Easy Home Decorating Ideas Using Ribbon

How to ideas to decorate every room in your home using all types of colorful and pretty ribbon.

When decorating your home, sometimes you don’t need to buy new items when you want a new look. Instead, all you need to do is embellish a piece of your existing furnishings with ribbon or even, ribbon scraps to give it a new look.

Decorating with ribbon is not only fast, easy and affordable – it will add happy pops of color all through the house.

Over the years I have collected quite a lot of colorful ribbon. I love it and what I love about using some of my favorite ribbon even more is finding decorative ways to use it.

I have so many rolls of ribbon, that a few years ago I had to come up with a way to store and organize all of them. I made this DIY Ribbon Organizer so I could see all my ribbons at a glance, but also so that by itself, acts like wall decor. I didn’t want to hide something so colorful behind a closed door.

What Type of Ribbon Works Best When Decorating

You can use any width or style of ribbon you like. Each item you add it to will determine what size, width, style and color of ribbon to use for your taste and needs.

I find most of the ribbon I use to decorate throughout my home at Michaels, HomeGoods, TJMaxx and JoAnn Fabrics.

Rolls of colorful striped ribbon.

When shopping for ribbon online I find unique ribbons to use to decorate on these sites:

When using ribbon to decorate and embellish furnishings, grosgrain ribbon and twill upholstery tape are the easiest ribbons to work with because they have more heft than satin or silk ribbons.

I don’t recommend using wire ribbon to embellish furnishings. The wired-edge doesn’t work as well. This type of ribbon is best used when making bows for garlands, Christmas trees and gift wrapping.

Home Decorating Ideas Using Ribbon

I rounded up some easy decorating ideas using ribbon that I have posted about since I started my blog beyond the many ways to Making Bows with ribbon.

Whoever invented ribbon, I have to thank them as it is not only pretty and festive… it is cheery, colorful, and affordable. You can do so much more with it than wrap a package or tie it in your hair – plus these projects I have included in this post have…  NO SEWING INVOLVED!

Use Ribbon as Shelf Trim

Bookcase shelf with ribbon trim and colorful tissue paper flowers on the shelves.

Add some interest and a colorful detail to the edge of shelving units as I did on the Ribbon Trimmed Shelves shown above. I used a striped ribbon that was as wide as the edge of each shelf in an IKEA shelving unit.

Colorful ribbon woven through the front of wire shelving.

In my previous house, I wove colorful plaid ribbon through the front of a white wire shelving rack in my laundry room to give it some style.

Make a Decorative Tassel with Ribbon Scraps

Key tassel made using pink and green ribbons hanging from a lock on a door.

If you have a key in your home that you don’t want to get lost – make a Ribbon Key Tassel for it using scraps of ribbon and pom-pom trim. Making a decorative tassel is a great way to use small scraps of ribbon you have leftover from other home decorating projects.

Accent a Lamp Shade

Lamp-on table. Lamp shade-has striped pink and white ribbon along bottom edge as added as decoration.

Add color instantly to a plain lampshade following these simple Ribbon Embellished Lamp directions.

Create Simple Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor Ribbon Bats tied on a branch.

When Halloween rolls around, small pieces of black ribbon can be made to look like Halloween Bats on Branches.

Trim a Piece of Wall Art

Circle printed tissue paper covered canvas with ribbon trim around the outer edges.

When you don’t have or want to use a frame around an artist’s work on canvas use ribbon and decorative tacks to accent the sides like I did on this Tissue Paper Art Canvas.

Accent a Photo Frame Mat Board

White picture frame with yellow stripe ribbon scrap picture frame mat. Two smiling girls.

When you don’t have a Pretty Picture Frame Mat, make your own using ribbon.

Use Ribbon to Embellish Painted Furniture

Pink painted stool with ribbon and nail head trim around the edge of the seat.

Embellish a newly painted piece of furniture with a color coordinated ribbon. For this stool, I attached a piece of ribbon using decorative thumbtacks I bought in the nail aisle at Lowes. Learn how to add Ribbon and Nail Head Trim to any item of furniture.

Ribbon trim along front of dresser with white baskets inside to use as organized storage.

I found this drawer-less dresser in a field. Yes, I did! I brought it home and with some paint and ribbon brought it back to life as mudroom storage.

Close up shot of Lavender painted high chair using Country Chic paint with nail head trim in silver and white.

