Christmas Ribbon Bow Trick

Have you ever made a ribbon bow to use to decorate your house for Christmas? If it was not wired ribbon or velvet ribbon, did the loops flop down when you envisioned them staying upright and perky?

Well if this has happened to you, I am sharing a ribbon bow trick. It is really easy.  I am going to show you just how easy.

How-to-tie-a-ribbon bow-using-non-wired-ribbon-so-it-looks-full

This Christmas, I decided I am going to do more of the enjoying part and less of the pressured, stressed and frazzled part. :-)

One way I am doing this is putting the holiday decorating focus on a few parts of my house instead of decking the halls from top to bottom.

Keeping it simple will give me more time to enjoy all the season has to offer. Like watching Christmas movies, baking, strolling through pretty shops and maybe even taking a nap while listening to my favorite Christmas tunes as the sun sets and the Christmas tree begins to take on a magical glow.  This to me is pure bliss!!!!  I want it to last.

When we moved I gave away quite a bit of holiday decor and only kept a few bins of mostly ornaments and tree lights.  I found I have been liking the look of keeping things simple and as natural as possible.

Velvet ribbon bow making trick

I posted about the mantel in my living room earlier this week.  Yesterday I hung a fresh cedar wreath on the mirror across from it.


The wreath is from Lynch Creek Farm and is a beauty. It also smells wonderful.

The photo above is from the Lynch Creek Farm website and shows the ribbon bow that it comes with. It is pretty and well made, but you know me, I like putting my own style on everything.

I removed the bow and added one I made using wide red velvet ribbon I bought recently at HomeGoods.

I love the velvet ribbon, but not the fact that it is not “wired-ribbon”. When making bows, wired ribbon is the way to go since it creates perfect full loops that stay in place. When ribbon doesn’t have wire, it makes limp bows.

I really wanted the look and texture of the red velvet for the room so I had to do a little DIY’ing on the ribbon. I made the bow as I usually do.

You can find out how I make them in this post: How to Make a Ribbon Bow. 

I hung the wreath using ribbon like I showed how to do in this post: How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon

How to Use Un-Wired Ribbon to Make a Fluffy Bow

Sorry I don’t have a “before” photo to show you how the loops hung lifeless before I added some DIY fullness to them.

If you ever made a bow with soft, non-wired ribbon, you know that the loops simply hang and don’t look very festive.

Here is the easy fix.

supplies needed:

  • Velvet ribbon – 48″ for the tails. I folded in half- 24″ for each tail. The loops – 16″ of ribbon so that each loop is about 4 inches wide and 6″ for the middle to tie the loops and tails together.
  • White glue or fabric stiffener
  • Paint brush
  • Water
  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  1. Mix a tablespoon of water into 6 tablespoons of white glue. Mix it well and then brush it onto the inside of the bow’s loops. Make sure to saturate the inside of the loops. It will dry clear.

2. Stuff the loops with bunched up plastic produce bags.  Tie the bow onto the ribbon that the wreath is hung on and let the glue dry overnight.

3. When glue is dry, remove bags and loops will stand on their own. The bags will not stick to the glue and will be easy to remove.


Much better. :-)

If you like this tip, check out what I did on my foyer staircase.

How to give a limp ribbon bow fullness.

If you’re still in a decorating mood, perhaps you’d like to peruse my other Christmas decorating posts or the additional ribbon decorating ideas below.

More Ways to Decorate With Ribbon

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  1. Kristie McDaniel says:

    I love, love, love this red bow! So simple, but elegant. My question is, how many inches of ribbon did you use?
    Thank you

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kristie – The amount of ribbon I used to make the bow – 48″ for the tails. I folded in half- 24″ for each tail. The loops – 16″ of ribbon so that each loop is about 4 inches wide and 6″ for the middle to tie the loops and tails together.

  2. What do you use to hang bows on Christmas trees?

    1. What to use to hang bows on Christmas trees

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Laura –

        I use florist wire to hang bows. If I make the bow, in the process of making it, I use wire to hold the loops together. I make sure this wire is longer than needed for the bow. Once the bow is done, I use the excess wire and wrap and twist the ends of wire around a tree branch.

