How to Make a Fake Topiary

How to make a fake topiary

logo_greenthumbsupThis is not the color of my thumb. I don’t have the natural ability to make plants thrive under my care and I gave up trying a long time ago.  I love plants and flowers and don’t mind using fake ones as long as they look natural. Some people are not fans of fake flowers – only because I think they envision the words “fake flowers” with the dried flower arrangements from the past. Now- a- days beautiful blooms can be purchased at Michaels and craft stores as well as Pottery Barn –yes Pottery Barn- the epitome of what is popular in decorating says it is A-OK to use FAKE – they even have a special sign displayed in their fake garden section in the store to remind you of the fact.

Seeing this just re-enforces my choice to use” fake” in my home.   I still love real flowers and buy them from time to time to add a seasonal color pop to brighten my day.

Years ago  I made a fake topiary for my kitchen using  fake ivy.  I made two. Last summer I tossed them as they looked dated to me – to0 perfect, stiff, stuffy, green, tired, and yes –  dusty.

Fake Topiary

I like the look of lighter, fresher looking topiaries. Topiary that have very thin, tall stems with wispy tops.  They look natural – light and airy – alive not staid and stuffy.


I got an idea after seeing Trax my cat ripping apart some fake greenery I had placed on the floor.  You should see what he does to anything real – another reason I don’t have living plants around.  Trax is always trying to help me – usually by getting in my way, but he actually helped me figure out a way I could make an updated fake, but natural looking topiary using the greenery from the flower pot on the floor.   I like this greenery as it is soft and wispy, plus it’s not perfect looking.  Some of the branches have a yellow cast which makes it look real.

How to Make a Fake Topiary with Craft Store Artificial Plants

How to make fake topiary for your home

Supplies Needed:
Thin and Straight Tree Branch – I found mine by taking a walk in the woods
Flower Pot
Fake Greenery- I found mine at Michaels
Hot Glue and Gun
Wire cutter
Florist’s Wire
1. Cut tree branch to height desired. Mine is 20-inches. I also cut the buds off.

How-to-make-a-fake topiary-tree-

2. Put in foam or oasis block in a flower pot and cover with damp sheet moss.

How-to-make-a-fake-topiary tutorial

3.  Cut each stem away from the bouquet with wire cutters.



4.  On each branch remove the top piece of greenery. It should come right off.


5.  Bend wire.  This will create a “stop” and keep the greenery from coming off the stem in the next step.


6. Using your fingers – push all the branches on each stem up to the stop.



7. Pick one stem to be your main stem, then one by one wrap the other stems around the main one two times and cut the excess off.


8.  It will end up looking like this.


9.  Using florist’s wire attach stem to branch. Use a dab of hot glue if needed.


10.  To hide the twisted wire and fill in the bottom a bit-


11.  Put a bit of hot glue on the end of the pulled off top pieces and stick them into the bottom center of the ball.


12. It will then look like this.


13.  Tie one or two more pieces of florist’s wire along the branch to secure the stem.


Optional:  I wanted to have the main stem go along the branch and down to the pot to resemble a living topiary, but  the stems from my greenery were not long enough, so I pieced it and secure it with some more florist’s wire.  The stem is what makes it look like it is real and living.


14.  Shape the top into a rounder shape using scissors.



Now I have updated, natural looking topiaries for my kitchen that don’t need watering and that even I can’t kill.  It would be nice if they could smell like fresh herbs, but they do look real.     Just have to make sure Trax the cat doesn’t like them as much as I do now.

How to make a fake topiary tutorial


    • says

      Hi Bettsi-
      Thanks so much. I wish I did have a green thumb, but making this is the second best way to at least look like I do.

    • says

      Hi Megan-

      Here is a wish of Good Luck – although I don’t think you will need it as the topiary is not hard to make.

  1. says

    i absolutely love this… i just have to find the supplies in canberra where craft suppliers are few and far between……. but i will have one damn it!!!!
    thanks for the great tutorial.
    cheryl xox.

  2. says

    They really do look real! Wish I would have seen them a couple weeks earlier. I was searching for some “real” looking ones, couldn’t find what I wanted, ended up making 2 from coffee filters, I like them, but I like yours better, oh well maybe after Chirstmas I’ll change them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    I love that. It looks like you used fake asparagus fern, which is one of my favs. I have earmarked a page in Ballard’s catalog with very similar topiaries-thanks for showing me how to save some money!

  4. StephC says

    I found your tutorial by googling “artificial topiary” – or something like that – after I had dejectedly decided that an outdoor box topiary would be out of our price range. We’re thinking of prepping to sell. Our front door needs *something* to make it look nice, and I’ve always wanted to put a plant nearby.

    Your blog is so inspiring & encouraging!

  5. Paulette says

    I prefer to call them “faux” flowers and not “fake”. I worked for several years in the “faux” flower industry. I worked for a company called Distinctive Designs, Inc. They have won many awards for their work. Another company, also in Alabama, known as NDI, Natural Decorations Inc. is accomplished in the design field as well. They too have won many awards. Check out either website. Especially, You will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and realistic the “fake” flowers are. While you are there, go ahead and be amazed at the other things from nature that they bring to life. I will be the first to admit their florals (stems or arranged) are not cheap. Far, far from it. But I guess what I’m saying is: there are choices out there other than the real thing. And the “fake” flower business is alive and well. Another suggestion along with Michaels is Hobby Lobby. I find better prices and more realistic look there. Also they have 1/2 price about every other week. Happy planting………..!

  6. Keilani says

    Love this!!! and About missing the scent…… Around Christmas Bath n Body works sells some greenery air fresher sprays that smell very good. I purchased one that was an winter pine and I used it near my faux Christmas tree. But a lot of bushes now days have that pine scent.

  7. shelley says

    Great post!! I am pinning this, and also making this today!!! Now I can throw away the decorator catalogs I have been saving for when I was ready to “bite the bullet” and pay for one of these!


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