After painting this Doll Highchair, I used two rows of ribbon, a solid that I covered with decorative tacks and on the section below, a striped ribbon to give the chair a coordinating accent color.

Round wood table with books and clock on the top. Purple striped ribbon is around the outer edge of the table.

For this Ribbon Accented Table , I used glue dots to attach the striped preppy ribbon to the flat section on a table.

Set Your Dining Table Using Ribbons

White and black glass tile letters glued on colorful ribbons to make table place cards.

Craft store letter tiles and scraps of ribbon make unique Ribbon Table Place Cards.

Accent Window Treatments Using Ribbon

Balloon style window treatment on window using a fitted sheet and ribbon.

A fitted bed sheet and ribbon make an Instant Balloon Shade for a window.

No sew window treatments for kids rooms hanging on two windows.

Using ribbon, tie up a rectangular piece of fabric to a curtain rod to Create a Simple Window Valance.

Color illustration showing ideas on how to make your own trim for curtains using ribbon and buttons.

Do you like the look of decorative trim on your drapes, tablecloths, and or pillows, but not the custom price? Did you know that you can simply make your own decorative trim using ribbon?  Check it out here: DIY Ribbon Trim for Drapes and Pillows 

Helpful Tip: Attaching Ribbon to Fabric

When decorating with ribbon on fabric, before you glue a piece of ribbon to your fabric, make sure you use a glue that dries clear and does not harden. I use Fabric Fusion or Fabri-Tac.

Spread the glue out along the entire back of the ribbon using a small paint brush before attaching to your fabric.

Decoratively Organize Your Clutter With Ribbon

Colorful Ribbon memo board inside a cabinet door.

This Ribbon Memo Board is so easy to make. I hung mine on the inside of a cabinet to keep the clutter of paper memos hidden, but a convenient place that keeps them handy.

Ribbon Bows As Decor

Pink bow attached to long gold mirror on wall.

I posted this tutorial on how to make the Perfect Ribbon Bow along with 2 other ways to make different types of bows that can be used in any room in your home or for holidays and celebrations.

Christmas Decorating With Ribbon

Outdoor Christmas decorating idea using cedar roping and red ribbon on a gazebo.

Give a plain ribbon bow some extra style by adding a button to the center. See How to Make a Button Bow. It is easy and the added detail to the center of the bow makes it look even more special.

Outdoor house lights decorated for Christmas with red ribbon and pine greenery.

For Outdoor Christmas Decorations by your front door, use beautiful ribbon to accent swags and garlands. Adding a small ball ornaments in the center takes the bow up a notch on the chic style scale.

Christmas tree garlands to make

Christmas Tree Ribbon makes the best tree garland. Use one style or mix for an extra festive look. You can wrap it horizontally around the tree.

Christmas tree decorating with vertically cascading ribbons of many colors.

Or hang many lengths of ribbon vertically from the top of the Christmas tree like I did for this Ribbon Christmas Tree.

Hang a Wreath With Ribbon

How to hang a wreath with ribbon

When you don’t have a wreath hanger, ribbon is the next best option is to simply Hang a Wreath on a door, window or mirror.


Or add a bow for a more Traditional Holiday Wreath.

As you can see, colorful ribbon is so versatile and comes in so many different colors and styles. It makes the perfect accent material to use when decorating every room inside and outside your house all year long.

Do you have any way you like to use ribbon in decorative ways around your house?

  • A reader, Sherry commented that her decorative use for ribbon is to wrap and glue ribbon to inexpensive white curtain rods after you have put the curtains into place. It is a unique way to add color and or pattern to a plain metal rod that is visible between the curtains.
A collection images showing budget decorating ideas using ribbon to embellish and accent every room in a home.

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  1. Lily Martin says:

    Beautiful and elegant. Loved It!!! it does look easy for newbies. There are many things that you can make with ribbons. There are so many possibilities that I can’t wait to try by using ribbon.

  2. Lily Martin says:

    It is so beautiful and elegant. I just love it, and it does look easy for newbies. There are many things that you can make with ribbons. There are so many possibilities that I can’t wait to try by using ,a href=”https://www.bbcrafts.com/collections/wholesale-ribbon”>ribbon.

  3. This is amazing! We can do a lot of things with ribbons. The results are sassy and beautiful! I think I better order some few dozen rolls of ribbons of different colors and patterns to decorate my room and make it livelier! Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas, truly innovative!. I used to throw extra ribbons before knowing that they are only useful during the holidays. I did not realize that even short pieces of ribbons can be created into colorful and creative ornaments to make any area nice to look at.

