Entryway Decorating Ideas That Say, Hello Spring

Step inside to find pretty ideas to refresh your entryway for spring while not forgetting to keep function in mind.

What do you call the space you enter after passing though your front door, the entryway or foyer?

I think it could be a regional thing, like calling sneakers, running shoes or tennies, depending on what area of the country you live in.

Whatever you call the space, I gave mine a refresh for spring. :-)

White dresser in foyer decorated for spring.

When I refresh the decor in my home for the season, I like to start with the entryway. It is a good place to start to make pretty and welcoming, as it is a prelude for what is to come.

I keep mine simple, but like to change up the decorative items on the white dresser I added last fall to the space. I use it as a console table. I don’t switch everything out, but do like to add some fresh new color and arrangements using decorative stuff I already own.

For instance, do you see the textured vase on the dresser? I DIY’ed that in the fall to use in my living room. It sat in storage over the winter, but now it has a bright and cheery new life in the foyer.

I did buy one new item – a small bronze bird on a block. I couldn’t pass him up as he or she goes well with my White & Woodsy decorating style and my enjoyment of bird watching.

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Foyer or Entryway for Spring

Spring forsythia blooming in vase on a foyer table. Gold mirror in the background with green wreath on it.
When using faux blooms, allow a few petals to drop on the table. This will make them appear more realistic
  • Fill the biggest vase you have with seasonal blooms – pussy willow, forsythia or bring in branches to force blooming. Doing this will look bright and bold, putting the focus on the flowers.
  • Hang a large mirror in the space to increase the sense of space and light. It can also come in handy to check that you’re looking pulled-together before dashing out of the house or opening the door for a visitor.
  • Edit and be ruthless about or at least try to banish as much family clutter as you can. Install big baskets to store any stuff that gets dropped, like shoes and totes and backpacks.
Forsythia and white tulips on a long white dresser in entryway foyer decorated for spring.
  • Make sure the lighting is welcoming. Try a table lamp and add a dimmer socket to it so you can create soft lighting in the space at night. Place a few battery operated candles on the console table so they provide ambient light, with no flames to worry about.
  • Adding a tray will provide quick access to neatly hold or grab phones, keys, sunglasses, etc.

Entryway: Containers to Organize Your Comings & Goings

Having a specific location to place the items you need to pick up as you’re on your way out or down on your way in will make coming and going from your home easier and less stressful.

To keep smaller items organized, choose an attractive container that can hold your keys, mail, sunglasses, gloves, shopping lists, money for pizza delivery, notes or reminders – whatever fits your life.

low sided woven basket with 3 decorating magazines in it. Placed on a console table.

A large low-sided basket adds a casual flair while keeping mail and other small items neatly organized.

White ceramic tray on console table that holds sunglasses, keys and a plaid face mask.

No basket? Then how about using a ceramic platter or even two? They can hold all your small items and keep them at the ready.

Here Are a Few More Items To Try

4 ways to use trays on an entryway table

When adding this organized grab and go functional aspect to your foyer, there are many options that you can use to corral small items on the console table. Take a shopping trip around your home to see what you can find.

  • How about a colorful or a wooden bowl?
  • An oval clear glass tray has clean contemporary lines and affords a view of the table surface beneath it.
  • If you like a more formal look for your foyer, try out one large silver tray or layer one on another. Or use a trio of smaller trays where each one holds one item. They don’t have to match.

I bet you have some pretty items in other room or stashed away in storage somewhere. Get them out and play with your containers, trays, and bowls until you like what you see.

Don’t hesitate to try different items, you may be surprised with what you can come up with.


Faux Tulips | Decorative Bird on Wooden Stand | White Crackle Cachepot – I bought at a local boutique | Seeded Glass Candleholders | Moss Ball in Small Vase – HomeGoods | White Ceramic Trays | Textured Vase | Sticky Back Moss Mat | White Lamp | Cotton Face Mask

White tulips in white crackle finish cachepot. Black bird on wood cube. Both on a foyer console table.
Yellow flowers in large vase on foyer console table. Text overlay says Foyer Decorating ideas that say Hello Spring

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  1. Vintage and Specialty Wood says:

    Knowing this will help me a lot to decide what decoration should I choose to put in my entryway. Thank you so much!

  2. Mohit Kumar says:

    I love the rustic table. I would use it in front of my bat window.

  3. I call the space I enter through the front door my kitchen, haha. But I just purchased faux forsythia branches for my kitchen table 2 days ago after reading an old post of yours about how to display artificial flowers and greenery in a pickle jar. Now I have to go buy some pickles ?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Julie – Years ago I found my first big pickle jar at a thrift store. I had no idea that they could easily be bought at Walmart for 5 dollars complete with enough pickles for months. :-) Enjoy your new arrangement. It will surely feel like spring in your kitchen.

  4. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love your white dresser and your yellow bouquet. Beautiful.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Rebecca – After I added the flowers, the temps outside went up to 74 degrees. So it is feeling like spring around my house too.

  5. I love your home and have followed you for a long time. I love everything you do. I thought this table in the foyer you painted dark navy blue? Is this a different table? Or did you repaint it white again. Either way I love both. And I love your special little touches and how to DIY it ourselves