        If I am using a bought bow, I thread a piece of wire under the knot on the back of the bow so you don’t see it. I pull it so there is an even amount of wire sticking out each side once the wire is threaded through the back of the knot. Then I take the two wire ends and twist them tightly around a tree branch.

        I hope my explanation helps.

  3. Love everything about Christmas and all the little tricks you share with us are great!

  4. Derick Gisselle says:

    Great Blog! It’s very informative topic. Thanks for sharing this so interesting post! I really want to be thankful for the way you have put it here.

  5. Mary Gardner says:

    I would probably hang it over the mantle. I have double doors on the front of the house and use 2 matching wreaths there. This would be lovely inside even if it doesn’t last as long it will be beautiful. I follow you and Lynch Creek Farm on instagram as @maryjgardner.

  6. My covered front doorway needs a fluffy-greened wreath like this one. I can’t seem to find one like it in my area. And I love the velvet ribbon.

  7. I think I might use it as the centerpiece of my table with a large candle in the middle…I love the smell of Christmas cedar…brings back so many childhood memories of Christmas on the farm. I am now following you and Lynch Creek Farm on instagram. Love all the decorated wreaths on instagram…lots of inspiration!!!

  8. The Wreath is so pretty! I would hang it in my family room. I have an artificial tree and would love to have that wonderful smell from the wreath! Thank you for sharing your bow trick! I will be trying that!

  9. OH..yes.. I follow you both Instagram at FLORIDAGLD
    Thanks and merry Christmas

  10. OH I love the simplicity of your clean and fresh..non hassled.
    I would gift for my moms ..probably front door to enjoy longer…and to welcome everyone.

  11. Phyllis Phipps says:

    I would hang it indoors

  12. Shannon Eaton says:

    Definitely inside on my back door where we will enjoy it in the kitchen and living room. Can’t hang it outside; the one year I tried that all the critters thanked me for the snack.

  13. patty reed-pederson says:

    On my front door!!

  14. Linda Winiarski says:

    I would love to hang this in my living room over an old window

  15. Ginger Haas says:

    Such a beautiful wreath! I would hang it on the big gilt framed mirror over my buffet in the dining room with a white ribbon because the walls are a deep coral red color. It would be gorgeous! Thank you for this helpful post.

  16. Their wreaths are gorgeous! I would love to hang one over my armoire to make that room more festive! Also, followed both on IG. Thank you!

  17. On my sliding glass door so I can see it from inside and out!

  18. Carolyn Cohen says:

    I will hang it on my deck door that is our main entrance. It is glass so we can enjoy inside and out! I am already following you and added Lynch’s.

  19. As a gorgeous welcome to family, friends and the delivery folks – my front door. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the tip on turning a limp ribbon into something functional and beautiful.

  20. I would hang this wreath on our front door!

  21. Definitely on the mirror over Great Grandmother Molly’s buffet!

  22. I would hang it on my front door.

  23. Margaret Potter says:

    I would hang it on the dining room mirror.

  24. I follow you both on instagram @rusthawk1. Happy holidays!

  25. I will hang it inside in the picture window.

  26. Julie bettwy says:

    I will hang on my front window! These are beautiful!

  27. Cathy Clark says:

    LOVE this full bow hack! Great idea!
    Beautiful wreath that I would LOVE to win! If I did, since I live in sunny Florida, I’d hang inside (so it wouldn’t die in the heat so quickly) over my mantel on an old window I have sitting on the mantel.
    I did follow you and Lynch Creek Farms on Instagram!
    Thank You!

  28. Katie Bowers says:

    I would hang it on my front door! It’s beautiful and reminds me of home in Northwest WA.

  29. Would love a fresh wreath to hang on the door or in my window. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Joyce Ward says:

    The wreath is so pretty.I would hang this wreath front center in our family room off the kitchen where we spend most of our time. Merry Christmas!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  31. Inside the front door so the wonderful scent will be the first thing all of us will experience—that’s where I would hang the wreath!

