DIY: Pet Food Storage Containers + Labels

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Do you have pets? I have a dog and two cats. I like to keep their pet food organized as much as I can and am always drawn to the pet food storage containers that they sell in high end catalogs, but don’t like the price tag.

With some thought, I figured out a way to make my own version of cat and dog food containers using popcorn tins that you can buy at Costco or at yard sales.

Ballard Desgins knock-off Dog-and-Cat-Food

If you have Silhouette vinyl cutting machine then you can make vinyl cutouts to look exactly like the Ballard Designs cans. Most readers do not have a vinyl cutting machines, so I made my labels on my computer and a two free printables for you to download so you can make your own

How to Make Pet Food Storage Containers Using Popcorn Tins

Can to use to make Dog and Cat food storage

I could have painted the tins I found, but they had a few dents, so I decided to cover them with paper.

supplies needed:

  • Large tin can
  • Decorative Paper – kraft paper, gift wrap or wallpaper – I found my gift wrap at Walmart
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Straight edge
  • Kraft knife or scissors
  • Black spray paint
  • Clear contact paper
  • Free printable cat and dog labels – download below
  • 2 brass fasteners
  • Optional: Self laminating sheets
Free Printables-dog and cat food labels to-Download

Download free printable DOG and CAT food labels:

DOG and CAT food container labels

How to Make Pet Food Storage Containers With Free Printable Labels

1. Spray paint the container tin lid using gloss black. Set aside.

Free printable labels to make Dog and Cat pet food labels

2.  Print out Dog/Cat labels (link above)

3. Trim around design as shown above.

Optional: Center the label on a piece of gift wrap and cut gift wrap about a 1/2-inch larger all around than your cut-out label. 

4. Laminate your label by using laminating sheets that you can buy at Walmart or sandwich the label between a front and back piece of contact paper. Leave about 1/4- inch of contact paper all around the label. The two dots on the design are where the brass fasteners will go.  Set aside.

Supplies-needed to make pet food storage containers out of popcorn tins
How to cover a tin with paper

5. Measure your can height and circumference and cut your paper slightly larger than those measurements. You can cut away the excess later.  I used a straight edge to make sure my cuts where straight.

Lid-on-top of pet food can

6. Don’t cover the top section of the can where the lid will cover it. Apply spray adhesive to the can, let it get tacky and cover the can. Smooth paper with your hands as you cover the can.

7. I wanted an easy way to keep the cans clean, so I covered the paper with clear contact paper. If you have excess paper around the bottom of the can once it is covered -use a kraft knife to remove it by cutting around the bottom rim.  This will give you the perfect straight line along the bottom.

Cover tin with paper

8.  The lid will go on easily.

How to make large pet food storage can like Ballard Designs sells

9. Use an awl to make a hole where you want to place the label. Repeat on the other side of the label. TIP:  So you don’t bend the can, hold one hand inside the can to push against your other hand that is making the hole on the outside.  If you do it this way – you provide some resistance and the can won’t bend.

Make-hole-in the side of the can: DIY Pet Food Containers

10. Place the label on can and then attach by pushing a brass fastener through each hole.

Put-brass-fastener-through side of can

11.  Push the brass fastener all the way in.

How to add a decorative label to a metal pet food can

112. Spread the ends of the brass fastener to secure.

Finished DIY Pet Food Storage Containers

Ballard Desgins knock-off Dog-and-Cat-Food

Now the beat up cans are just as pretty as the per food container tins the high end catalogs, plus they can be wiped clean since I covered them with clear contact paper. I found the big white scoop at Walmart.


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  1. Rosa Chapman says:

    Very helpful content. i love your great writing. thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hillary A Steckler says:

    Hello! Great idea, but I was curious what size tin you used and about how much food (lbs.) they would hold? Thanks!

    1. Hi Hillary –

      The size of the cans I have are 11 1/2″ high and 10″ in diameter. For food, I fill with a small to medium size bag of pet food.

  3. Diane-so looking forward to autumn! :)
    great wreath, and food containers!

  4. Love the pet food containers! Isn’t this weather the best? I have to finally put away summer & get out some fall decor for around here- you’ve inspired me- the wreath looks great.

  5. Those pet containters are really really cute. I am at last ready for fall, soooo enjoying the beautiful weather and gorgeous inspirations that come with it!

  6. Hi, the pet containers are so adorable! What a great way to disguise the food & make it blend in with home decor! I have a dog so I’m always loving ideas like this! Visiting from Serenity Now!

  7. I don’t know why I have to type in all my information to post here each time- anyone know why that happens? I have to type in my name…my email addy and my Website address before I can comment….

    Anyway- Love your containers and your wreath. It is feeling very FAllish here today, too~ xo Diana

  8. Pretty! I ‘m sooo not ready for fall yet! btw, the link to momtastic isn’t connected. (oops!) Have a great weekend!
    Oh, did you get my last email about guest posting?