DIY: Christmas Porch Light Decoration


Over the weekend, Ed, my daughters, and I went to pick out our Christmas Tree.  We like to get a real one and for the past 4 years we have gone to Corkum Tree Farm in Skippack Townsip, Pa to get it.  While there, I also like to buy the cuttings from all the trees that they tie up into bundles and sell for a few dollars. I like to use them to add fresh greens around the house – usually on the mantel and window sills.    This year, I made greenery sprays with them, to hang under the exterior light fixtures using a block of foam and a wire coat hanger.

Christmas-Greenery Decorating Ideas

This is an easy and very affordable way to decorate not only your front porch or entryway, but a door, window, gate, carriage light, or fence post. I added to the greenery I bought by clipping a few sprigs from a boxwood in my yard to create a interesting mix of texture to the hook-on greenery.


It cost me about $5 to make and took about 30 minutes.



How To Make Hook-On Christmas Greenery



Supplies Needed:

Foam block – preferably green
Wire coat hanger
4 Green chenille stems
U-shaped florist pins or paper clips (open paper clips and form a U-shape with the wire)
Variety of greenery from your yard or tree trimmings from a local Christmas tree seller.
Tree branch snippers
Optional:  ribbon, ornaments, a few more chenille stems


Holiday Greenery 101

1.  Bend the coat hanger as shown and attach with the U-shaped pins.  Twist two chenille stems together to create a longer one. Do the same thing with the other two more chenille stems. Wrap and tie them around the foam block as shown. This will be the back of the greenery hanger.

Fresh Holiday Decorating Greenery Idea

Hang over arm on light fixture.  If hanging on a door or window – add a piece of green felt to the back so the wire does not mar the paint or glass.

How to decorate with Christmas-Greenery

To keep greenery fresher longer, dip foam into water. I laid the foam and hanger on the ground outside as I worked on it.  Once I had most of it covered, I hung it back up to make sure it was shaped symmetrically.   To create the shape – imagine the shape and size of the cluster you want. My light is large so I wanted to keep the size of the greenery in proportion.  Start by placing the long stem at the top and bottom to mark the length; then mark side edges with shorter stems. Begin to fill in the shape, working from the outside edges of the block, and placing shorter stems on top.  Layer until you cannot see the foam block.

Exterior Holiday Decorating Ideas

I mixed Douglas fir, scotch pine, and boxwood.

Exterior Christmas Decorating Idea

 I made a bow using red opalescent ribbon. I tied a few small ornaments to the center using a chenille stem and then tied it all onto the greenery with another chenille stem.

Christmas-Outdoor-Decorating Ideas

Add pine cones instead of ornaments or whatever you like.  Mist with water to keep the greens fresher longer.

This is the first holiday decoration I have created so far this year.  Have you started decorating yet?




  1. Elaine Stewart says

    What a fantastic idea, thank you so very much for sharing it. I always find it hard to come up with ideas how to decorate the outside of our home, and am so excited to give this a go this year.

  2. Dina says

    This is exactly what I was looking for to add a special touch to my front door. I know exactly where Corkum Tree Farm is, as I live in an old Skippack too. I’m excited to start following you for great ideas for my old 1855 farmhouse.

    • says

      Hi Dina -Thanks for taking the time to say hi. Nice to hear from a local reader. I will be heading to Corkum Tree Farm this Friday. We always go the day after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree. Happy Holidays

  3. Lynette says

    Made these but had some problems with them blowing around in the wind. How can you weigh them down?

    • says

      Hi Lynette – Not sure what I would use besides adding more greens to weigh them down. I live in a windy area and have not had the light decorations move, but the wreaths on my windows usually blow around. I attached them by placing wire on the top and bottom of the wreaths and into the closed window sash. Maybe you could duct tape something heavy to the back or bottom or attach wire to the bottom and fasten the other end of the wire to something near the light. If your house is wood – maybe add a small nail in a hidden place and wrap the wire around it. I do this to hide the cord for the Christmas garland that is above my front door. If I think something else, I will email you.

  4. says

    Can you break down the price a bit? I am wondering how you procured the foam block for so little; those alone are over $5 everywhere I’ve seen. I’d love to know your secret and how much the bundle costs in order to make them for $5 each.

    • says

      Hi Brandy – To save money on the foam blocks, buy them at the craft store with a 50% or 40% off coupon. I never buy anything without using these at Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. To get foam for free – reuse blocks that you get in floral arrangements. I dont’t have a lot of these, but before tossing them when the flowers die, see if the foam is still intact. If it is – I remove the flowers and keep the block. I also save Styrofoam that comes packed around electronics and fragile items I buy. I cut it to the size I need. This type of foam does not act as an oasis, but works for fake greens that you are not going to try to keep moist. The greens are free if you cut them from your yard. The hanger is free. The cost comes down to how much your ribbon . costs and if you need to buy the chenille stems and florist pins. To save money on them – use paper clips – just open one up and shape it into a U shape. I hope this helps.

  5. Margaret Hudswell says

    loved this idea, I’ll certainly make one this year- maybe more!!!. Thank you so much!


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