Clothes Closet Organizing: No Slip Hangers

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. It was just beautiful here in Pennsylvania – almost summer like. I even got a sunburn yesterday as we sat outside for most of the day – too nice to stay inside.

I began the ritual of Spring cleaning on Friday. I figured I better get started before I have to call it Summer cleaning.  I started with my clothes closet. I tossed a lot and have a big bag to take to the thrift store of all the clothes that I no longer want.

The clothes I am keeping, I placed on white plastic hangers. I like using them because they keep everything hanging in the closet looking uniform. What I don’t like about them is the fact that some of my tops or dresses slide right off the ends.   I thought about adding rubber bands to the hangers, but that was way too hard. I rummaged through my stash of crafty supplies and began playing with a few colorful pipe cleaners. They worked perfectly to make no slip hangers, plus they look colorful and pretty hanging in my closet.

Closet Organizing ideas - No slip hangers

No slip hanger tip

Supplies Needed:

Clothes Hanger

4 Pipe Cleaners – I bought mine at the craft store for 1.00 a pack

How to pad clothes hangers

1.  To start wrapping the pipe cleaner on the hanger –  bend and fold the tip over on one pipe cleaner about 1-inch.  Place on top of the end of one shoulder section of the hanger.

Organizing tips and tricks for closets

2.  Begin to wrap the pipe cleaner over the bent section and hanger to secure.

Clothes closet hanger TRick

3. Continue to wrap until you come to the end of the first pipe cleaner.  Leave a small section straight as shown in the photo.

Closet organizing ideas

4. Add the second pipe cleaner in the same way you did the first – following step 1 – 3.  You want to wrap over the end section of the first pipe cleaner along with the section you bend to start the second.  When you get to the end of the second pipe cleaner- I thought I may need a dot of hot glue – but I didn’t need it.  All I did was press the end around the hanger. It will mold to the curve of the hanger.

Decorative Hangers

You can cover the entire hanger this way. I only wanted to add some no-slip padding to each side of the hanger and 2 on each side worked perfectly for this.

Clothes organizing ideas

Repeat on the other side of the hanger.  It works on any type hanger – wire or plastic.

Clothes closet organizing Pipe-cleaner-hangers



  1. says

    What a nifty idea! Thanks for sharing.
    I did pin this so I would remember what to do and I put your link in the description.

  2. David says

    I am a male with loads of jumpers, that I store on wide-shouldered plastic hangers. Trouble is, they slip down the hanger, and I end up with bumps at the collar bone when I put them on. I had been thinking of cutting up an inner tube from a bike and gluing a strip to the ends of the hangers (I know, I know .. A man’s solution), but will give the pipe cleaner route a go.

    Simple is efficient, so thanks for triggering this route.

  3. Closet Organizer says

    This is one of the reasons why closet organization systems have become so popular in recent years.

  4. Judy Ducrou says

    Wow I have been struggling with this problem for some time – saw this idea on Pinterest, I am off to purchase some pipe cleaner.
    Thank you for the tip!!


  1. […] {Source} I love this. It is super simple, inexpensive, and fun. You could pick any color you liked, even match it up to your room decor. These packages of pipe cleaners can be picked up for $1 a pack at your local dollar store. The best is that you can use them on any type of hanger you have available. I’m going to go put my pipe cleaners to use right now!  […]

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