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3D Easter Chalkboard Art

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Easter Chalkboard Art and Free Bunny Printable that looks 3 Dimensional

Post Updated: 02/20/2020

It still feels like Winter and I think the Easter Bunny is still hibernating.  I am trying not to let the winter-like temps bother me, but Easter is not Easter without a bunny. To remedy this, I created a cousin for the Easter bunny. One that will stay warm and enjoy Easter brunch with my family and I on Sunday. Brunch is going to be pot luck style so I don’t have a lot of prep work to do. I do however always like to make my dining room holiday-ready and created an Easter chalkboard art in 3D.

Happy Easter Chalkboard Art in 3D

At Christmas time, I placed a tall chalkboard in between the windows in my dining room.  After I erased the Christmas image I had drawn on it, I hung a boxwood wreath over the board using a thumbtack and fishing line to add some interest.  I left it like that until earlier this week when I added a Happy Easter message.

Spring decorating idea. Easter Chalkboard Rabbit in Wreath

My original plan was to draw a rabbit face on the chalkboard in the center of the wreath. When I did so, it looked too small.  I liked the idea of a rabbit in the wreath and had to think awhile to come up with a new plan.

When I started thinking of a new plan for the chalkboard, a synapse fired and the idea of making a 3D rabbit came to me.  A rabbit drawn with chalk on black card stock so he would look like he was still part of the chalkboard, but also look like he is about to hop out of the wreath.

I hand sketched the Happy Easter lettering simply by line drawing a basic letter and then adding a downstroke of chalk to each.

I then filled in the areas between the downstrokes to create the thick letters.

How to Make 3D Chalkboard Art Using an Easter Bunny Sketch

supplies needed:

  • rabbit sketch or photo
  • black card stock
  • white chalk
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • rag
  • Optional: ribbon for bow tie and a hot glue gun/glue stick

Online bunny images on a Dell Venue 8 tablet

  1. I used my tablet to find an image of a rabbit to use on my chalkboard. Google and Pinterest have many free printable rabbit images for you to use. There are many to choose from.

Another good place to find images to trace for chalkboard art are children’s books, especially coloring books. They have large simple black and white line drawings that are perfect for transferring to a chalkboard. The Dollar Store is a great resource for these.
Coloring Book Art

The rabbit in this image had the perspective of a rabbit that I was looking for with his front paws out in front so he could sit inside the wreath. I liked it, but I was looking for a more sophisticated sketch of a rabbit.

Chalkboard Drawing tutorial showing how to transfer a drawn image to a chalkboard

I found this.  Credit goes to the artist, Halpenske. That was all the info I could find about them and that they traced this image from a photograph. I enlarged the image and printed it using my computer printer.

I didn’t want to copy every part of the image, I only wanted to use it as a guide. I wanted less detail in the rabbit and drew over the printed image to simplify it a little. I darkened the areas I wanted to use and made the two front legs longer so I would be able to sit the rabbit in the wreath.

How to Transfer Bunny Drawing to a Chalkboard

How to season a chalkboard

  1. I seasoned a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ black card stock with white chalk.  This makes the paper look more like a real chalkboard.  Simply rub the side of a piece of chalk over the entire piece of paper, then blur it by rubbing over with a soft dry cloth.

How to transfer a drawn image or design to a chalkboard

2. To transfer the image to the black card stock, turn the image face down and rub the back of the paper the image is on with chalk. Use the side of the chalk to make large broad strokes. Go over the paper a few times to make sure you get enough chalk on it.

rabbit sketch for transferring to a chalkboard

3. Flip the drawing over and lay it on the black card stock. Draw over the image with a pencil. Press hard as you draw over the lines, but not too hard as you don’t want to make an impression in the paper.

Tutorial showing how to transfer an drawn image on paper to a chalkboard

4. Once you have drawn over all the lines, turn the paper over to reveal the transferred image.

Chalkboard rabbit

5. Cut out with a pair of scissors. Cut along the inside line of each leg a few inches so that once the rabbit is in the wreath you can bring the legs out to the front.

3D Chalkboard bunny sketch with a ribbon bow

6. Every bunny needs a little Easter finery on Easter.  I tied an 8″ piece of ribbon into a bow and hot glued it under his face. Now he is ready for Easter Brunch.

Happy Easter Art for Chalkboards

7. Place the bunny into the wreath and pull his front legs out and over the front of the wreath so he looks like he is about to hop out.

Happy Easter 

If you would like to know more about drawing and writing on chalkboards, I have a few posts where I share more tips:

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Easter Chalkboard art idea using a 3D wreath as part of the design.

Need a last minute Easter Table Setting Idea?

Easter bunny napkin on plate

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  1. Oh what a cute chalkboard Diane! Love that 3D bunny popping through the wreath. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Hi Beverly – I didn’t have spray fixative (buy at craft store) or hair spray (prevents chalk from smearing) on hand, but it would be a good thing to do if you plan to keep the bunny for a long time. Happy Easter