How to Make a No Sew Fabric Covered Cushion

Phewwwwww… is how I feel right now.  The holidays came and went like a flash.  I enjoyed them, but I can’t believe we are on the other side already.   All that prep and then bam – all over.   Life for me is back to normal – except for taking all the boxed up Christmas decorations back up to the attic.  The house is looking pretty bare – which is a good thing because it has me looking at it with a new perspective.

I love the mirror I added above my piano, but when I took the candles and glittery branches away it looked like it needed something in the way of a color pop. I had some orange fabric that I bought a while ago not knowing how I was going to use it. I just loved it so I bought a yard.   Little did I know the color would be the Pantone’s Color of the Year – Tangerine Tango.


Now I am not big on following too many trends. I am more about valuing my personal style and independent thinking.  I find it leads to making better choices and creating a functional and comfortable space for my family and me.  I didn’t go for the turquoise and the pink that Pantone said were the colors to use in 2011 and 2010 – now they are soooo last year!  Not really, but it can be dizzying trying to keep up with what marketers say is in and want us to buy.  I do like this color of orange and when it is mixed with white – it is so energizing. Just what the corner in my family room needs.

Piano Bench – Before

Too much brown.

How to make a no-sew cushion cover

As I am wring this, I am watching one of my favorite old movies  – Lover Come Back with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. It just happens to be on TCM. :)   One of the comic ongoing lines throughout the movie is when the character who plays the advertising client is asked if he wants his drink freshened, he responds in a southern accent…just a touch.

Lover Come Back

I am going to add…  just a touch… of Tangerine Tango to this corner of my family room.


How to make a no sew cushion cover for a bench

How To Make a No Sew Fabric Covered Cushion Cover for a Bench

1.  Remove the top of the bench.  I left the hinges on the bench. I just removed the screws from the top. No need to make more work for yourself.

No Sew Decorating ideas

2. I added 3 layers on top of the lid. Foam that I cut from an old mattress egg crate, white fabric, and the orange fabric. I bought the fabric at JoAnn’s. It is called –Fun Floret by Waverly.  Normally I would use quilt batting between the foam and the fabric, but I didn’t have any.  This layer softens the edges of the foam when the fabric is wrapped around it.

Foam can be costly. I buy it only when it is 50% at JoAnn’s Fabrics  You don’t even need to buy expensive foam – an old egg crate mattress pad can be re-purposed and cut to size. Cut a few pieces of the mattress egg crate to size and layer the pieces on top of each other to create the height cushion you want.  A little hot glue between the layers will hold the layers together.

No Sew Decorating Ideas

Flip it all over and start stapling the fabric to the lid using a staple gun.

How to cover a cushion with fabric

First the white lining.

No sew Decorating Ideas

Cut the corners as shown. You don’t want to add too much bulk to the corners.

Thrifty Decorating Ideas

Then staple the fabric on.  I fold the raw edge of the fabric over so it looks nice and neat.  You want to pull taut, but not too tight or you may mis-shape the foam.

How to staple fabric to furniture

Fold the fabric on the corners like you were gift-wrapping a package.  Staple to secure.

How to staple fabric to furniture

How to make a cushion cover with no sewing

I simply cut away the fabric around the area where the hinges would go.

Before and After Furntiture Makeovers


Before you start stapling, make sure if there is a pattern on your fabric that it is centered and aligned.

Family Room Decorating Ideas

Then reattach the lid to the bench.

Furntiure Transformations

Decorating Ideas with fabric

All done.

Furniture Transformations on a budget

Budget Decorating Ideas


  1. Valerie says

    I love this idea. I’ve been wanting to do a fresher take on a piano bench cover and this looks great! Did the staples damage the top part of the wood? Would you be able to take this project apart ever if you decided you wanted the bench to be like it was originally? (We have my husband’s grandmother’s piano, and I’d hate to permanently damage it.)

  2. Susan says

    Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration. I especially like how your cushion is so thick. Your cushion actually looks comfortable! Your photos and instructions are very clear and easy to follow. My piano bench doesn’t hinge, and I don’t really want to staple directly into the word, but you have given me some good ideas to adapt to my needs. I’m thinking I may attach the cushion with a serious amount of Velcro so it doesn’t shift.

  3. Kari says

    I am so excited that I stumbled upon this website! I was searching for piano bench cushions, as I am in need of one – but, my goodness, they run from the $60-$100 range and up. Your “no sew” option caught my eye – not to mention the endless fabric choices! Sky is the limit!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Tiffany Brown says

    Hi, I LOVE your technique on this cushion and am going to use it to create 2 cushions for our new built-in benches. I was wondering if you had any problems with the staples sticking up through the cushion? Can you feel them when you sit near the edges of the bench? Maybe this is a silly question…I’ve never used the no-sew staple method. :) Thanks!

  5. says

    Glad I happened upon your site via Pinterest today! Lots of great ideas. I’ve been wanting to make a cushion for my piano bench for awhile…tucking this tutorial away for when I finally find fabric I like!

  6. Niah says

    This tutorial and the finished result are FAB! Would this be the comprehensive shopping list for this DIY Project?:

    1. Power screwdriver
    2. Foam ‘piece’
    3. White fabric (any kind in particular?)
    4. Quilt batting
    5. Glue gun
    6. Scissors – What was used to cut the foam?
    7. Fabric covering of choice

    Anything else? I’m going to attempt this on a bench for the end of the bed and also a headboard of a yet to be purchased canopy bed. But I also want to incorporate buttons or other decorative element- any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

  7. says

    I am soooo glad I found your tutorial!! Your piano bench looks awesome… and I love your fabric and the orange!! I have an old blanket chest that my Daddy made (it’s like 7 feet long) and I’ve wanted to make seat cushions for it for just about forever. It never ever occurred to me to just take off the top and attach the cushion directly to it. Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :-)

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