  32. As always, your posts are inspirational. I love holiday decorations and activities but would like to find time to take it easier this year and enjoy the more relaxing aspects of the holidays, as you mentioned. We bought a tree and put lights on it, but I am in no hurry to get the ornaments on – I’m just enjoying taking a nap on the couch and looking at the lights.
    As for the beautiful wreath, I would definitely hang it indoors in the family room to enjoy the fragrance.

  33. LAURETTA PERRY says:

    I live in South Florida, so I would hang inside too!

  34. Julie Carroll says:

    Hanging the fresh wreath over my sofa will make my entire den smell heavenly!!

  35. barbara stephens ` says:

    This is so beautiful ! I will hang the wreath on my front door for all my neighbors to enjoy.

  36. Hi!

    I will place the Three Cedars wreath on my front door as a festive welcome to all!

    Love the glue ribbon tip! Thanks.

  37. Alisa Ternes says:

    Love you simple, but elegant, ideas! If I am the lucky one, I plan on hanging the wreath over a mirror in my dining room.

  38. Val Smith says:

    Also followed both!

  39. Claudia Cann says:

    D, are are amazing. If I am fortunate to win the wreath, I plan to hang it over my large mirror in the foyer. Merry Christmas

  40. Val Smith says:

    I would hang the wreath over large mirror over couch in family room. Living in Fl, the fresh aroma of fresh greenery would remind me of cold, wintery Christmases in WV growing up.

  41. Linnea Rodman says:

    Happy Holidays Diane! I would hang the wreath right outside my front door to greet our guests when they arrive.

  42. Beverly Timerding says:

    I would love to hang the wreath from the solid wall balcony of my 2nd floor condo. It would really set off the whole shared house.

  43. Ellen Hernandez says:

    Since my husband is allergic to cedar we have switched to pre-lit Christmas trees but I grew up with the tradition of cutting down our family tree together, using trimmed branches to decorate the doors. I would hang this beautiful wreath on our gazebo door – we just built the gazebo this summer, and everyone enjoys being out there, especially with 80 degree Texas weather.

  44. geri case says:

    I would hang on the back door where everyone will see it and smell it when entering.

  45. Robin Williams says:

    Beautiful Wreath! I have several places that I would consider hanging it, but It would undoubtedly end up on the front door!

  46. I would hang it on my husband’s study door. It’s a real beauty!

  47. I followed you and Lynch Creek Farm on Instagram.

  48. I would love to hang a fresh wreath on my front door. I finished putting up outside lighted decorations this week, but have to wait on inside until Lowe’s comes and replaces my patio door on Dec. 5.

  49. Sandy Stevens says:

    I think the perfect spot would be on my front door!

  50. I would hang it outside on our front porch.

  51. Lois J Baltes says:

    Would love to have a beautiful wreath this year. Had surgery and unable to decorate so that would just be so perfect.
    Merry Christmas

  52. Love the wreath and would hang it on my front door1

  53. I’ll hang it above my fireplace

  54. I would most likely hang the wreath on the mirror in our entry way. That way I could enjoy it and the lovely scent all day long. Thanks!

    1. I would hang it above my family room fireplace.

  55. Lori Gerber says:

    We just moved into our home in April. Behind our sectional in the great room on a wall all alone, is a beautiful old mirror. Currently hanging on mirror I have a small boxwood wreath hanging from ribbon. I would LOVE to hang a fresh cedar wreath on it! The room is open and airy with lots of windows to a pasture. The aroma would be perfect in that setting! My tree is decorated with red and white…so I could even hang it with a red velvet ribbon like you did!

  56. I would love to share this with my parents and hang it in their living room above the mantle for them to enjoy the sight and smell of the season! Thank You! :-)

  57. I’m following Lynch Creek Farm on Instagram.

  58. I’m a follower on Instagram!

  59. I’d love to win this wreath and I would hang it above my mantel. Vikki in Va

  60. How funny. I just removed the scrunched up paper that have lived inside my wreath’s limp bow loops for the past few years and finally… my loops are no longer limp! I’ll have to try this (much quicker!) method moving forward!! I’m guessing that being across the pond, I’m sadly unable to enter the Giveaway, but that wreath does look mighty fine! Good Luck everyone and thank you as always Diane for your wonderful tips and gorgeous ideas. Sue x

  61. Kathy Beemer says:

    Following both on instagram!

