How-To Transform and Decorate a Flower Pot

 Today, March 20  is officially the first day of Spring 2010.  Here in suburban Philadelphia it is 74 degrees.  Almost summer-like.  I want to be outside, cleaning up the yard and getting the beds ready for flowers.  It is still too early here, we are in Zone 6 to plant, usually around Mother’s Day weekend we are safe from frost. 

I drove to Lowes to check out the Garden Shop with the top down and the radio turned up loud enjoying not having to wear a coat and feeling the warm sun on my face.  Lowes didn’t  have much yet, but they did have some geraniums in plastic pots.  I had to get one to brighten up the kitchen, hopefully Trax, the cat doesn’t think it is for him to play with. 

These pots of flowers are meant to be planted right away, so the pots are, ugly,  not pretty.  The foil paper that covers the pot is not much better.  Since I plan on keeping this by a sunny window in my kitchen until it can be planted outside I want to make the pot look better without buying something new to put it in.  I have two variations of easy ways decorate a flower pot using  what you have on hand.  The first way is with scraps of paper and the second a scrap of fabric.

What to so with a plastic flower pot

Here is the pot of geraniums I bought at Lowe’s this afternoon.  Paper/foil not very attractive, yet I can’t plant this for another month. 

Decoupage a flower pot tutorial

Pot without the paper cover.

Flower gift ideas

You will need an old book or some decorative gift-wrap.  I used an old cookbook and cut the pages into small squares, then applied them to the pot with Mod Podge until it was covered.  I left the bottom uncovered so I could still water the plant and to let the water drain from the bottom.

Mothers Day and Hostess Gift Ideas

A pretty ribbon and the pot now looks pretty sitting by my window.


When picking out the paper to use for the pot, I couldn’t decide as I liked them both so I decided to use both.  When I get bored of the old book look, I can simply turn the pot around and it takes on a new colorful personality.

The second way to cover the pot is for when you are giving a potted plant or flower as a gift or a house warming present for a friend.  It can’t be watered, but makes a nice presentation.

Mothers Day gift  ideas

Remove paper foil cover.

How to wrap a flower pot with fabric to give as a gift

Lay the pot on a scrap piece of fabric.  I wrapped the pot in foil to keep the fabric clean while I was working on the pot.

Fabric wrapped flower pot tutorial

Using a rubber band, one that will be snug when placed around the pot.  Gather the fabric around the pot and bring the rubber band up over the fabric.

Easy to make Mothers Day gift  ideas
Trim the excess fabric.  A good way to gauge where to cut is to cut at the height of the flowers.


Fold the excess over and push under the rubber band in the inside of the fabric to make a rolled top.

hostess gift ideas

Wrap some twine around pot to hide rubber band.





  1. says

    What a a great way to cover those ugly pots!! 74 degrees!WE have snow and I am not sure it ever got past 34- Oh please hurry spring!

  2. Ann says

    Oh, I just had to read about Spring. Cute idea with the pots! We are officially into spring and there is so much snow on the ground in Dallas that church was cancelled this morning. This is our 6th (? i’ve lost count) snow storm this fall/winter season. My daffodils and tulips are thoroughly confused.

  3. says

    74 degrees is not the norm here this time of year, but I am going to enjoy it while I can. Tomorrow it will go back into the high 50’s – 60’s and rain. Ann and Yvonne- I hope all the snow goes away and warmer weather comes your way soon.


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