Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Wrapping Ideas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to show your Mom just how much you care. That’s why I am sharing handmade gift ideas as well as a few gift items you can buy for her that are sure to make her day.

I have made quite a few decorative items here on the blog that would make great gifts that I think a mom will love, especially if you make any of them using her favorite colors and style.

pink hydrangeas in a large pickle jar found at a thrift store

I have rounded up a few of these gift ideas, along with a few gift ideas that you can buy if you don’t have the time to make anything.

I also enjoy wrapping up the gift in pretty and stylish ways to give it present presence! So don’t miss the wrapping ideas at the end of the post.

Note on the chef’s coat. Make mom feel like a 5-Star Chef with a Chef’s Coat. Have it personalized with a monogram with her initials, name, or nickname. You can find a local embroider in your area by doing an online search for “embroider or monogram shop near me.”

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make

When my mom was alive, she always wanted simple Mother’s Day gifts – things that we made as children or when we were older, an item that would hold a special meaning for her.

Handcrafted gifts that were gift wrapped with love were much better than anything store bought in her mind. I also enjoyed when my daughter’s would make me something that they were so proud to give me. Those gifts are the keepers – the ones I could never part with.

A Photo Frame Made With Clothespins

clothespin frame DIY painted blue

If you have a flat frame or piece of plywood, cover it with the wood sections of spring-style wood clothespins and paint the frame any color you want. Make It: DIY Clothespin Photo Frame

A Colorful Birdhouse

decorate a wooden birdhouse with fabric and buttons.

Don’t stop at just using paint to create a colorful birdhouse, use fabric and buttons to create a one-of-a-kind birdhouse that not only your mom will like, but so will the birds. Make It: Decorate a Craft Store Wooden Birdhouse

A Bouquet of Paper Flowers

white flowers made with tissue paper in a glass vase

When you can’t get real flowers to give to your mom, you can make them any color you like using tissue paper. They are so easy to make and last forever. When placed in a vase of water they look real. Make It: DIY Paper Flowers

Cover a Clay Flower Pot With Fabric

Floral fabric and Mod Podge makes a basic clay pot into something special. Fill with your mom’s favorite plant or flower. Make It: Covering Flower Pots

Mother's Day gift ideas

No Fabric?  Try covering a plain pot with ripped or cut scraps of decorative paper.

Make Over Thrift Store Finds With Paint

Paint thrift stores finds with leftover paint to make great gifts.
Paint a thrift store box and fill with tea bags to give as a gift.

When you can’t spend much on a gift, thrift store and garage sale finds can be found at a bargain. When you find a useful and intact item, buy it and transform and customize it for your mom with leftover paint or chalk paint like I did with this desk organizer and tea bag organizing box.

Make a Chic Tray for a Bar or Vanity

Clear acrylic frame becomes a chic bar tray

Craft stores are filled with new items that can be repurposed into something other than their indented use – like this acrylic box photo frame.

When you remove the cardboard insert and turn a clear acrylic box frame upside down, you get a modern looking tray. Line it with stylish gift wrap or wallpaper and your mom will be squealing with delight.  If a bar tray is not her style, make it into a vanity or serving tray.

Barbie Shoe Bracelet

Barbie Purse gift bag made using a file folder.

I didn’t make this bracelet for my mom, but my sister. I used Barbie shoes to make it and even made a gift bag purse to give it to her in true Barbie style. Make It: Barbie Shoe Bracelet and Clutch Purse Gift Bag

More Creative Gifts to Make for Your Mom

For more gift ideas to make to give to your mom, consider one of these ideas.

Initial Coasters | Barbie Doll Clothes Tassel | Necklace Wrapped Photo Frame

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

From gift bags to sparkly embellishments, I love to wrap a gift so the receiver says- Ooohhh…la…la!!! before they have even opened the gift.

Whether you make or buy your mother a gift this year, here are a few ideas to inspire you to wrap your gift to mom in style.


1. Ribbon Spool Box  2. Repurpose Jewelry  3. Designer Handbag Gift Bag easily made with a file folder 4. Elegantly Chic  5. Clip-On Style  6.  Monogrammed Gift bags and Petite Boxes

More Handmade Gift Ideas You Can Make:

For more ideas on what to give your mom this Mother’s Day, check out: Out-of the-Box Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas and creative ways to Give Gift Cards.

Mother's Day gift ideas to make. Image shows 7 ideas.

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  1. Michele M. says:

    GREAT gift ideas and inspiration. You are so clever!!

  2. I love the monogramed gift tags and white bags. So clever and could be used for any occasion.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Patti – I make the tags for all different occasions using different fonts I have downloaded on my computer. The monogram font always looks the best. :-)

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    These are all such great inspiration. I so want that phone. I wish it came in a vibrant Lime Green also. The only phone connection I have is here in my little home office and it has a green Hyde A Bed Sofa in it… it is soooo old, but they just don’t make stuff sturdy any longer that I could afford, so I am keeping it.

  4. Rebecca - HomeSeasons says:

    Loving these ideas, especially the chef coat! Can’t believe Mother’s Day is only 3 weeks away!

  5. Great ideas Diane!

    I bought three of those acrylic frames at Goodwill for 99 cents each with the intention of making trays of of them. I bought a shopping cart FULL of stuff so I stashed the trays on the bottom rung of the cart and you guessed it…I forgot about them. I went back the next day, searched the store & couldn’t find them. I went back the third day and SUCCESS…I found them stashed with all the picture frames. So I got my 99 cent frames but not before I had purchased even MORE thrifted goodies on my second and third trip to Goodwill!

  6. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    FABULOUS IDEAS!!! I love the acrylic box frame idea! Very creative!