  62. Kathy Beemer says:

    I’d hang this wreath on my front door for all to admire.

  63. I would hang it on my MOM’s front door!

  64. Classic, beautiful wreath! Timeless Christmas, my favorite every year! I would hang mine on our patio wall since we have a small wreath on our front door. We just moved in last August. In the midst of painting the interior spaces, so outdoor spaces are not in “organized chaos!”

  65. I would hang this in my living room so , when you come in the front door that would be the first thing you see ,
    So pretty and festive .

  66. Heather Anne says:

    I have followed both you and lynch creek on Instagram – I’m heathersewnsew

  67. Heather Anne says:

    Very pretty – I love fresh greenery but our daughter has allergies and so it would be hung outdoors! Right on our side door where we would enjoy it most! I think it would be lovely on our table with some white pillar candles in it too – wreathes are so versatile!

  68. I would love to hang that wreath in my front door!!!

  69. We’re moving on Dec 21st, and I’m not getting to decorate for Christmas this year ! I’d love to have this wreath to hang on my front door of both homes.

  70. Kathy McCann says:

    I, too, would hang it inside over my mirror in the living room. The scent of fresh greenery is lovely, especially at this time of year when our homes are closed up due to the cold.

  71. Maggie Bradshaw says:

    I would hang this simply beautiful wreath on our front entry gate. OkieMags is now following you on instagram! Thanks!

  72. I’d hang it in my new front bay window! To enjoy inside and out.

  73. We have a nail in the brick right under the light next to the front door, it would be perfect.

  74. I would hang it on my mantel to capture that smell throughout the house. My grandkids will be here, so I will have to keep it simple this year.

  75. We just moved into a beautiful craftsman style home!
    This wreath would be stunning on the front door!

  76. I would hang it over my fireplace! It would be especially great to have the scent inside our home, as this is the first year we won’t have a live tree. Love your posts!

  77. Arbie Goodfellow says:

    I would hang the wreath on my front door!

  78. Lori Meienburg says:

    I’ve never had a fresh wreath and my first impulse would be to hang on my front door to “showcase” it (plus make it last longer as you said). But, it would be beautiful above my dining room buffet and I imagine the scent would be wonderful inside the home!

  79. Followed both you and Lynch Creek on IG.

  80. I would hang it on my bedroom door so the scent would fill the room. Sweet Dreams!

  81. I’d hang it on the front door. It would make the front of the house look lovely and also I’d get to smell it every time I open the door.

  82. I’d hand it on the inside of our glass front door where the fragrance would fill the house and it would camoflage the back of the wreath hanging on the outside of the door!

  83. I would hang it on my mirror in the entry way! The wreath is beautiful and so is your home… I’ve been following since the beginning and just LOVE IT!!

  84. I’ve never had a fresh wreath, but think I would place it on a door in our kitchen. The “Christmas smell” would be wonderful in the room we spend a lot of time in!

  85. E Aelterman says:

    I would hang mine outside, over the front window where I could enjoy throughout December.

  86. I would hang mind on my front door. It is waiting for the perfect one. :) I gave away my old one I had for over 20 years. It still looked great. I was just ready for a change. And I love the smell of cedar – so welcoming!

  87. Amanda Smith says:

    I would hang my wreath on the mirror above my mantle so the scent would fill my living room! Also, I’m going to Instagram now to follow you and Lynch Creek!

  88. Norma Rolader says:

    WOW!!! Beautiful!!! I would hang my wreath either on my front door outside or outside on one of my tall standing shutters that flank each side of a bench. I have started to follow you on Instagram and Lynch Creek Farms Thank you for the opportunity

  89. When I win this beautiful wreath I will hang it in our foyer. I will switch out the ribbon to a plaid so it will coordinate with the rest of our home.
    Thanks for the give a way!

