DIY Easter Decorations Done in Minutes!

Find out how easy it is to create your own DIY Easter decorations using household items that can transform into festive Easter décor. These budget-friendly, super simple Easter decorating ideas and inspiration can be done with limited resources as well as at the very last minute.

They are so easy to do that no tutorial or instructions are needed to get your home ready to celebrate the Easter weekend.

Easter Decor Ideas

Even though I don’t have any standalone Easter decorations like ceramic rabbits chomping on carrots, Easter themed dinnerware, an Easter tree or decorative throw pillows specifically made for Easter, I was able to get my home’s entryway Easter ready in only a few minutes with the following ideas.

Get Creative with Color Schemes

As a child, I fondly remember that I had many navy blue Easter dresses and coats worn with white patent leather shoes, accessorized with a matching purse and white gloves.

Navy and white just feels like Easter to me, so I searched for items around my houses that were blue, white and also lavender as an accent color to use to decorate the sideboard in my entry.

Easter decor in a blue white and lavender color scheme.

When placed together in an artful way, the unrelated items I gathered can become Easter decor, even though each on their own, they are not.

The Faux Flowering Branches I made a few years ago to use to decorate my living room for spring. I filled the vase with floral foam to hold the branches and then covered with moss I had. If you don’t have moss, you can use Easter grass.

Use Greeting Cards As Art

Use an Easter greeting card as an Easter table decoration.

I had an Easter Bunny card with Happy Easter greetings that was perfect to use as decor so I placed it in a prior DIY project I made where I used a ceramic canister lid and wire to make a DIY Photo Holder.

You may also remember the Clothespin Frame I made displaying a photo of hydrangeas.

Placing the items together on a white wicker tray that can be lined with blue and white gift wrap or fabric cut with scissors, pulls the unrelated items together. Once my Easter celebration is over, I can place these items back into the rooms where they came from.

Easy DIY’s with Plastic Eggs

Most of us probably have a few plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store stashed in storage along with Easter baskets in our homes. Both can be used as instant decor on a table.

Choose a few of the eggs in your chosen color scheme and place in a glass canister or jar.


Spring or Easter wreaths can be expensive. Instead of buying a new one for your front door, revive an old wreath. Use a hot glue gun to attach plastic eggs. Group the eggs by color or randomly all over the wreath.

Make Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Easter basket decorating ideas

If you don’t have any Easter basket grass left over from your kid’s Easter baskets, did you know you can shred tissue paper or construction paper in a paper shredder to make your own in any color paper you have.

No Craft Skills Needed for Adding Fresh Flowers

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color and freshness to your home during Easter is by incorporating fresh flowers. Not only do flowers brighten up a room, but they also add a natural element that complements any Easter decor while adding Easter joy to your home.


If you are lucky and have spring flowers growing in your yard, snip a few to bring inside to use in a vase or pitcher to create a table centerpiece.

Pink flowers in a wicker and glass vase.

Or buy a bunch of colorful flowers at the supermarket to place on your kitchen counter or dining table.


You can also scatter small arrangements on surfaces throughout your home, like on a mantel using Mason jars or by cleaning out glass bottles from your recycling bin.

No Easter Table Cloth?

pink and white gift wrap cut to make an Easter table dining table runner.

If you don’t have any Easter dinner table linens, head to your gift wrap stash to see if you have a springlike color of wrapping paper. Cut a piece in a long strip to make a table runner or cut into rectangles to make placemats.

Display Easter Candies

Another easy way to add some Easter color to your kitchen is to fill a bowl or glass canister with colorful Easter candy.

glass canister filled with pastel Easter candies

My go-to candy to decorate with is to use pastel M&M’s or Easter colored-foiled wrapped Hershey Kisses.

Cardboard Berry Baskets

Easter Brunch Table setting Idea for a round dining table.

Berry baskets come in many colors. I have a few of them that I use from tie to time to organize items in drawers. I buy them at the craft store. They can be filled with Easter grass and used as decoration for table place settings.

Decorating your home for Easter doesn’t have to have you putting time aside to make Easter crafts. As you can see from these, almost instant DIY easter decoration ideas that you can add a festive touch to your space to celebrate Easter and spring without too much fuss or effort.

So, look around your house for items to use and have fun creating something special and unique for you and your family this Easter.

Easter-decor-created-in-minutes using a spring color scheme on a sideboard.

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  1. Diane, You are so darn creative. Love all these ideas. You should write a book.😊

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks for the nice comment June XOXO :-)

  2. Diane, you always are spot-on with creative DIY ideas for instant gratification, especially for those among us needing designer touches without the expense and effort. Thank you for sharing your tips, and for the work that goes into creating this post. The door wreath is creative, and I appreciate your mentioning Mason jars, as I have a basket full of beloved blue jars with no clue how to reinvent into my contemporary modern interior.

  3. My entire decorating style has changed since I’ve been reading your blog. I no longer spend a great deal of money but use what I have. I shop my home and I think my home has never looked better. Thank you for all you share with your readers. Happy Easter

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – Reading your comment made me smile. It makes me happy to know that my posts have inspired you to use what you have when decorating. I find it so much more fulfilling then buying new stuff all the time. It sure does save money. I hope you had a wonderful Easter also. XOXO

  4. You always have the cutest, most budget-friendly ideas! I love reading your blog. You give me a lift every day. Kudos to a fellow South Carolinian!! Happy Easter and enjoy your family this Holy weekend.

  5. Love the decorations. It is always great to see people celebrate the risen Lord. Jesus came. He died. He rose to sit with the Father. His blood so that we could be saved. Thank you and God bless.