How-To Make No Sew Kitchen Stool Covers

No Sew Fabric stool covers


See the stool with the pleather brown top in the photo, well I had not one of those lovelies, but three.  I bought them to go around my kitchen counter when my girls were little.  They loved to feel like grown-ups and sit at the counter peninsula that was in our kitchen at the time.  They fit the bill – inexpensive and they had a cushion, an ugly one, but a cushion.  I figured I would cover them with fabric to coordinate with the kitchen.

I brought the stools home in the evening and set them up around the counter.  It was getting late and I was not in the mood to sew, but I wanted instant gratification. I could not wake up in the morning to the pleather top stools.  Do you know that feeling when you have to have it done NOW and won’t rest until you do.  Well, this was one of those times. I wanted to wake up for breakfast the next morning drinking my tea, reading the paper, and seeing  pretty stools, but I had no fabric.   

Inspiration can strike when you are desperate.  As I glanced around my kitchen in despair my eyes landed on the blue dishtowel by my sink.  – Aaaah ha moment- victory was calling.  I quickly went to my dishtowel drawer and smiled.  No more desperation.  I went into action mode and  starting cutting the dishtowels into large circles to make no sew covers for them. I stapled the circles onto each of the stools.  End of story- go to bed, pretty stools for breakfast. 

Not so fast- they looked like pincushions with legs.  They needed some style… something to give them some panache.  It was getting late and I really wanted to be done, then I remembered I had some iron-on adhesive.  Bingo- I could fashion some peppy little skirts without using my sewing machine. I still had to hand sew some large gathering stitches to make the ruffle, and I did that while watching Jay Leno.  I was done in no time and went to bed knowing when I woke I would have pretty stools and two little girls all excited to know they had pretty new stools to sit on.

I have found when working with iron-on adhesive, after you press it once, let the fabric and adhesive cool, then press again.  Don’t handle until the bond is cool again.  This extra step creates a stronger bond. 

This tutorial is from my book, Instant Decorating. It is no longer in print, but from time to time, I post a project from it here on my blog.



Cover stool or any chair seat with colorful dishcloths. They are fun and affordable when decorating on a budget.



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    These are impressive. When I read the title I thought you probably just tied the towels around the legs of the stools. These look fantastic!

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    Hi – I wanted the covers to looks like they were sewn. So I took a few extra steps to make sure they looked as custom-made covers as possible. Thanks for the comments everyone.

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    Those are so CUTE!! I can’t wait to study exactly how they are made. I just had to jump down and tell you how cute they were first. Thanks for the link!


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