Free Printable Bunny Gift Tag

How to make an Easter bunny rabbit gift tag in various ways using this free printable. This free bunny printable can also be made into Easter table place cards, Easter banners to decorate your home for Easter.

Easter bunny free printable gift tag that is attached to the flower pot to resemble a bow tie | In My Own Style

I created a chalkboard Easter bunny gift tag that you can use to embellish any gift, but I made it especially to raise the style bar when you give one of these to your family or friends…

How to give grocery store flowers in style

Grocery store flowers or potted plants.

They make nice springtime hostess or Easter gifts, but the foil wrap that has a price sticker slapped on are not so pretty.

By simply adding tissue paper, colorful ribbon, and a decorative gift tag you can take the wrap on the flowers up a few notches on the style bar very easily.

Get ready to hear….“ooooh…for me?”

How to Make a Bunny With a Bow Tie Gift Tag

supplies needed:

  • black card stock (scrapbooking aisle at the craft store)
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • Download:  Printed Bunny gift tag
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • cotton balls
  • Optional: cardboard to make a template 
Free printable bunny gift tag

TIP: you have a digital cutting machine, like a Silhouette, it is the easiest way to print and cut out shapes. Not everyone has one of these machines, so here is the old-fashioned way of saving and cutting out shapes:

I take printable shapes like this bunny and make a cardboard template so that I can use it over and over again. Having a template allows me to simply trace to make more tags without having to use my printer and expensive ink again.

Depending on your software and printer, you can change the size of the bunny before printing. My printer brings up a window when I press “Print” where I can change size of print, color, and orientation.

See a variation on making the gift tag at the end of post. 

Free chalkboard bunny printable for easter

1. Print bunny and cut out. Place it on a piece of cardboard and trace. Cut bunny shape from cardboard.

Use this cutout as your template.

Easter flower ideas

2. Place bunny template on a piece of black card stock. Use chalk to trace around bunny.

3. Cut bunny outside your drawn chalk line.

Easter free printable gift tags

4. Hot glue a cotton ball near the hind legs to create a tail.

5. Use a hole punch to make two holes in neck. Place them on an angle as shown in the photo above.

Chalkboard bunny gift tag printable

6. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the pot and about 8-inches more to make the bowtie.

How to make a bow tie on Easter bunny gift tag

7. Lay a few pieces of colorful tissue paper on work surface. Place pot on center and then wrap tissue paper around it.

8. Thread one end of ribbon through left hole on bunny.

Make your onw gift tags

9. Wrap the rest of the ribbon around flower pot and bring the opposite end through the right hole.  Gently pull ribbon taut, being careful not to rip paper so that it holds the tissue paper in place. The ends of the ribbon coming through the holes should be the same length.

How to tie a ribbon bow

1o. Tie ribbon into a knot. Trim ends with scissors.

Easter bunny free printable

11. I cut the ends of the ribbon into points, but you can notch or cut straight.

Write the recipient’s name on the chalkboard bunny gift tag with chalk.

Spring bunny gift tag free printable

Variation: Print bunny printable on scrapbook paper to make colorful Springtime gift tags or banners to use to decorate your home.

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  1. Hi Diane, just a heads up that your link to “Hello Easter Greeting Card Printable” seems to be broken! Love this list!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Ali – Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the broken link. All fixed. :-)

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I absolutely love this bunny….. and might use it for my door wreath…… but would you be upset with me if I ask for a link to a previous (adorable) bunny placement card? I just loved the face… and need to make up my mind on this or the previous one. I plan to enlarge which ever one I finally decide on for my door. And I found that if I spray a few light coats of clear spray paint over poster board, it will last quite well for me. My front door does not get direct sun though….. in fact it can be quite dreary. I am so ready to make my bunny wreath.

    You are such a treasure for doing all these wonderful ideas for us all. Thank you so much.

  3. Darling! Thank you, Diane!

  4. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says:

    What a great, easy spring tag. Thanks for sharing all these great printables.

  5. Not all bunnies are created equal and this one is perfect. I think I will use the pattern to make an Easter garland, maybe alternate the bunnies with egg shapes. Now you have me thinking….messages on the eggs, Happy Easter, Think Spring…
    Thank you!

  6. So cute! I am attaching these to all of our Easter baskets this year.

  7. Gorgeous bunnies.

  8. I love these, they are adorable! I have always loved bunnies, had one growing up, love all the colorful tulips as well!

  9. Thank you Diane, I love your creativity. I have printed out the bunny gift tag and I’m on my way to purchase the supplies.
    Thank you to all you bloggers for bringing so much more to gifts for our loved ones. My daughter, co-workers and Mother love the extra touch.


  10. Love these so much!

  11. I really like the bunny gift tag you made. It is so cute. You have such creative ideas. I think it looks great tied with the ribbon. It is nice to think about Easter and Spring. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  12. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says:

    Adorable bunny tag! I can see so many uses for it. Love the yellow!

  13. Elizabeth at Pineapples and Polka Dots says:

    These are so adorable! Also, I love that ribbon!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Elizabeth – I wish I had more rolls of the ribbon, but there was only one in the clearance bin at Michaels. I am hoping they get it in again.