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House Exterior Makeover Plan – Planning Stages

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Sharing My House Exterior Makeover Plans that will be done on a small budget.

Now that spring will be arriving for real in a few weeks, I have to get myself in gear and create a plan on how I want to tweak a few things on the front exterior of my house. Spring and early summer will be the perfect time to paint before the heat of July and August set in.

If you have been following me for a while, then you know I have already been making small tweaks in the way of adding new exterior lighting, painting the front doors, removing shrubs, and on the back side of the house, adding shutters.

house exterior makeover plans on a budget

My plan for the spring is to paint the front trim of the house a neutral color and the garage door the same way I painted the front doors.

Stone ranch home exterior


I found this photo over on Southern Hospitality and it hit all the right buttons in regard to what I am looking for color wise and the large rock landscaping.

My house has brick and painted plank paneling on the back and sides of the house, not stone, but the brick is a similar color. The roof on my house is black and when it is time to get it redone, we will choose a much lighter color.

1970's ranch style home before exterior makeover on a budget using paint and landscaping.

This photo was taken when we were in the process of removing holly bushes from the front of the peak and windows. The area in front of the windows is now cleared and I think this is where I would like to add some rocks and ground cover of some kind. We may end up removing more holly, but only time will tell if that will be needed.

I think once the green peak is painted a soft neutral, the house will look a bit more updated.  Of course I wish I could have Chip and Joanna do their magic on the exterior, but no budget for that so it is up to me to come up with a plan and choose the color.

One of you mentioned the last time I posted this photo that I should consider painting the green above each window a dark black/grey to mimic glass so that the window look like the go all the way to the top of the peak. I will have to experiment.

Modern home and landscaping


Here is another home exterior I like. I like the big rocks and boulders in front of this home and the modern vibe.

How to paint exterior front doors to look like wood

For the front entrance, I plan to paint all the green in a soft neutral. This alone will brighten the area up. If money was no object, I would like to…

Exterior house makeover ideas for entry porches

Photoshop Redo Craftsman Exterior

…add a small peaked roof over the entrance, but that probably won’t happen and will have to reside in my dreams for now.

UPDATE:  Since posting this post, I have made some changes to the house. You can view what I did in this post: Before and After Exterior House Makeover

Lots more searching, thinking and planning ahead for me.

Have you ever done a house exterior makeover on the facade of your home? Would love to read what you did and any tips you want to share.

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  1. Diane, I like your ideas! I will look forward to seeing what you do this spring. I’ve never done a major exterior renovation, but I do like to dream about what I would do. Step 1: Find a magic wand!

  2. I think the landscape updates that you are considering are the way to go, especially if you go big with the boulders. 20 years from now, they still won’t need pruning : )
    Your front doors still make me say “wow”.

  3. LOve all the ideas for your home. I know the house is more modern but I like the traditional style planters

  4. When we first moved into our house in the early 70s our garage was detached and there was a big old tree between the house and the garage. My late husband and a friend cut down the tree and then we had a big renovation with tearing down the old garage, building a four car attached garage, extending the soffit in front and making a soffit at the back of the house, installing a small porch in front, and a patio in back. Whew! Thank goodness my husband was an engineer and he drew the plans for all of it. It made such a difference on the look of our house. My son is a landscaper so when he was first starting out he did the front of our house, many years later I think it’s in need of some updating. This summer I will be working on that. Oh, I should mention we changed out windows on the house too. Even our neighbors were impressed with the transformation. Good luck with your project. I’m sure it will turn out terrific and I look forward to seeing the updates.

  5. I would take several photos of the roof and close ups of the brick to a good paint store for their best expert to help select the trim color. The photos you like of stone and beige trim are in the creamy family. Your brick is in the gray family to my eye. You will probably need several coats to color the current color.

    Love seeing what you have done with your lovely home.


    1. Hi Nancy –

      Good idea. I have to make sure to get a really good shot so the color is true. My bricks are almost a peachy tan. The mortar is creamy with a slight gray cast. I have a few swatches up on the house, but none are quite right yet. Will keep testing colors until I find just the right one. Enjoy your weekend.