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Spring Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Simple spring kitchen decorating ideas that you can add to a kitchen that are both pretty and budget friendly.

Yesterday, I shared how I decorated my living room mantel for spring and how I shopped my house to find decorative items to use.

Today I am sharing how I added a few old and new decorative items to my kitchen to get it ready for spring. My kitchen is white and in past years I added spring color by making shelf backdrops for open shelves. This year I added spring colors in a different way.

Spring decorations for the kitchen using blue, white, pink and green.Spring Kitchen Decorating Ideas

You know I like to decorate with white so I can accent it with pops of color.  For spring this is easy to do since spring is blooming with so many vibrant and happy colors. I chose to use my favorite colors… blue, pink, and green in the kitchen.

Kitchen counter decorating ideas for Spring

If you are new here, I made over my 1970’s era kitchen with lots of patience and paint. I even painted the laminate counters to look like Carrara Marble.

You can read how I went about doing that, in this post—-> How to Paint Kitchen Counters to Look Like Carrara Marble.

Spring Kitchen Counter Decorating ideas

My kitchen isn’t huge so I have to make every inch count. When I painted the kitchen cabinets over a year ago now, I removed the doors from these shelves to create open shelving.

The doors were hard to open since they are above the elbow section of the counter area where the peninsula starts which makes the cabinets hard to reach.

How To Decorate a Kitchen for Spring Using Items You Already Own

I have gathered the collection of white plates, bowls, and pitchers over the last 20 years. The pieces are from Walmart, HomeGoods, TJMaxx and the Dollar Tree.

Pretty spring kitchen decorating ideas

To accent my white collection I bought a few new decorative accessories to place in the hard to reach area of the counter. Since I can’t use it as a food prep work space, I use it to place pretty things.

What items are good to use to decorate a kitchen counter?

Like the blue cabbage bowls that I have had for a very long time.

What should I use to decorate my kitchen counters. A bubble glass candle holder and match striker.

The wood and bubble glass hurricane is a new purchase. When I saw it on the shelf at Target, I knew it would look perfect on the kitchen counter. The matchstick holder and striker was given to me for Christmas.

Spring Decorating for Kitchens

I replaced the seagrass rug I had in front of the sink with a blue and white striped accent rug.  I like the fresh new look and the fact that when this rug gets dirty I can toss in the washer. I couldn’t do that with the seagrass rug.

Spring kitchen decorating ideas for a white kitchen

Back in 2013 I made over the IKEA step stool with Houndstooth duct tape.  When I posted about it, many commented that the duct tape would get sticky after a while.

I am happy to report it has not.  How to Make a Houndstooth Step Stool.

Spring decorating ideas for around the sink

I updated this topiary from a pair I made when I first started blogging. You can read how to make one yourself using fake greenery in this post—>How to Make a Fake Topiary

On the cooktop side of the kitchen, there is very little counter space, so I don’t add any decorations, just items I need to prepare food.

I added just enough to refresh the space and now I can’t wait for spring to officially arrive.

If you would like to see more spring decorating ideas, you can follow the Spring Styling Tour where 26 other bloggers are sharing how they decorate for spring.


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  1. …and the Oscar goes to DIANE of IN MY OWN STYLE for best DIY high-end kitchen. You make it look SO expensive and current with your mad DIY skills.

    1. Thanks MLD. Can you text or email that you got this reply so I know the new comment reply I am using on the blog is working the way it should. XO

  2. Diane- you have done some amazing projects. you have inspired me to do something with my laundry room countertop ( i want to change the color) your’s looks fantastic.

  3. Oh those pops of blue and purple in your white kitchen are stunning! Your kitchen is so cheerful, I love it! Everything is so pretty Diane.