  90. I would hang this beautiful wreath on our patio. We love to sit out on cool days with the fire pit lit, and would love to have this wreath to look at while we sip our coffee!

  91. Deb Wostmann says:

    I have ordered from Lynch Creek Farm for several years for family, but never myself. I would love to have the wreath to hang above the fireplace in our outdoor kitchen. I am following you both on Instagram.

  92. Currently I have a burgundy-colored paneless window frame hanging above my mantel with a grapevine wreath in front of it. The fresh wreath would look great in place of that grapevine wreath and make the house smell wonderful! Always enjoy your posts and practical ideas!

  93. I would love to hang that beautiful wreath on my front door. It won’t be outside, but next to a full-view storm door that will keep it nice and cool in Ohio. I love the smell it would give to company coming to my house for the holidays.

    I’m already a follower of yours on instagram. I will now be following Lynch Creek Farm!

  94. I’d definitely put it on our pretty dark gray front door’s exterior. It currently has a verrrrry old faux evergreen wreath on it that truly needs to be replaced :-)

    LOVE that trick to make limp ribbon bows stiff with glue! Genius!

  95. heather foster says:

    I have an old house that has a little niche in the living room wall. I always put my little ceramic nativity set in the niche for Christmas and I love to hand a wreath on the wall next to it!

    I have been using a vintage tinsel tree lately and having the live tree out on the front porch so I can have a big tree without the mess. so, I really need that wonderful evergreen fragrance in the house

    I followed you on Instagram : ) and Lynch Creek Farm also!

  96. Definitely would love to hang it on the front door, but it may have to be on the inside. Full sun on the outside, Florida heat and the winter angle of the sun would probably fry the wreath in no time. The smell on the inside would be so nice too. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  97. I follow both of you on Instagram. Thank you!

  98. If I were to win this lovely wreath, I would hang it on my front door with a plaid ribbon…maybe add some pheasant feathers!

  99. I would love to hang the wreath on my front door for all to smell as they enter.

  100. Like you I am keeping it simple this year and it feels great!! I would hang that beautiful wreath in my kitchen window -everyone will enjoy it there!

  101. I would hang it inside to enjoy the scent of the woods. That is one of the things I miss since moving to New Orleans.

  102. I’ll hang it on the door into the house from the garage because that’s the door we use every day. It would be so nice to see it welcoming us home and I’m sure the scent of the cedar would be a bonus.

  103. I don’t have a window above my kitchen sink. I put a large mirror there. I would love to add a wreath there bringing just a bit of the outdoors to my ” window

  104. I would hang that beautiful wreath on the inside wall above my entrance door.

  105. Marianne A. says:

    I would hang it in my family room, which is open to the kitchen.

  106. The smell of cedar is my most favorite thing ever… I’d hang it above my bed, so that I could smell it all night long! :)

  107. I would hang it on the mirror above my fireplace with a big gold ribbon. Love your blog .

  108. Tiffany Bush says:

    I’d hang it in my kitchen, above our table.

  109. My sister just sent me the Silver Elegance wreath from Lynch Creek wreath for my daughter’s wedding on Saturday! It smells wonderful and looks great on my front door. After the wedding, I am going to try your bow technique.

  110. Anne Marie says:

    I follow both of you on instagram.

  111. Anne Marie says:

    I would love this wreath to hand on my mantle! Thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Lisa Locy says:

    I would hang my wreath over my fireplace. It would be beautiful against the crisp white painted mantle!

  113. I think I would hang it on the hallway back door leading outside, I think it would be nice to leave,looking at a pretty wreath on a white door, I am not sure what color ribbon, I like to use ribbon that is red but with some green, I usually leave my wreaths up for Valentines day and St Patrick day, I am not sure a live wreath would last that long, but my hallway is cool.

  114. Tammi Harrison says:

    In front of my arch farm house mirror!!

  115. I never thought of hanging a wreath rift in front of the mirror, I usually drape garland on it. I love that look. I think that’s where I’d put the wreath. Thanks!

