sized stack of clean and folded towels (yesterday). Once upon a time I had an SLR – when we were still using film. I used to know the stuff about F-stops, film speed, etc. That info fell into the category of “use it or loose it” = and I lost it.

  155. My last photo was of my daughter on her first day of school… tried so hard to get a little depth of field, but it didn’t really work! haha!

  156. My last photo? Another snapshot of the chair that I am ever-so-slowly deconstructing to reupholster, with my Samsung Galaxy. But I don’t count that….I’d say my last photo was of a bee. (My son and husband are hobby beekeepers.)

  157. monica artre says:

    Just took pictures of my kiddos first day of school…bittersweet.

  158. Kimberly J says:

    The last photos I took was with my Nikon. I love to find recipes, try them out, then dabble a little in food photography before I’ve devoured the meal :).

  159. The last picture I took was of my dinner at a restaurant with my camera phone. I was having a wonderful brussel sprout pizza (sounds weird, but it was spectacular)!

  160. The last photo I took was at the Easton Corbin concert last night at the Appalachian Fair. I used my Samsung Galaxy!

  161. I just took a picture of the adorable 6-month-old baby boy I nanny for :) he hasn’t mastered the rolling over thing so he kind of flops to his side and lays there!

  162. I took a picture of my latest block in a virtual quilting bee I am participating in. I have a fabulous camera and have SO much to learn!

  163. The last “thing” I took a picture of was my 6 week old baby. Love!!!

  164. Shelley T. says:

    A shirt I tried on for my mom’s opinion. I don’t like shopping without her, haha.

  165. The last picture I took was yesterday, when my son got on the bus for his first day of middle school!

  166. Lyman Rate says:

    The last thing I took a picture of what of my Flag flying when it was getting stormy. It was breezy and so I thought a great opportunity to try color with a graying background. I used my camera phone as it had began to rain. Turned out decent, but not good enough to warrant printing it.

  167. Charissa Struble says:

    The last photo I took was with my iPhone. It was of the roses in my front yard. This is the second time they’ve bloomed. They look incredible despite the heat. A reminder that real beauty perseveres!