  4. Hi Diane. I hope you’re doing well! I hope I’m not repeating a suggestion here, but another decorative use for ribbon is to glue it to the front of simple, inexpensive white curtain rods. Of course because they are glued on, you must fit-to-size first.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sherry – That is a great idea. I can picture it. I bet it looks nice and adds a pop of color where you don’t expect it. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea. I will add it to my post. XO

  5. Love all the ribbon ideas. I always enjoy checking out the books in your bookcases. I knew you were an Ina Garten fan (me too) but I didn’t realize you loved Alexandra Stoddard too. Should have known for your love of ribbon❤️. She is a fav of mine too. I have almost all of her books. I also have a piece of her ribbon and a beautiful hand written card she sent me years ago when I ordered one of her books through her website.

    I was saddened by your news yesterday Diane and no matter how I often I wanted to write I could not come up with the right words. As woman we are so affected by our outward image. I suffer from thinning hair and have since my late 40’s. What I have come to realize is who I am defines me…not my hair, not my weight, not my skin. I suffered from pregnancy mask after my second child born when I was 42. My dermatologist was a huge supporter of Total Block.

    You are a gifted and amazing woman…thank you for bringing all your ideas to life.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi June –

      Yes, I love Alexandra Stoddard, maybe even more than Ina Garten. She had a huge influence on me. I met Alexandra on 3 occasions and even was invited to her home back in the early 1990s. She is very engaging. I still have a piece of her ribbon, too.

      Sorry to hear that you have thinning hair. It sounds like you have confidently moved passed it. That is where I am now – headed past it and owning it. Thanks for sharing your story with me. XO

  6. Sue Davidson says:

    Bravo! I loved this post and inspired me to do so many projects in this quarantine!, Thank you so much!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sue – Happy to know that I helped to make quarantine productive for you. Thanks for reading. :-)

  7. I’m so glad you posted this today Diane, because I LOVE ribbon and always have. It’s so FUN! When I’m not using it, it is just fun to look at it. Do you feel the same? I even put some around the frame of my monitor to have something pleasant to look at.

    Best wishes to you for your affliction, Diane. I was so grateful when I read of your predicament because I was scared it was something life threatening when I read your title. I know you wish you didn’t have it, though. But you can function well, walk, climb ladders, bend, and do all the motions you need to and I’m grateful for that!! God bless.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Cate –

      Yes, I love just seeing scraps of ribbon, here and there around my house and even in my car, like tied around a pen, a vase of flowers or the cell phone mount in my car. I like your idea to use it around your monitor. A little color therapy while you work or browse online. :-)

      I do feel grateful that the Vitiligo doesn’t stop me from doing anything, except shading my face from the sun, which is easily doable with a hat. XO

  8. Diane, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, so I’m adding my thoughts today. My son, in his early fifties has the skin pigmentation that’s on his hands, some small places under his hair line.
    He tans very dark and as you, those places where he has lost pigmentation turns pink to.
    They have a lake house and are very beachy people. He uses a lot of sun screen and goes on about his life. I have another friend, hers is mostly on her neck and down her chest. She’s very fair and doesn’t get out much in the sun, so hers is not that noticeable.
    You are not alone, hope this give you encouragement to just embrace life. You are wonderful and such an inspiration to us all. I have saved so much of your post to reread and do in my own home. Enjoy your day!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sue – Thank you for your kind words and telling me about your son. It does help me to hear about others with the condition and how they don’t let it get them down. XO

  9. Derick Gisselle says:

    I found this much useful blog. Ribbon idea is really great. I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is very supportive and useful post. I would like to visit the post once more its valuable content. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  10. Amazing ideas! I like DIY ribbon decorating ideas. Super easy and nice to look. So easy that sometimes it overlook how these things can be used.

  11. Holly@homestyletips says:

    I love the stool! I usually decorate frames and other small decorations with ribbions, but these have inspired me!

  12. Such lovely finds! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    These are all so clever and beautiful. And even I can do these and have most of them. I still want to make the key tassel……. keep forgetting that one.

    1. They say great minds think alike, and with the sale of my home over, I have been wondering how to redecorate on a shoe string budget. What did I come up with? Ribbons made of all different substances and textures to give my old stuff a new look in it’s new surroundings. Thank you so much for adding to the list of what/who/where I had begun. I love it!!!!!!!!!