  116. I would hang the wreath in my foyer! BTW, who won the 31 gifts give away? I never did see the name posted.

  117. The wreath is lovely. To enjoy the fresh scent and color, it would grace the mantel in our living room.

  118. Love anything cedar. Reminds me of when I was a kid and our family would stroll through the woods in Texas and cut down a cedar tree for Christmas. I would hang the wreath in my living room so it would fill the air with the smell of fresh cedar. Enjoy your holidays.

  119. mickey wood says:

    Diane, I love your tips. they are always so practical & down to earth. I am going to try to follow your example this year & keep it simple, both in décor & in activity. It’s only 4 weeks with limited time (given a full time job plus 3 hours worth of daily commuting), so simple is better. Thanks.

  120. I have a big window in my kitchen that would look so much more festive with a wreath like this. Thanks for the tip for the bows.

  121. I don’t have Instagram, but this wreath would be a perfect addition to my winter-inspired window boxes, looking out over the mountain in Staunton, VA! :)

  122. Dina Casino says:

    Following both Lynch Creek and you. Hoping to retire the fake wreath and go back to fresh, Merry Christmas everyone!

  123. Lisa Kissner Cooper says:

    My foyer mirror would look better dressed with a beautiful wreath!

  124. I love fresh cedar wreaths! I would put this on my front door!

  125. susan achnitz says:

    I too enjoy natural and simplistic decor; the wreath would fit perfectly into my family room holiday decorating scheme. Let the fun begin!

  126. I would love to hang this wreath in my bedroom!

  127. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I love these wreaths. So full and gorgeous. I’m sure they smelled divine. I would love to hang one on our front door.

  128. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I followed you and Lynch Creek Farms on Instagram! Such beautiful inspiration.

  129. I would hang the wreath over my fireplace, how festive!

    I am also following you and Lynch Creek Farm on Instagram..

  130. I’d put the gorgeous wreath in my dining room, so I’d enjoy its beauty (and scent) at every meal.

  131. Thank you so much for sharing the technique on how to improve bows made with non wired ribbon…such a useful trick! If I am lucky enough to win the wreath I would hang it in our family room where we could enjoy the natural scent and beauty of an old fashioned Christmas as we create new family memories together.

  132. I would hang it in my kitchen window.

  133. I would use this beautiful lush wreath on my table with a fairly light globe in the center.

  134. Oh, what fun- combining my love of wreaths, fresh greens, holiday smells, and holiday decorating. I would hang it on my glass patio door, so we can enjoy the scent and see it outside, too. What a wonderful gift, LS

  135. I need one of those over my fireplace! Thanks for the giveaway>

  136. Kathleen Hornbecker says:

    The wreath is beautiful. Thank you for doing this give a way. I would hang it at my sister’s home over her mirror in living room. She has a terminal illness and she would so enjoy the beauty of the wreath.

  137. The wreath and ribbon are both gorgeous!!
    The wreath would be perfect in my kitchen over the window. I can smell it now :)

  138. Susan Freeman says:

    I am following both you and Lynch Creek Farms on Instagram. Just recently made an instagram account. Love it!

    If I was the lucky winner of the gorgeous life wreath I would hang it in my kichen window over my sink. The whole family could enjoy it sometime during each day. Would love it!

  139. Michelle Ward says:

    I would hang it in my living room so we could smell it everday.

  140. I hope I’m the lucky winner — I would love to hang the wreath over the mirror in my family room!

  141. Romeogirl says:

    I would hang this wreath in the family room where we spend most of time and could see and smell it everyday. We will be drywalling our basement this month so I am keeping decor to a minimum. Thanks for tip with limp bows. I stocked up on beautiful holiday ribbon this past August at an annual sale at a local nursery.

  142. I would hang the wreath inside my front door so I can see it every time I come down my stairs or walk past the door.

  143. If I win the wreath, I’ll hang it above my buffet in the living room. Gorgeous! ?

  144. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would love to put this beautiful wreath in my living room!