Adding Spring Flowers Around The House Even When You Don’t Have Any

If you are craving some spring color in the way of pretty flowers around the house, but don’t have any fresh flowers to use, here are a few colorful ideas to try to brighten up your rooms with a touch of spring.

No matter where you are in the country (warming sunshine or chilly snow), Spring is just weeks away. Knowing this has me wanting to bring in some bright and colorful Spring flowers into the house.

How to gift wrap ugly spring flower pots

It is too early, even here in South Carolina to just be able to go outside and snip flowers from the garden or yard, so I have to rely on the flower selection from the grocery store. Since my grocery store has a limited selection lately, it’s faux for me for the time being.


If you are like me and craving a bit of Spring color in the way of colorful flowers, I rounded up some of the ways I add and arrange artificial flowers and greenery around my house when I don’t have the real thing.

Spray Paint Faux Flowers

Did you know you can instantly change faded faux flowers to get the color you want.

It is easy with floral spray. It is not really paint, but a mist of color that goes on translucent. The color builds up the more you spray. You can even safely use it on real flowers also.

Floral sprays come in a ton of colors, so if you have your mind set on light green flowers when your faux blooms are white, this is an easy way to change the color. The sprays work best on white, off-white or pastel colored flowers.

Where to Find Floral Spray:

Make Your Own Spring Flowers

With inexpensive tissue paper or napkins you can make your own full & fluffy flowers or even these classic roses.

If you have floral spray, you can even change the color of the paper to a color you like.

Use DIY Flower Arranging Tricks

Arranging spring flowers in a vase

How to Paint a Glass Vase

When arranging tall faux flowers in a vase and you don’t have enough to make the vase look filled. Here is what I do:

  • Make tubes from printer paper and tape them around a few of the stems in the middle of the arrangement. This is an easy way to get the middle stems to stay upright and not fall to the sides which will make the whole arrangement look better.

Make a DIY Topiary

How to Make a Fake Topiary with Craft Store Artificial Plants

How to Make a Faux Topiary

When a touch of greenery is what you crave, but your thumb isn’t green, make a faux topiary with inexpensive greenery from the craft store.

Make Faux Flowers and Stems Look Real


How to Male Faux Greenery Stems Look Realistic

What you can do with faux flowers, you can also do with greenery stems.

Floral Chest of Drawers

When you don’t have faux flowers and still are craving color, try adding flowers via fabric.

DIY furniture makeover using fabric and liquid starch

How to Makeover Furniture With Fabric

No paint brush needed to add Spring color to any piece of furniture in a few hours using floral fabric.

As you can see there are a few ways to add some spring color or even new color to older faux blooms to revive them to enjoy around the house until you can bring in the real thing from your flower garden or grocery store.

Hurry Spring… :-) We all need your infusion of colors. It is the best natural therapy for our winter weary minds.

Spring decorating ideas using faux flowers

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  2. I’ll be using the tube trick for larger arrangements!! Great idea ? thank you

  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    Beautiful bouquets and I love the dresser.

  4. Wow! I love the tube trick for holding faux flowers upright. I’m going downstairs right now to give that a try with some flowers on my fireplace hearth. I always pick up the best deorating tips and tricks from you! Let’s go Spring!!!