Spring Mantel Decor Using Repurposed Items

How to decorate a fireplace mantel or table for spring using recyclables and repurposed items.

Do you have a fireplace mantel that provides visual interest in your home?  Do you decorate it seasonally for it to become the focal point in the room? If not, do you have a sideboard or table top that you decorate for each season?

Spring Decorating ideas using recycled glass bottles

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions then I have not only one, but 25 spring mantel decorating ideas to share with you today.

In the decorating world, changing out mantel decor seasonally can be one area in your home where decorating can be done quickly and affordably and if you use repurposed and/or recycled items… almost free.

How to Decorate For Spring Using Repurposed or Recycled Items

That is what I added… recycled and repurposed items to decorate the mantel in my living room for spring.  New decor is always fun to add as there is so much of it in stores now. Cute bunnies, Easter art, and more, but seasonal decor items do have a downside, they have to be stored when not in use.

Since I am trying to purchase less so I have less clutter around the house, I am also trying to tame stored clutter as well, so last week when I wanted to start adding spring touches, I shopped my house to find items to use. I had the choice of using a large mirror, natural materials, and a large piece of art.

Budget friendly Spring-Mantel-decorating ideas using-repurposed-and-recycled-items.

What I decided to use was a blank white canvas and a blue glass-fronted cabinet door that I used as wall art in my previous house in Pennsylvania. I kept 3 candles on the mantel display and removed the rest that where part of the winter mantel and also kept the grass planter and placed it in front of the cabinet door.

Next, I headed to my recycling bin in the garage and plucked out a few glass bottles.

Budget friendly Spring-Mantel-decorating ideas using-recycled-glass bottles destined for the trash.

I cleaned them out, lined them up and added some water and fresh flowers to each that I bought at the supermarket to create a simple, yet eye catching spring floral arrangement along the mantel.

Spring Mantel Decor using repurposed and recycled glass bottles

Even the mantel itself, sans decor is a repurposed item.  If you haven’t read about the origins of the mantel, you can read it here.

Pin and green spring mantel decor using glass bottles and repurposed items.

Simple and ready to go for spring. I will have to change the flowers every week, but that will allow me to add a new color if I desire. Maybe yellow daffodils one week and pink tulips the next.

Spring Mantel Decor using odds and ends.

More Thrifty Spring Decorating Ideas:

My Spring Mantel Decorating Resources:

Cabinet Door – Road side trash

Glass Bottles – My Recycling Bin

Candles  – I bought at a Pottery Barn Outlet so they were less expensive.

18″ x 24″ Stretched Art Canvas 

Grass Planter – No longer available, but you can find similar ones at HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Flowers – Grocery Store

Stone fireplace and white mantel with pink and blue spring decor

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  1. Lydia McIntosh says:

    This is so great! I love using repurposed items to decorate and often find things laying around that I could use! Great tips. Your home is beautiful!

  2. Summer Adams says:

    Diane, love those gorgeous flowers and jars! Such pretty colors you’ve chosen for your mantel! xoxo

  3. Lisa Ronan says:

    Love the bottles! Funny story. When we honeymooned at The Grand Floridian in 1991 ( just to tell you how long it’s been) one night we ordered room service. On our tray were these cute, little, individual serving size bottles of Heinz ketchup. I had never seen anything like it at the ripe old age of 20! We didn’t use the ketchup but I packed them to come home with us. Now whenever I buy flowers and that straggler falls off the bunch, I keep it in my 2″ ketchup bottle by my kitchen sink! Anywho, hoping to get my bunnies and stuff out of the crawl space this week and spring things up too!

  4. So crisp and fresh and perfect for spring. I love the grass! So glad you could join in on this hop, Diane!

  5. laura janning says:

    i try to shop the house when i can but could’nt resist the pretty blush colored vases that I bought a few weeks back. I hope I will like the color blush for a while. I love how you balanced out the white from the candles with that piece of canvas. you are such a smartie pants!

  6. Sandra Sheets says:

    Love, love, love your column. Very inspiring and creative. Look forward to reading your ideas
    .keep up the great work.

    column. At one time I was

  7. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says:

    Love the lavender-colored flowers against that beautiful blue window frame!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Jennifer. I have had the blue cabinet door for a long time. It hung in the powder room of my previous home with floral prints behind each pane. Since moving to a new home, I removed the prints, but kept the door knowing I would find a use for it again.

  8. I too am doing the same–less clutter, less stuff to store, more ‘shop my home’ ideas. Though I did run across some cute little thrift store ceramic bunnies I’ve painted to look like cement, that will look quite nice from now through Spring.

    I love the idea of fresh flowers too and supermarkets have lovely inexpensive bouquets. I got some mums that lasted over 2 weeks. Great find/buy at only $5 for the entire bunch :-)

    You’ve hit a home run again Diane! Love it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Connie –

      Thanks. I find the “use what I have” way of decorating sometimes is a lot more rewarding. I do LOVE to shop and buy new things, but repurposing does save $$$. Your bunnies sound adorable and the fact that you painted them to fit your style makes them all the better. I love grocery store flowers. Some days the selection isn’t so great, but other times they have the best flowers for around for only a few dollars. :-)

  9. Living in the Uk and recently moved to Manchester City centre duplex apartment
    From a large 4 floored home with a garden as tall as myself
    I wanted a idea for greenery back in my life ,I found the mantle and fresh plants a good plan for me as I don’t even have a balcony

  10. Kelly Elko says:

    Here Here to less clutter! Love all of your recycled (and free) finds Diane! Happy Spring!

  11. Debbie Mayfield says:

    Thanks for sharing all of the blogs.